Button Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Button Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


The button in the dreams

Judging by the variety and the presence of this material in people’s lives, it is no wonder someone dreams about it. Depending on the situation that the button appears in the daydream, it can have several meanings, be it pleasurable or not. The important thing is to pay attention to the message he wants to pass.

Dreaming with bright buttons
If by chance you dreamed that you are nailing bright buttons, this may indicate that your feelings will be matched by the person you love. What’s more, you will be very happy in your love life.

Dreaming of fabric buttons
If this type of button appeared in your dreams, be careful. For something that is to come can bring you much disappointment. You may be disappointed with a friend or relative, or you may face health problems soon.

Dream that you lost a button
For the instances of a button loss, the meaning is that you are afraid to go forward into something. This can happen in the personal, loving or professional setting. Create courage and face your fears, for only from the attempt that success appears.

Dreaming unbuttoning clothes
In a dream, this action symbolizes that you are finally opening yourself to someone. This can refer to the mental, emotional or sexual level. If that is not your intention, think hard before making any decisions.

Dreaming with colored buttons
Buttons that appear in various colors in daydreams can represent joys that are about to come to your life. So, get ready to live good times with your loved one, friends or family.

Dreaming of dark buttons
When you come across the dark buttons in your dreams, pay attention! They are announcements that fake people surround you. Open your eyes and stay tuned. The dream may still be an omen of bad financial times.

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