15 Benefits of Carrots for Your Health

15 Benefits of Carrots for Your Health!

15 Benefits of Carrot for Health

1- Improves vision

Surely, your grandparents once mentioned to you that carrots are good for the eyes. That story is not completely false.

This is because carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene , a chemical compound that is transformed into vitamin A in the liver.

According to one study , this vitamin is then converted into the retina in rhodopsin, the protein of a purple pigment necessary for night vision.

In addition, beta-carotene protects against macular degeneration and senile cataracts of our eyes. So people who consume large amounts of this vegetable have a risk 40% less chance of suffering macular degeneration.

2- Combat aging

A report from the Medical Center of the University of Maryland states that a high level of beta-carotene when consuming carrots turns out to be a potent antioxidant, which protects cell damage in the body, caused by the metabolism that slows down over the years.

In addition, on the other hand, this compound contributes to slow down the aging of the cells of our body.

3- Take care of your digestion

Dietary fiber is an essential element to maintain good digestive health. In this sense, like most vegetables , the carrot also has this compound.

The fiber adds volume to the feces and this contributes to the digestive transit is more expeditious. In addition, it stimulates the peristaltic movement and the secretion of the gastric juices.

Therefore, eating carrot decreases constipation conditions , protecting the colon and stomach from various diseases, such as colorectal cancer.

4- Fight leukemia

The so-called ‘cancer of the blood’ can be combated with the periodic intake of carrot, either in juices or salad.

The extract of carrot juice can kill the cells that cause leukemia and inhibit its progression, according to a study published in 2011.

5- Protects from prostate cancer

A study conducted by the School of Nutrition of the Harvard Department of Public Health notes that among younger men, diets based on beta-carotene can play a protective role against prostate cancer.

6- Cleans teeth and keeps healthy gums

Eating carrots is a good way to clean teeth and gums. When chewing this vegetable inside the mouth, the plate is cleaned and food residues are removed, having a function similar to toothbrushes.

In addition, this stimulates the gums and produces a large amount of saliva, which is alkaline, eliminating bacteria that form in the cavities of the molars. The minerals in the carrots prevent tooth damage caused by cavities.

7- Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Although they are not conclusive, there are studies that indicate that people genetically prone to type 2 diabetes can reduce the risk of developing this chronic disease with the consumption of beta-carotene.

This is indicated by a study of the School of Medicine of the University of Standfor, which mentions Time magazine .

“If you are predisposed to type 2 diabetes, all you have to do is increase the number of carrots you eat to increase your beta-carotene, and maybe you can compensate for the genes that cause this disease,” says the author. of the study, Dr. Atul Butte, associate professor of pediatric medicine at Stanford University.

In any case, more studies are needed to confirm that the increase of beta-carotene in the diet neutralizes the effect of the genetic variants that cause this disease.

8- Keeps the heart healthy

To maintain a healthy body and heart, specialists recommend the balanced consumption of fruits and vegetables.

However, carrots are even more important in preventing some Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

According to a study by the University of Cambridge, applied to more than 20 thousand people over 10 years, came to the following conclusion:

“Although there is no clear association, results were found for the four color groups with coronary heart disease, which indicate that a greater intake of deep orange fruits and vegetables and especially carrots can protect against heart disease.”

On the other hand, foods such as fish, alcohol or vegetables and fruits can play a protective role in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

9- Protects the liver

The carrot, containing fiber and antioxidants, takes care of the health of your liver. The fiber increases the secretion of bile in the liver, which serves to prevent diseases of that organ and the gallbladder. Likewise, inflammation and oxidative stress decreases throughout the body and liver.

Jane Clarke, a nutritionist who writes in the English medium Daily Mail , recommends consuming a glass of carrot juice every two days as an effective tonic to protect the liver.

Scientists tested in a research the effect of beta-carotene in rats, which were given alcohol and shown to liver damage prevented. It was also concluded that carrots can protect this organ from environmental toxins and chemicals.

10- Protect the brain

The carrot also protects our brain . Consuming this vegetable cooked or in juice is useful for treating cognitive dysfunctions, boosting memory and reducing bad cholesterol.

11- Strengthens bone health

In Reader`s Digest they published an article about the benefits of this vegetable.

In the note, they argue that carrots contain small amounts of vital nutrients, such as vitamin C (5 milligrams per 1 cup serving) and calcium (96 milligrams per 1 cup serving).

It is said that post-menopausal women do not receive enough calcium for the body. Well, the consumption of carrots can replace a little milk, since “everything helps,” says Hans Fisher, PhD, professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry at Rutgers University, cited by the newspaper.

12- Protects the skin and serves to heal wounds

Beta-carotene is used for the healing of any type of wound. The specialist explains that the carrot has been used for centuries as a poultice to help heal wounds.

On the other hand, if you have any type of skin infection, cuts, wounds or others, you will notice that the carrots and their juice benefit the health of your skin. In this way, it increases its ability to heal faster and fight infections, in addition to inflammation in the skin.

13- Protects from the sun

Beta-carotene is a nutrient for the skin that becomes vitamin A inside the body. This contributes to the repair of skin tissues and provides protection from the sun’s rays.

Antioxidants and carotenoids protect the skin to increase its immunity to the sun and cure sunburn. Drinking carrot juice in summer serves as a natural sunscreen.

14- Combat hair loss

Experts say that the carrot is an excellent vegetable to fight hair loss.

This is because the carrot gives the hair vital vitamins, making the hair stronger, thicker and brighter. Therefore, consuming carrot juice makes your hair look healthy and shiny.

15-Provides instant energy

If after training in the gym, jogging or arriving from work exhausted feels tired and listless, it is recommended to drink a glass of carrot juice to reactivate the lost energy.

The strong presence of iron in the carrot juice provides the body with energy instantly. To make matters worse, this iron also ensures an adequate supply of oxygen to the brain, which leads to mental agility and less fatigue.

How to prepare carrot juice


  • Carrots = 4
  • Sugar to taste
  • Water = 3-4 tablespoons
  • Ginger = 1 scoop cut into pieces
  • Lemon juice = 1 teaspoon


  • Wash the carrots thoroughly with running water.
  • Dry them and cut them into small pieces.
  • Introduce the pieces to the juicer together with the ginger, the water and the sugar. Mix until you feel its smooth flavor.
  • Strain this juice in a glass and squeeze the lemon over it. So, your carrot juice is ready.

Nutritional value of the carrot

A large carrot (that is, a serving) contains:

  • 30 calories
  • 2 g of fiber – 8% of the CDR
  • Vitamin A – 241% of the CDR
  • Vitamin K – 12% of the CDR
  • Vitamin C – 7% of the CDR
  • Potassium – 7% of the CDR
  • Fat-free
  • Cholesterol free

* CDR: Recommended Daily Amount.

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