Brick Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Brick Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Bricks have been used for millennia as a material for building houses and castles. Many of today’s world-famous buildings have been built in the past with the typical rust-red bricks. The building material is not only architecturally important, it can also have a special meaning when we dream of a brick.

It happens that in the dream we build a house ourselves, that we see a brick, or that we drop one by mistake. But how can this symbol be interpreted exactly?

Dream symbol “brick” – The general interpretation

Red, freshly burned bricks stand in the general dream interpretation for joy and luck. There are extremely positive times ahead, and those affected will not have to worry about financial or private matters.

In addition, the symbol “brick” in the dream can also represent opportunities . If the dreaming sees bricks, such will offer him. It is important to use them, even if this will be accompanied by a change in real life. Only if he dares to do something new will he be able to build a solid existence in the long term.

Anyone who builds a house on a construction site with bricks in a dream may face challenges in everyday life . If it is a small, pretty little house that the victim builds in a dream, he will be able to fulfill the tasks assigned to him and easily overcome difficulties. However, if he tries to build a lavish, very large house, a castle or even a castle, problems will not be solved so easily. Creativity and acumen are needed.

Broken bricks are also widely believed to announce financial bottlenecks . The dreaming should urgently pay attention in this case in the near future on its expenditure and not unnecessarily in something invest. In addition, the abandonment of a brick warns not to act hastily, but to always reflect the consequences of one’s own behavior. Otherwise, there is a threat of trouble , especially with regard to interpersonal relationships.

Dream symbol “brick” – The psychological interpretation

A brick symbolizes a spiritual development according to the psychological interpretation approach. The person becomes more mature and prudent, learns to better reflect on his behavior and to withdraw when appropriate. At the same time, psychoanalysts believe that this will also be the basis of their own existence. It is quite possible that the person concerned, when he sees a brick in the dream, deals with questions about his own future. What perspectives does he see for himself? In which direction should it go professionally? What does he imagine in the private sphere of life? A marriage, maybe children?

Dream Symbol “Brick” – The Spiritual Interpretation

In the spiritual dream interpretation, a brick represents consciously induced change and development in life. This is especially true when the person in question uses the brick in the dream to build or build something.

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