Angry Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation

Angry Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation


In the awake life we can feel the most different emotions in different situations . Anger is one of them. Often this feeling is negatively valued in our society because we are reluctant to be angry ourselves, but in turn do not like it when others are angry. Often crying is accompanied by an expressed anger; some angry people even fall into a veritable rage, throwing objects around them, destroying them and raging wildly.

Anger is an emotion that usually has a lot more to it, such as disappointment because our expectations have not been met. Meaningful is the feeling as a dream symbol. It happens that people here feel themselves or see people who are angry. The extensive interpretation of these dreams always depends on the dream circumstances.

Dream symbol “anger” – The general interpretation

In the general interpretation of dreams anger can be rated positively. If he is felt by the person concerned in relation to another, well-known person, this shows that he is supported and supported by the other in real life. Even if there have been disputes lately, you will be able to settle them soon and rely on each other.

The opposite is true, if in the dream, either for a specific reason, suddenly angry , or even to another Peron, which one does not know from real life. In that case, the symbol announces disappointment , perhaps even a close friendship or partnership will break. In addition, the person concerned should take heed of his enemies: Maybe someone is planning an attack on the personal well-being.

Moreover, according to the general view, people who are angry in the dream on the affected person symbolize a reconciliation with a certain person, without this being satisfactory. Externally, a dispute will be settled, internally, the dreaming but not complete the dispute completely.

Dream symbol “anger” – the psychological interpretation

According to this approach, anger in the dream can always be for emotions that cause a mental imbalance. The person concerned has experienced (or is still in) a situation in real life to which he is unable to respond adequately. The circumstances forbid him to show his emotions openly.

Your own subconscious now finds a way through the level of the dream to process the feelings. Against this background, the dreamed anger also calls for dealing with and resolving the conflict in the wakeful life as well.

In addition, anger in a dream can always be a sexual symbol. From a psychological point of view, he then stands for erotic passions and fantasies, to which the affected person gradually gains access and whom he would like to live out.

Dream Symbol “Wrath” – The Spiritual Interpretation

At the level of spiritual interpretation, anger as a dream symbol indicates a certain misconduct . The person concerned thereby attracts the resentment of a higher, divine power.

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