Candle Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Candle Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Dream with white candle

It means spiritual guidance or religious enlightenment. If you have candles on your back you are in need of a new religious course. You may also need a new spiritual guide, something or belief to follow. So, try to study a little more about religion so you may find something new to satisfy your need.

Dreaming of red candle

It means that you are going through or will go through great changes, so you need to be careful and careful when choosing which way to go. The changes are coming and you need a pre-preparedness to take better advantage of the opportunity and not let that moment go blank. In addition, the color red means love and so dreaming of red candle may also indicate that the changes that are to come are related to love. Having red candles illuminating you indicates that your heart is opening to new paths and indicating that this is the time for you to move forward.

Dreaming of yellow candle

It can mean two different things. If the yellow candle is on, it means that this is a good time for investments. A good time for new business and to organize finances. Now if the yellow candle is off it means you should be careful about your money. This is a time to make savings and not dare to spend.

To dream with melted candle

It means that you are going through a time of anxiety, uncertainty and concern for the future. So try to get rid of this negative thinking and try to keep your mind and body in a good harmony that exhales happiness and hope.

To dream with black candle

Other than it may seem, they are not related to witchcraft rituals, nor are they connected with death or anything, that is not their meaning. They mean that your life is having a strong connection with your spiritual side, the magical, the mystical. Dreaming about the black candle may also mean that you have had feelings and not very pleasant thoughts. Try to set them aside and focus on the good things in life. Do not let them affect you and make you miss unique opportunities and moments.

Dreaming of broken candle

It means that your spiritual and / or religious side is hit and damaged. That is why you should strive to remake that connection with your more spiritual side and to look for new references and new ways of connecting with your fame.

Dreaming of birthday candle

It means that you are starting a new cycle and in this cycle you must mature a lot. So be prepared for moments that will require wisdom, calmness, and thoughtfulness. But take it easy, by the end of this period you will have grown a lot and it will all have been worth it.

Dreaming that extinguishes candle

It means fear and / or insecurity. You need to feel more confident about following yourself and improving your self-esteem. For this, leave aside such feelings as rejection, insecurity, envy, sadness and doubt.

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