18 tips to overcome and prevent postpartum depression

18 tips to overcome and prevent postpartum depression!

18 tips to overcome and prevent postpartum depression

The postpartum depression is a disorder of mood in women who have just given birth . It is a difficult and delicate moment. Symptoms may include insomnia, loss of appetite, intense irritability or difficulty bonding with the baby. But do not be scared, this condition can be prevented and overcome. These tips will help you.

Forget about expectations

It is true that movies and television portray motherhood and postpartum as something full of magic and joy. Although these elements are present, not everything is honey over flakes.

In the end, you are raising and caring for a new human being. Do not press for perfection, nor let stress take hold of you. Take your own pace

Nobody receives instructions on how to be a mother and your process may be very different from your friends or family. Just follow your instinct and consult the doctor when necessary. You have the right to things do not go as expected.

Do not let more time go by

As you read at the beginning of the text, postpartum depression manifests itself through several symptoms: insomnia, loss of appetite, intense irritability or difficulty in approaching the baby.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, it is essential that you consult the doctor. He can rule out postpartum depression, or confirm it.

Anticipating you can make a difference in the condition. In addition, it will help you to feel better in less time. Do not be afraid to ask for help and advice from a specialist.

Express yourself

One of the most common mistakes in new moms, is to focus only on the baby and stop thinking about themselves . It is important not to neglect your health and well-being.

Something that can be very useful is to express yourself and say what you feel to your friends and family. Do not be afraid to be judged, they will help you and you will overcome this difficult stage.

Get rid of bad thoughts

Postpartum depression can also make you think you’re a bad mother. Remember that you are not a superhero, you are giving your best effort and it is normal to make mistakes along the way.

Maybe at first it is difficult for you to take care of your baby, but little by little they will get to know each other and you will learn to identify their needs. You are doing an excellent job, do not let anything or anyone make you think otherwise.

Do not do anything with what you feel uncomfortable

The arrival of the baby is not only exciting for parents, but also for friends and family. So it is likely that many want to visit them to meet the new member.

However, you as a mom are more alert than anyone and the situation can generate stress and anxiety. Maybe you think someone can harm your little one.

This is a normal response in many mothers. If you do not feel able to receive visitors, say it with confidence. Others must respect your time and space. You can postpone it until you feel more calm.

Do not hesitate to express your discontent when people are already there. If you do not want someone else to hold the baby, say so. You can also ask them to clean themselves properly or some other condition, any request is valid when it comes to your baby.

Do not want to do everything

Many moms want to take care of the baby and the other children, cook and clean the house … all at once! But it is not always possible, especially with a new baby at home.

Let the other members of the household take care of different tasks. Wanting to do all the activities will only generate stress and it will be very difficult to achieve it.

Dedicate yourself one day

Motherhood can be overwhelming, we know it. It is not easy to be responsible for another person. Therefore, you deserve to forget the world from time to time and concentrate on yourself.

Leave your baby with your dad or a trusted person and forget about everything. You can go to the movies, pamper yourself with a meal or go to relax in a spa. The important thing is to find yourself. Remember that spending time with you does not make you a bad mother.

Do not isolate yourself

Becoming a mom does not mean that you should leave your life aside. It is very important that you follow your life routine and do not forget to do what you like.

Keep in touch with your friends and people you love. You can continue doing what you like and invest your money in you. Do not feel guilty for continuing with your life.


Being a full-time mom will leave you exhausted, so you should rest properly so that your health is optimal, as well as your mood.

We know it can be difficult with a baby at home, but you should sleep as much as possible. Rest is also clear your mind for a while and relax.

Accept help

We all need help at different times and one more mom! As we said, it is somewhat exhausting, but having the support of others can make it much easier.

Accept offers to care for the baby or have someone cook for you and your family. Do not be afraid to show yourself vulnerable, it’s just a little help.

You can also accept the gifts they give you and your baby. So you can have everything you need and you can save time and money. Any offer is good.

Talk to other moms

Nobody better to narrate your experience than another mom. Although it seems otherwise, many women suffer postpartum depression.

Knowing other experiences can help you more than you think. Other mothers can give you advice and support to overcome difficult times.

Do not let them make you feel bad

Many people feel entitled to criticize your physical appearance after giving birth. This can severely affect your self-esteem and your mood.

Do not let anyone make you feel bad about it. Pregnancy and childbirth are complicated processes for the body, especially because they involve many changes inside and out . It is very likely that you look tired (among other things), but that does not make you less beautiful.

Who feel they have the right to make these comments, only seek to cause a negative effect on you. Remove them from your life and ignore any of their criticisms.

Search for support groups

Postpartum depression is more common than you think. It is a problem that afflicts many women, but that means that there are also many mothers who have overcome it.

No one can understand you better than someone who has already gone through that. Fortunately, the Internet and social networks bring us closer to other people, so you can use this to your advantage.

Do not hesitate to establish contact with other moms who have suffered postpartum depression. Lean on them and ask for help when necessary.

Get closer to your baby

It can be difficult, but being close to your baby and your other children can give you the strength to face this condition. Your family will be your maximum motivation.

In addition, closer ties with your baby will make them have a stronger connection, so stress and anxiety will gradually disappear. However, you should not rule out the help of the doctor or any other health professional to guide you so that motherhood is more bearable.

Get closer to your partner

If you have your partner by your side, you can ask for their support. It will be a great support for you. Do not forget that he or she must also be a participant in the upbringing of the new baby.

Do not be afraid to be intimate with your partner, he will bring them closer in that moment and it will make you feel better.

Have appointments together and plan for the future. The little details also matter a lot. Give him your confidence and tell him how you feel, his understanding is invaluable.

Do not receive advice that you did not ask

There will be no shortage of people who want to educate you or even scold you about how to be a mom. And although they can do it with a good intention, it affects a lot.

These types of comments can make you feel insecure with your decisions. They can even make you think you’re doing things wrong. But it’s not like that!

Only you know what is best for you and your little one. If you have doubts, you can consult them directly with the doctor, but do not let them make you feel like a bad mother, because you are not.

Advice can be well received, but only when requested. Otherwise, they become harmful or toxic comments that will not do you any good.

Practice some physical activity

Maybe, exercising is what you least think of at that moment, but it will help you more than you imagine. Exercise is an excellent way to combat depression.

Putting yourself in motion will cause your body to release endorphins, which improve your mood. This will motivate you to keep going and give you the strength you need.

Go to therapy

Unfortunately, psychological therapy is still a taboo. It is thought that we should only resort to a therapist when we have a mental problem or when the situation is extreme, but it is not so.

Psychologists and therapists are experts in the human mind. They will help you analyze your problems from another point of view and thus solve them for yourself.

It is very important that you find a specialist that generates trust, so everything will be easier. There are even professionals who are experts in postpartum depression.

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