15 basic care that all newborn babies need

15 basic care that all newborn babies need

15 basic care that all newborn babies need

Caring for a newborn baby can seem frightening to first-time moms . It is true that they have special and different needs, but there is nothing to fear. With this guide you will be able to know the basic care that your little one requires.

The umbilical cord

One of the aspects that most worries the new moms is the care that the umbilical cord needs. It is recommended to clean it with water and neutral soap, although some doctors ask that it be done with alcohol. In any case, perfumed soap, ointments, oils or any other product or remedy should not be used.

The cord will dry out due to lack of blood supply and that is completely normal. With the passing of the days, it will attach itself and without any harm to your baby.


It is very important that your baby only be fed with breast milk or formula appropriate for their age, if for some reason you can not breastfeed. You should not give water, tea, juice or any other drink to your little one. Much less should be given solid food, the first papillas are between four and six months of age.

Breast milk has all the nutrients and antibodies your baby needs for optimal development. Remember to clean your chest with a little boiled water to avoid infections or complications.

It is also recommended to change the breast every 15 or 20 minutes. Your baby will tell you when he is hungry, usually every 2 or 3 hours during the first weeks.

If your baby is fed formula milk, you should tilt the bottle to 45 ° so that your little one feels more comfortable. Prepared milk can be useful up to 24 hours if stored in the refrigerator. If you have spent 1 hour outside, it should be discarded.

How to hold it

Newborns are still unable to control their body completely. Therefore, it is essential to hold their head and neck with extreme care.

Do not shake it! Newborn babies still can not play that way and shaking or shaking can cause intracranial bleeding (inside your skull and brain). You must be very cautious with the little ones.

Whenever there is contact with the baby, they should keep their hands completely clean. Newborns still do not fully develop their immune systems and are more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

The clothes

This aspect is one of the most confusing for moms. Many times you do not know how much you should keep the baby, because there is no way to know if it is cold or hot.

It is advisable that the baby is warm in the first days, because his body has less protection from the cold. In addition, the maternal womb is warmer than the outside.

Your little one will take a while to adapt to the weather, so you can help him with sweaters or blankets. A thin blanket is perfect for hot seasons.

The baby’s clothes should not be washed together with those of the other members of the house , it must be done separately. There are special detergents for them, which will help your skin does not get irritated.


It is totally normal for your baby to cry a lot during the first months. It is not because he has pain, it is simply the way he has to communicate.

With the crying your baby is telling you that he is hungry, sleepy or needs a diaper change. It may also be that you feel hot, there is a lot of noise around you or you are uncomfortable in some other situation. Little by little, it will be easier to identify your needs.

Bath time

It is vitally important that the baby stays clean. Although it may not look like it, newborns also sweat. It is recommended that the baby have his own tub, so it will be much easier to clean it.

It is not necessary to be done in the bathroom, you can do it in your own room to make it a warm place and there are no changes in temperature that may affect it.

What should be taken care of is the water temperature, it should not be too cold or too hot. Ideally, it is between 34 and 37 degrees, so your child will feel more comfortable.

Pediatricians recommend that newborn babies bathe every 2 or 3 days. As it grows, the frequency of the bath will increase.

The nails

Some parents overlook cutting the baby’s nails, but it is very necessary. It must be done to prevent the child from scratching himself, especially on his face.

To cut your nails properly, you need a special baby nail clipper. That way you will not have to worry about scratches or injuries.

It will be much easier to do it when the little one is sleeping, so it will not move too much. It can also be done with a special file, which entails fewer risks.

Diaper change

Newborns need to have their diapers changed more frequently, compared to older babies. It is essential that the diapers correspond to the stage in which the baby is.

Approximately, the newborn will use 10 diapers a day, but the number may vary. The reason is that your digestive system is still adapting and regularizing. The recommended thing is to be on the lookout, to avoid the baby suffering chafing.

It is very important to have baby wipes and talc to care for the skin of the child. The dirt should be cleaned from top to bottom, so there will be no remains in the genital area.

Baby hair

Many people prefer to cut the baby’s hair, but it is a matter of taste and aesthetics. The normal thing is that the hair with which they are born falls with the days and the baby is almost bald. But this is only temporary, because in a short time new hair will come out.

The hair of the small ones is usually very thin and as it grows it will be strengthened. If it is decided to cut it, it must be done with round tip scissors to avoid hurting it.

To wash it is essential that it is done with a special shampoo for babies. These are free of harmful chemicals and will not cause burning eyes or skin irritation.

The skin

The skin of babies is not equal to that of adults. It is much more sensitive and susceptible to irritations. That is why they need products destined for them.

It may be that your baby has flaking or redness on the skin, it is normal during the days after delivery and you should not be alarmed.

The skin of newborns should be kept moisturized. Place body lotion once or twice a day, especially after bathing. That way it will stay smooth and healthy.

Do not forget to put sunscreen on your baby when they leave the house. It does not matter if the day is cloudy, your skin is more sensitive to sunlight. Do not use the same product that you use for yourself, it must be a special one for your baby’s stage.

If your child was circumcised, you should also have some special care. So that there are no infections, wash the area with water and neutral soap.

Avoid colic

It is not uncommon for babies to have cramps. These cause crying and discomfort in the little one. The good news is that they can be avoided easily.

So that your baby does not suffer from the dreaded colic, you should burp it after eating. You just have to hold it and hit its back lightly. Do it until you hear it burp.

This will also prevent your baby from returning milk or having other digestive discomforts after eating. If your little one has gas or pain, it is advisable to consult the pediatrician.

The sleep cycle

Newborns sleep most of the day, that is, around 16 hours. They do not usually do it in long periods, but they wake up constantly.

In general, they usually sleep in periods of between 2 and 4 hours. To help you sleep, you can gently lull it, so it will be easier to fall asleep.

Something very normal is that the little ones wake up during the night. This is because they have some need, like hunger or they need to change their diapers.

The essential thing is that babies always sleep on their backs, never on their sides or upside down. In this way you will avoid the dreaded crib death.

Also, it is important not to place large blankets or stuffed animals in the baby’s crib, as they can hinder the child’s breathing.

To help you sleep better, a special room should be allocated. This should have a dim light and stay away from noise. You can use a monitor to monitor your sleep.

Doctor visits

There is no one who knows better the development of babies than pediatricians. That is why you must go to appointments so that he can check that everything is in order.

The most advisable thing is that you choose a pediatrician of your confidence, so that it becomes the doctor of head of your baby. This way you can follow the development of your little one.

Visits to the doctor are usually at least once a month, during the first year of life. Do not forget to have on hand the pediatrician’s number to consult it in case of any anomaly.


Your baby needs physical and mental stimulation for their development. There are many ways to do it and each must be appropriate for your baby’s age.

For newborns, the activities are very simple. They just consist of holding him in his arms, either mom or dad, and gently rocking him.

You can also stimulate it through your voice, it is important to talk to him and sing with a soft tone. The toys will also be of great help, because little by little he will learn new things.

Having closeness to the baby

You can begin to bond with your baby since he is a newborn. The bond with mom will be the strongest, because it is with the one who has greater closeness.

Do not hesitate to talk to your baby, so he begins to recognize your voice. You can also caress and give gentle massage, this will be a great alternative to relax.

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