11 Alternative Foods That Prevent Accelerate Aging!

11 Alternative Foods That Prevent Accelerate Aging!

11 Alternative Foods That Prevent Accelerate Aging!

It is Not Myth: Certain foods are able to make the skin look older, both long-term and short-term. You will find people who already know that very salty foods are able to temporarily deprive the skin of the natural oiliness and brightness, but compounds called AGEs found in specific foods might have a long term aging effect on the skin.

In the following paragraphs, you are going to learn more about AGEs and what foods contain them. Lastly, try these healthy replacements and regain control of the vibrant, lively appearance of the skin.

What exactly are AGEs and how do they affect the body?

AGEs (advanced glycation end products) are actually compounds that form when proteins or perhaps fats combine with sugars. Usually our body has protective mechanisms help release AGEs in a brief time, but there are actually specific foods that come with a great deal of them that it’s so hard for our body to do away with them on time, particularly in case you eat them regularly.

AGEs start to wreak havoc on the human body creating oxidative stress, which causes the tissues of ours to age more quickly by breaking collagen, which is actually crucial for maintaining firmness of the skin. Additionally, AGEs have been associated with worsening of many degenerative conditions: diabetes, atherosclerosis, renal disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Remember that it’s not required to completely cut out foods rich in AGEs to combat oxidative stress because, as we pointed out, our body knows the way to deal with them. It’s the frequent excessive consumption that causes the aging of the skin along with other negative symptoms.

Keep an eye on how much of these eleven foods you eat and make sure you eat them in moderation, or perhaps Better yet, replace them with a healthier option.

1. Swap white bread for grain bread

Along with containing many AGEs, white bread or perhaps any dough made from white flour is actually high in the glycemic index, which has been found to cause inflammation in the body.

A healthy option to white bread is actually some bread made from whole grains or perhaps sprouted bread, as it’s high in antioxidants, whose job is usually to get rid of the AGEs from the body. These kinds of bread also usually contain much less sugar, so they won’t create as many AGEs.

2. Replace fries with sweet potato fries

Not many foods are actually as bad for the skin of yours as potato chips since they’re salty and contain many AGEs because potatoes are actually loaded with sugar and fried in oil at very high temperatures. Therefore don’t be surprised if your skin gets drier and swollier the morning after eating French fries.

An excellent option are actually sweet potato fries, especially in case you reduce salt too. Sweet potatoes contain a large amount of copper, which will help neutralize the effect of AGEs as it can help the production of collagen.

3. Rather than white sugar, use honey or even fruit

White sugar is actually harmful to the health of ours for reasons that are many: it’s been connected with diabetes, heart problems and kidney disease for at least the last fifty years, so it is generally a great idea to reduce white sugar or even completely replace it.

Additionally, white sugar is actually a recognized acne trigger along with other skin concerns, and can accelerate aging, damaging the collagen. Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate sugar that is added from the food of ours, so choose sweets that have many beneficial ingredients, such as antioxidants.

All fruits, honey and even bitter chocolate are actually loaded with honey, and antioxidants still has some antibacterial benefits, so it is going to help your skin rather compared to damage it.

4. Of all processed meats, prefer poultry

Most delicacies like hot dogs, calabresa, sausage, and bacon are extremely rich in fats that are saturated and sulfite, which may decrease the amount of collagen in the skin of yours and can certainly also result in inflammation.

In order to minimize damage, choose the leaner meats as poultry, which still have many proteins and amino acids than other meats, but don’t overload the body of yours with fats.

5. Stop eating margarine and use olive oil or even avocado

Research has found that individuals that consume little or perhaps no margarine or perhaps butter have less wrinkles and skin damage than those that love to butter the bread every morning. Margarine is especially damaging as it contains many trans fats, which may harm the body and promote aging if consumed regularly.

Change the margarine for olive oil in cooking and replace it with avocados in sandwiches, that will greatly benefit the body of yours, since both substitutes are particularly rich in antioxidants. Actually, a few folks see the benefits of applying olive oil and avocado to their skin topically as well, and many antiaging creams contain them as key ingredients.

6. Cut off coffee and soda from the food of yours

Despite the fact that caffeine is able to deflate the eyes of yours, in case used in a serum or perhaps cream, drinking caffeinated beverages like soft drinks and coffee will only damage the skin of yours, particularly if you drink heavily. This’s because caffeine is able to interfere with the healthy sleep schedule of yours, and inadequate sleep leads to rapid aging of the skin.

Additionally, soft drinks and coffee contain a great deal of extra sugar, about which we’ve previously mentioned above. The best part is actually you don’t have to cut coffee altogether, so long as you don’t add an excessive amount of sugar to each cup, just stay away from consumption before bed.

7. Consider limiting dairy products

Many people find that dairy consumption can make the skin and hair more oily, or perhaps causes them to break, while others swear they help them stay young (remember how Cleopatra used to bathe in goat’s milk to keep ) that is young.

So it all boils down to individual preference and tolerance. Some scientists claim that dairy products are able to increase inflammation in the body and add to oxidative stress, while others think that the protein and calcium contained in dairy products are able to enhance the skin. It’s recommended to take a test and cut the milk for some time and observe the skin of yours. Keep in mind that you are going to have to make up for protein and calcium in case you choose to do so, so keep the nuts and beans.

8. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is able to disrupt the overall health of the skin of yours in a number of ways: it is able to cause wrinkles, swelling, and redness. It’s a great deal of sugar and can actually deplete it of nutrients that are essential, such as vitamin A. The latter is really important for skin health and for more youthful appearance, since the production of collagen is actually impossible with no vitamin A.

Additionally, alcohol is actually a trigger for rosacea, especially among folks of Asian descent, as their bodies often can not cope with the end products of alcohol, which in turn cause redness throughout the face and body.

Once again, there’s no need to completely eliminate alcohol from your diet plan to maintain skin elasticity but limit it to celebrations and holidays and choose wine which contains many antiaging antioxidants.

9. Stay away from frying at temperatures that are high

Stay away from frying foods at temperatures that are high in case you’re using polyunsaturated oils such as canola, corn, sunflower or vegetable oil. Carrying these oils at temperatures that are high are able to release dangerous free radicals, which will raise inflammation levels in the skin.

Even though it might seem as you are not eating a lot of oil, try to take the excesses out with paper towels and you will see for yourself. Removing the oil from food doesn’t help, anyway, as the dangerous compounds are able to penetrate into the food of yours.

Instead, choose olive oil or even coconut oil to fry as it is able to neutralize inflammation and has vitamin E, essential for skin health.

10. Neutralize fructose with lipoic acid

Did you realize that agave syrup, the supposedly healthy alternative to sugar, contains more fructose than corn syrup? The bad thing about fructose is actually that collagen is actually faster compared to sucrose (common sugar), so it is able to accelerate the development of wrinkles.

A number of folks, such as diabetics, have to substitute sucrose for fructose in the diet of theirs, so what they are able to do is actually supplement their diet plan with Brussels sprouts. They contain a great deal of lipoic acid, a compound that can prevent breakage of collagen induced by fructose.

11. Don’t think rice cakes are healthy

Rice cakes may have very few calories but don’t benefit the skin since they’ve a high glycemic index, which means they can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. These peaks are actually called “aging accelerators” since they are able to cause or perhaps deepen wrinkles.

In case you’re looking for an antiaging snack at noon, it’s best to dip vegetables into hummus. Red peppers and carrots are the favorites of mine as they’re loaded with carotene and vitamin C, and both promote skin health and help produce collagen. Chickpea, on the other hand, is actually an excellent source of antioxidants and protein, so it’s a win win situation for the skin of yours.

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