Boss Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Boss Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


As much as you have a certain affinity with the person who pays your salary, dreaming about a boss is usually not so pleasant and is usually associated with some complicated situation. But you can calm down, because this is a dream that goes beyond the rule and can bring good news.


It may seem strange, but dreaming about boss rarely poses a threat or loss to your professional and financial life. In general, the appearance of this figure of authority has no negative meaning, on the contrary.

With the correct interpretation of the elements and behaviors in the dream it is possible to predict even your professional success, even if there are conflicts or unpleasant situations during the unfolding of the story created by your subconscious.

Among the possibilities that this dream may represent, even an incentive for you to continue to dedicate yourself to work is implied. It is believed that with your commitment, you will soon be rewarded.

In order for you to be able to orient yourself and to extract the proper meanings of a dream with the boss, you must pay attention to the smallest details and, when you wake up, record the events without becoming stereotyped. You may be surprised by the result.


Dreaming of a boss is not always a pleasant thing, let alone when you are fighting with that person in a position of authority. Faced with this, you must analyze a very important situation: what is your relationship with his or her boss?

If the answer is a troubled and sparked relationship in the corridors, it is likely that this dream is only a manifestation of your dissatisfaction with that condition. After all, dreaming that you are fighting, disagreeing or even assaulting this person indicates, in fact, that you do not like her or do not have the courage to expose this revolt.

It is also important that you pay attention if this is not a recurring dream. If this situation is repeated in your dreams, it is best to begin to analyze what happens in real life. It may be a good idea to resolve this pending within the company, even if that means resigning or negotiating your exit.

In some cases, if you or someone else has quarreled with someone in a leading position, the dream may be an omen of improvement in one’s professional life – whether within the same company or not.

Another possibility of interpretation for this dream is related to your married life or your current partner. In this case, the partner is represented by the boss figure. It may be time to evaluate your relationship: does not the person who is with you abuse your “power”?

When you are involved with someone who does not listen to you, but only imposes order and wills, or if you resolve the situation between the two, or it may be healthier to quit this behavior.

Still about relationships, if you are not having problems with them, it is likely that a marriage or more serious relationship is near.


There it is, a positive dream for a positive meaning. If in the dream you made up and tightened the bonds with your boss, it is a sign that things in your life are about to find balance.

The dream is also a sign that a promotion or other moment of happiness is near. As a way to represent your maturity and evolution, career advancement is very likely to be closer than ever.


Generally speaking, especially if this is a recurring dream, this is a rather personal connotation dream and indicates a willingness to actually assume this leading position in real life. You can get closer to this reality if you seek a specialization or work harder to be promoted.

Another possibility, if you are the boss or dreamed that someone has been promoted to this position, the warning is for you to keep fighting and walking your way, because soon you must achieve what you want. Another possibility is that you can receive money that was long lost.

For those who could better observe the details of this dream, did you notice if you were the head of a specific industry? If so, it is likely that an increase of your possessions is nearing to happen.

Now, if you were removed from the position of leadership, you need not be discouraged, for the meaning is again positive. In this case it is a sign of happiness alongside the family.

In another aspect, more related to your own subconscious, dreaming of boss where you are who occupies that position may be related to your behavior. Have not you been behaving much better than others? It may be a time to reflect on changing that posture.


In times where the specter of unemployment haunts everyone, dreaming that you are fired can be a nightmare. Well, that’s one of the few cases where dreaming about boss really is a bad thing.

In general, it may indicate that some old memories and thoughts are returning, making you feel sad. Is there a memory in which your parents rejected you or rebuked something you wanted? To dream that you are being dismissed by the boss is one way of expressing this situation.

It is also possible that you have remembered about the loss of a loved one or break up of a relationship, and that suffering is manifesting in your subconscious in the form of a dream.


On the other hand, being hired is such a dream. When it is the maximum authority figure of the company that admits it is an indication that your projects will be blessed. Try to pay attention to the details and intensity of this dream. This information can positively complement the interpretation of this story.

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