10 foods and beverages that make you fat but are great for your health

10 foods and beverages that make you fat but are great for your health

10 foods and beverages that make you fat but are great for your health

In the world in which we are currently evolving, we are used to being rebuffed by the ears of ads for slimming products and the eyes with magazines showing people with perfect bodies.
Obnubilated by this cult of thinness, we tend to hear that fatty or calorific foods are to be banned in our diet, because even if they are very tempting visually, taste and financially, burgers are cheaper than fruits and vegetables in developed countries, become fat and increase the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. We are going to prove to you that there is a category of foods considered classified as bad foods, but which are still excellent and indispensable for having iron health.

1. Olive oil

Often, when we talk about dieting, oil in all its forms is banned from food. Whether it’s oil for frying food, oil in nuts, etc. However, it is proven that not all fats are harmful to health. This is the case, for example, olive oil. Indeed, doctors have scientifically proven that the olive was good for the heart and that consuming it regularly could increase its longevity. Also, olive oil is considered the least aggressive for health compared to soybean oil or sunflower oil, although some professionals in the diet still believe it to have a high caloric value.

2.The cheese

Dairy products also suffer from a bad reputation as part of a diet. Considered to be too costly, people think that by eating milk-based foods, fat will resist, so they will probably not lose. However, it is not. The first argument, on television, we always see an advertisement telling us to eat at least three dairy products a day. Although these advertisements are often brought to the address of the parents for their child, the big ones are also involved. Since cheese is made from milk and the latter is an essential food whose role is to build and solidify bones and muscles in the body. This is because milk strengthens the muscles that people feel they do not deflate when they look in the mirror. However, fat and muscles have nothing to do together. On the contrary, the more the muscles take a prominent place and the more the fat disappears. It’s all about metabolism.

3.The chocolate

Here, it is necessary to specify that we only speak about dark chocolate. Because more chocolate has a high cocoa content, more you do not get fat when eating it. It is however recommended by the doctors not to exceed the two squares of chocolate a day. In the same way, chocolate is an excellent ally for the memory all the more since it regulates the moods and that it is good for the health of the heart.

4.The beer

People with a fondness for this drink will be delighted to read this paragraph because indeed they will be able from today to use this argument to send themselves a good beer. Beer is a drink that reduces the risk of diabetes and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

5.The guacamole

Guacamole is rich in good cholesterol, because yes, there are good and bad. You can relieve your conscience by eating guacamole during your diet. Also, it is filled with minerals that the body needs to be in the best shape and, as a bonus, you do not risk to have problems with constipation!

6.The Mojito

Going out in the evening with her friends while secretly, we try to lose 1-2 pounds to put on a sexy, slinky dress, it’s not easy, and we do not know which alcoholic drink to choose not that our long efforts are thrown into oblivion. Do not have this dilemma anymore. We give you the solution: the mojito. It’s okay, there is a lemon, parsley, a hint of vodka, in short, it is the ideal for your line, and it goes in the process to free your liver of any waste that resides there.

7.Peanut butter

Peanuts are foods that have a beneficial effect on the body because it is filled with minerals that are essential to the body and can not be made by itself. So prefer this Nutella food if the desire to barter your bland cereals with toast suddenly surprises you. It’s okay, and it can only do good for your body!

8.The black pudding

It is a meat that is filled with iron. This is very important for purifying the blood, boosting the liver, giving strength to the bones and fortifying your hair. Therefore, do not hesitate to consume it at the slightest opportunity. You will see that the benefits you will reap are not insignificant.

9.The butter

It is the food par excellence for spreading your toast. Also, Omega 3 is found in butter, an essential mineral for the brain found in fish. Also, butter also contains Omega 6, which is even harder to find in foods. So, it is essential that you do not miss out on butter during your periods of diet.

10.The burger

Because we are talking here about the health of the body and the heart, it would be unfair not to also talk about the health of morale. Few people can honestly say that they do not feel happy when they swallow a hamburger. Because even if it is calorific, the burger boosts the morale. So, is not that the best way to feel good about yourself?

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