6 Tips To Relieve Back Pain

6 Tips To Relieve Back Pain

6 Tips To Relieve Back Pain

Is back pain the main reason why Americans seek medical care nowadays? In fact, according to most orthopedic physicians, 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime, and one in four will experience back pain every three months. In addition, back pain does not only affect 60-year-olds; those who are 18 years old may also be affected as they lead a more active lifestyle that can cause back injuries. Fortunately, back pain is not as serious and usually ibuprofen, ice and a few days of bed rest are sufficient. Still, prevention is better than cure. So here are six essential changes in life to ensure you have a really healthy spine.

Move more

Start with the little things like getting phone calls on the phone. Sitting places three times the pressure on your standing disks. To explain this clearly, physiotherapists illustrate back pain as follows: Push one finger back until you are comfortable. Now wait there for a minute. This pain is what happens when your spine is in the wrong position for too long.

Stretch the hamstrings (set of 3 muscles located in the posterior region of the thigh)

The renowned surgeon in Wisconsin, Dr. Peter F. Ullrich, suffered 10 years of intermittent back pain. Now he has been without such pain for more than 15 years since he started stretching his tendons twice a day, morning and night. “If the hamstrings are tense, it locks the pelvis in one position and does not allow it to rotate – move back and forth,” he says. “The whole movement of everyday life passes through the bottom discs. If you let them go, reverse this process. We do not see anyone for surgery who has loose hamstrings.

Stay in shape and do not smoke

Staying in shape will allow your back and abdominal muscles to be in reasonable shape to receive the oxygen they need to stay healthy. Smoking is not recommended as it can prevent the blood flow that your spine needs. Working on your cardiovascular system will increase the amount of oxygen that enters your muscles, preventing them from accumulating or causing you pain. Be sure to work your back muscles directly as well, because if your back is strong they will not complain so much.

Keep the natural curve of the lower back

If sitting, make sure your office chair supports the lower back or use a pillow for support. You can also use a pillow behind you when sitting on the couch or in cars or airplanes. When we get something heavy, it’s not just about bending our knees. You need to get your glutes out and keep your back in the correct neutral position, with your lower back curved.

Go by bike

Choose a half-hybrid, half-road hybrid motorcycle. This will allow you to sit upright and maintain the neutral curve of your back. You will get in shape and at the same time strengthen your gluteal muscles. As we said before, this will bring more oxygen to these muscles and will allow less pressure to be exerted directly on the back muscles, gaining relief from the pain.

Do push-ups or sit-ups in the afternoon or evening.

Your body is more vulnerable in the morning. At this time, your discs are filled with fluids, increasing the risk of injury. This extra morning pressure can do more damage when you exercise in the morning than doing the same type of exercise in the afternoon. Therefore, it is best to leave to do your sit-ups at the end of the day. If you need to exercise in the morning, make sure to do many stretches and some other exercises before.

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