Armadillo Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Armadillo Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


To dream of an armadillo means strength, endurance and simplicity at the same time something or in someone who has well defined characteristics. An armadillo symbolizes putting limits to dangers, knowing how to defend your criteria or spaces and manifesting the best of your person in every action.

Seeing an armadillo in your dream indicates your need to set certain limits. You may be putting barriers between you and those who wish to know you better. Alternatively, it indicates codependency. You need to be more assertive and do not let others tread upon you.

It is likely that you are preventing other people from seeing the person you really are. It also indicates that you may be putting too much trust in someone. You must stand up for yourself and be more independent. Do not let anyone take advantage of you.

Sometimes it’s a sign that you should be more assertive in your life, protect yourself better, stop letting others walk over you. It could mean the need to set appropriate limits with the people in your life.

The characteristics most often associated with the appearance of an armadillo in a dream are empathy, discrimination and personal protection. The Spanish word for armadillo is ” Armadillo ” and means “armored”. Armadillo armor is your most obvious trait and represents your vulnerability when you expose your deeper self at the same time, showing you how to protect yourself and when to lower your guard.

Armadillo armor is a two-sided symbol of the same issue: you need to protect yourself from damage but you do not want to put so many defenses between yourself and the people who want to know you that they may never know the “real” you. The appearance of an armadillo in the dream may mean that you are being overly self-protective. It suggests that you can be co-dependent or cover up important emotions that you should be communicating to people that are important in your life.

Armadillos are very good at knowing when they should curl up like a ball and just show their armored outside to an enemy, and when it is safe to stretch, relax and fall asleep with their fluffy bellies exposed. These armadillo skills suggest that when one of these creatures appears in your dream it is showing that you are a very empathic person who is extremely susceptible to your physical, spiritual and emotional environment and that you can use that empathy to help others..

The armadillo digs for its food and makes its burrows or holes to sleep and to have its puppies. The digging aspect in your behavior means that if you dream of an armadillo digging you may need to work harder to find your livelihood in your life and bring more spiritual awareness.

The armadillo is a good swimmer, floats very well and can swim under the surface for long periods. The armadillo easily crosses any stream or river with ease. These characteristics give people who dream of armor an understanding of the power of spiritual cleansing and the ability to move with a smooth fluid movement between the dimensions.

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