12 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water You Probably Did not Know

12 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water You Probably Did not Know

The multiple benefits of lemon water

Lemon water is a simple and surprisingly healthy internal cleanser to start your day. I really felt a difference in myself when I started drinking the juice of a whole lemon in water as a first thing in the morning. I really like the way the strong flavor helps you wake up and helps you start the day.

Some sources say it is good to drink it in warm or even warm water. I suppose that in this way you could use it as a healthier replacement to your morning coffee , but I personally prefer it in water filtered to the climate. It is best not to drink it with very cold water as this can be a bit strong for your digestive system at a time when you just woke up.

It is also much better to use real lemon juice instead of lemon juice concentrate since these products generally contain sulfites, preservatives that cause negative reactions in some people. It is also likely that the natural enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins are lost in the factory process, so that you choose real lemons to obtain greater benefits.

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Lemon Juice in Fast and Easy Water

  • Take a lemon
  • Pressing on a juicer.
  • Remove the seeds and add water over the juicer to get as much lemon as possible.
  • Then serve it in a glass and drink it whole.

There are many health benefits associated with fresh lemon water, 12 of which are listed below. With a little practice you can prepare it in less than a minute, so there are no excuses not to try.

12 Good Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

1. Fresh lemon water, especially as a first drink in the morning, can help relieve or prevent digestive problems such as inflammation, gas and acidity and stimulates better digestion in general.

2. Lemons are antiseptic and have a powerful cleansing effect on your liver, kidneys and heart. An overloaded liver has a particular influence on the way you feel, so having a simple way to clean it every morning can make a big difference to your daily energy over time.

3. Lemon water in the morning is a great way to get a good portion of your daily essential dose of vitamin C. It is also a good source of folic acid and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

4. The high mineral content of the lemons also makes them alkalizing for the body, despite the citric acid. It is not the acidic content of a meal outside the body that determines whether it will have an acidic or alkaline effect, what really counts is the way in which it is metabolized during digestion.

5. Lemon water helps in the elimination of constipation and diarrhea, and also helps prevent both extremes. Another good reason to drink them as a first thing in the morning.

6. It is even considered that lemon water is good to improve your skin. The high content of vitamin C is what helps in this case, however the cleansing, antibiotic, and general detoxifying effects are probably even more important.

7. Limonoid glycosides are an interesting flavonoid compound present in lemons. Some research has shown that it may have anticancer properties. Its protective effect also seems to last much longer in the body than many other natural anticancer compounds.

8. Lemon water helps your liver produce more bile to help in the digestion of fats. This makes it particularly beneficial if you have planned a large breakfast with fried products after a hard night. And realistically, the nutrients in the lemon are much more likely to help clear your head, rather than potentially dangerous products like sauces or bacon.

9. The antibacterial properties of lemon can help heal an infection in the throat. If you have a sore throat you can prepare a hot lemon drink to drink every couple of hours. That said, if you drink lemon water every morning, you probably will not even get a throat infection in the first place.

Personally, I do not remember having throat infections since I started drinking lemon water regularly as a first thing in the morning.

10. It is also considered that lemon water decreases the amount of mucus and phlegm produced by the body. If you drink cow’s milk frequently (a big responsible for the production of mucus) lemon water every morning can help reduce the levels of mucus in your body.

11. Many sources on weight loss cite the benefits of lemon water and its citric acid for fat burning.

Be careful when talking about miraculous products, even drinking lemon water regularly, you will also have to avoid fattening foods, exercise, and ideally change the frequency of your meals, to one that improves your potential for weight loss. However, lemon water is certainly beneficial along with any plan to reduce body fat.

12. Lemon water is great as the first drink in the morning to reduce bad breath. The high amount of antioxidant compounds and antibiotics can also help reduce body odor over time. There are many good reasons to start your day with fresh juice squeezed out of a lemon in a glass of water.

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Precautions with lemon water

Some precautions go hand in hand with all the benefits of lemon water.

To begin with, citrus seeds are not good for your health. While one or two will not hurt, it is better not to swallow or particularly chew. If you use a juicer with slits to catch them, leave them there. If some pass into the juice, the smaller ones will generally float and be easy to remove with a spoon, while the larger ones can be left at the bottom of the glass.

Try to avoid adding sugar, honey (unless it is natural or manuka), maple syrup, or other sweeteners with your lemon water, as simple sugars will reduce the benefits.

If you do not like the strong taste of citrus, then drink fast so you do not feel the taste.

That said, what is our obsession with sweetening all things? The human palate is designed to enjoy a variety of different flavors. For example, in Ayurvedic medicine, the importance of having a wide range of different flavors in your diet is recognized to maintain a balance both physical and emotional.

Some people are also concerned about lemon citric acid, which is considered to have a sensitizing effect on tooth enamel. Personally, I have not noticed any problems with this, but it makes sense not to let lemon water last long in your mouth. Just drink it fast.

I usually accompany my glass of lemon water with another glass of common water and swirl the water inside my mouth to clean it. If you are worried about the health of your teeth, another option may be to use a cigarette to drink the lemon water, so that a smaller amount comes in contact with your teeth. Probably, it is also better to wait half an hour before brushing your teeth.

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