10 Foods that you should not eat for breakfast

10 Foods that you should not eat for breakfast!


We all know the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and many experts also recommend it to be the most tasty meal of the day. There is a solid basis for this claim, but many people consume multiple calories in the morning without paying attention to their quality, and this can cause some serious health problems instead of helping to start the day off on the right foot.

Breakfast should be balanced, contain all food groups and provide energy for the rest of the day, so it is important that it is of quality and not only abundant. To ensure that this is the case, we recommend avoiding the next 10 foods at breakfast, as they may have the opposite effect of what we want to achieve.

1. Pancakes

pancakes are a sweet and easy to prepare dish, so many choose it for their breakfasts. Unfortunately, it can harm you if you eat it in the morning, as it causes a strain on the body’s digestive system, which can cause fatigue and various health problems. Most of the pancakes sold in stores and restaurants contain processed flour that does not benefit the body, and also causes resistance to the hormone leptin that indicates that the body is satiated.

When the body becomes resistant to this hormone, people eat too much because their hunger-satiety mechanism fails and they can not distinguish between the two states. On the other hand, the sugar in the pancakes and the accompanying syrups can lead to a sharp increase in sugar levels that lead to insulin resistance, which can sometimes turn into diabetes.

2. Muesli Bars

Much has been said in recent years about the benefits of oats, giving people the false impression that any food that contains them is healthy. This includes, among other things, muesli bars containing oats, nuts, sugar-free chocolate and other ingredients that give the illusion of great health in a small package. Despite this promise, it is difficult to say that these snacks are healthy, as they contain many ingredients that are not good for our body.

First, they have high sugar levels to sweeten the oatmeal and other ingredients in the bar. In addition to refined sugar, many muesli bars also contain sweetened corn syrup, which adds to already high sugar levels, as well as flavorings and preservatives. While it is tempting to approach these snacks when you are in a hurry in the morning and do not want to skip breakfast, read the fine print and the ingredients they contain, as they will make you choose healthier options.

3. Smoothies fruit

smoothies have invaded us over the last few years thanks to the positive publicity they received and the fact that they contain only natural ingredients. It is true that eating fruits in the morning will provide you with a good amount of vitamins, minerals, natural sugars and fiber, but it is important to consume them in moderation. When you make a smoothie, you probably put a lot of fruit to get enough liquid to fill a cup.

In these cases, the body receives a “sugar stroke” that causes an increase in the levels of sugar in the body, which can lead to diabetes. This is partially true for homemade shakes, but those bought in shake shops are much more dangerous. Many of these establishments add a few teaspoons of sugar to sweeten the smoothies. If you like to have breakfast, buy or make a small glass of smoothie and incorporate vegetables, not just fruits, to avoid raising the blood sugar level.

4. Orange Juice

This is another favorite beverage in the morning that many prefer over milkshakes due to the idea that it contains small amounts of sugar compared to the first ones. This thought is quite popular, but it is completely wrong, since a glass of orange juice contains 36 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to 9 teaspoons of sugar. Here also the problem lies in the large amounts of fruit that are needed to make a glass of juice, which is supposed to be nutritious and healthy. The extraction process also causes the loss of dietary fiber found in the flesh of the orange, so it is better to eat a fresh orange instead of drinking the juice of at least 7 oranges in a glass.

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5. Bread or buns with jam

Many people like to open the morning with a roll and some jam, but as this combination tastes good, it is harmful. The two ingredients in this breakfast contain a lot of sugar that is not good for the body, and in addition to this sugar, bread or rolls often contain white flour that is not recommended in the morning. This small food contains a very high amount of calories, therefore it is better not to eat it in the morning, especially considering that all it contains are empty calories without essential nutrients for the body.

6. French Toast

It is difficult to find a person who can resist French toast made with fresh bread fried in egg and butter. A comfort food that makes you feel good in the morning, but this seemingly innocent act will not help you throughout the day. Eating fried food in the morning can cause unpleasant heartburn.

7. Cereals

Too many parents rush to fill bowls with cereal and milk because of the large number of ads from the companies that produce them that promise many vitamins and minerals, whole grains and all the good things of the world in a bowl. But before you rush to buy cereal, you should know that in addition to the high sugar content, these foods also contain ingredients called lectin that humans can not digest, and that eating too much can cause digestive problems in the future. In addition, it can damage the stomach lining of children, which is especially sensitive in the morning, after spending the whole night without eating, so it is recommended to leave the cereal and try healthier alternatives such as oatmeal with natural sweeteners.

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8. Croissants and pastries

There’s nothing like a hot and sweet pastry for breakfast next to coffee or tea. However, these cakes contain high amounts of sugar and fat that cause fatigue, as well as refined white flour that can cause an imbalance in the hunger-satiety system. In addition, many cakes contain vegetable oils and margarine that cause infections throughout the body that lead to unpleasant pain that interferes with our daily routine and may worsen over time.

9. Flavored yogurts

Natural yogurts contain proteins, calcium and friendly bacteria that are good for the body, but we will not enjoy these benefits if we start our day with a flavored yogurt. In these products, which contain fruit concentrates in different flavors, nuts and more, you can find many unpleasant surprises, such as high sugar and artificial flavors, as well as various stabilizing materials. These substances can cause cell damage, so it is not recommended to consume them in large quantities, especially in the morning.

10. Skipping breakfast

Experts agree that it is better to eat something small in the morning to “restart our systems” than to eat nothing at all. After the body fasts during the night, it is important to give important nutrients such as fiber, whole grains, vitamins and minerals, so that it can function properly during the day.

Many people tend to skip breakfast and think that nothing will happen if they do, but during the day these people feel tired, lack energy and tend to eat too much in other foods. To avoid this, try to prepare a small breakfast at night, or eat something as small as yogurt sweetened with honey so that the body gets the minimum amount of calories you need to start working.

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