Bat Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Bat Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


In general, bats, in the symbology of the Western world are animals that are associated with darkness and evil; it is true that in some cultures it is a symbolically auspicious animal.

Dream about bats.

What does it mean to dream about a bat?

Unfortunately for us, however, the bat in dreams is a bad omen, in fact, reflects our anxieties and our concerns, in some cases, may be associated with the sex life.

I dream of many bats.

If you dream of a bat is not a good omen, dreaming of many is definitely not less important, in fact, this dream image could herald a lot of problems and sorrows.

Dreaming of biting bats.

A bat bit him in the dream, maybe even sucked his blood? The bite of the bats symbolizes a problem that moves the dreamer’s nerves. This makes the person angry about something that is not going according to plan and without problems.
The bat bites on the neck of the dreamer, similar to the bloodthirsty vampire Count Dracula, this view must be understood as a warning: risky ventures must be taken with care and zeal, one must be skeptical and not believe that everyone is trustworthy.

Dreaming of bat flying.

It may indicate that the dreamer has the perception that something does not fit into his life, some negative aspect that he has not yet realized. “Reflect on what is wrong . ” In the dream world, dreaming of many bats in flight may also mean that you feel judged by others, you probably do not feel proud of something you did and that anxiety bothers you. Dreaming that bats fly home can herald an endless number of problems and aches that will bring obstacles within your home and your family and your “habitat.”

Dreaming of bats at home

It may presage a negative event that concerns him very closely is around the corner, tradition also speaks of bats as “carriers”, in dreams, of an eventual loss of a loved one. In other cases dreaming about bats indoors offers a possible loss from the material point of view, then financial. Do not forget that dreaming of bat flying in the house is the image of a negative person who will be responsible for your problems and your worries. Who is it?

Dream about a black bat.

The bat is already perceived as an animal reminiscent of darkness and darkness, its typical black color might be the harbinger of the end of something, a relationship, a working relationship, and so on. In other cases, the bat may represent itself and thus its black side. Dreaming of black bats can represent the world around you, which sees evil people around you and possible problems and sorrows in sight.

Dreaming of white bats.

It is quite unusual, while the color white can make you think of something pure and innocent, is not even real, or rather, this image can announce illness or death of a child; but only according to the traditions! In my point of view, either there is a change in the act of someone who is close to you, or someone who does not really show what it really is!

Kill a bat in a dream

It means, at the same time, that the dreamer deals with the strengthening of his character and becomes less “voluble”. A dead animal is therefore an indication that there is a fundamental change.

Psychological meaning of dreaming of a bat.

Bats were considered by early Christians to be ” birds of the devil ” because of their association with darkness and their resemblance to rats. They share the Devil’s sexual desire. ( The devil is the goddess of the split – legged god Pan – god of the woods, fields, herds and herdsmen in Greek mythology.He is represented with ears, horns and goat legs, music lover, always carries a flute – who played his flute in the celebration of nature and sexuality). In particular, hematophagous bats, which take the human form in Bram Stoke’s Dracular, represent predatory sexuality, for it is only from the blood of a virgin that they needed to drink to remain immortal and perpetuate their lineage. Maurice Richardson in his book Psychoanalysis of Ghost Stories tells us that Dracula, with his dark heroism and superhuman image, has an unconscious erotic appeal to women. He argues that history only makes sense when analyzed from the Freudian point of view . Alternatively, a vampire may represent a person in your life who is exhausting your self-confidence or your resources.

Mystical interpretation of the dream with bat:

To dream of one of these universally detested creatures is a portent of disaster. They are regarded as an omen of death and injury. Because of their blindness, they are also considered a prophecy that warns of danger to the eyes. Luckily superstition also has an antidote to these dreadful dreams: just take a bat’s bone in your pocket and you will have no harm. Similarly, in some parts of Europe, they believe that the right eye of a bat carried in the pocket of the vest will make you invisible.

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