Chess Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Chess Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Chess Dream Meaning, Interpretation, Symbols

A chessboard seen in the dream indicates difficulties to be overcome. If in a dream you played chess, know that your winnings will be increased and your personal success will be fantastic. To be a winner in a game of chess, it is time to put your imagination to work in your favor, try; and, if you lost the game, do not give up, follow your course, believe in you, your victory is certain. Watching a game of chess is a harbinger of what you will receive a long-desired news.

Dreaming about chess, like many other types of dream, talks about positions, feelings and future. Depending on what you visualized in your dream, dreaming with chess can indicate both a change of posture and a time to set aside to study and learn.

Or, it can be a symbol of victory and professional success if this is your stage of life. The cycles begin and end to give us many life lessons, it is enough that we are open to live intensely what is reserved for us and then we will fulfill with each one of the matches of this game somewhat difficult to play.

Soon afterwards you will be able to confirm our interpretations of each type of dream with chess and then decide which of the ways you intend to follow according to your free will.

Dream watching a game of chess

Dreaming of a game of chess means that although today you feel like a spectator of life, you are still taking the first steps and need to see to learn before you risk being a good player.

We all went through this, some people earlier and some later. Keep in mind that the present moment is conducive to learning, so get to work and study well. See, review, analyze people to their behaviors to always take the best example. Your time to be the player will arrive and then we can see what you have been learning so much.

Dream playing chess

Dreaming that playing chess is a symbol of victory and professional success. Although you need to be aloof in your workplace to not be passed back, you have been well-regarded by the eyes of your superior or boss.

Each day is a different match that you have to face and you are getting better and better. But remember that not everything in life works like in a game and checkmate is not possible in our real stories.

Dreaming about chessboard

Dreaming about chessboard is not a very positive view. This dream reveals that many difficulties are reserved for you and all of them will have to be transposed with determination and determination.

If you let yourself down early, know that things will get more and more difficult, the obstacles will become big and practically insurmountable. So, go with full force, focus at the end of the tunnel and the light will then do.

Dreaming about chess pieces

When dreaming about chess pieces we know that you are going through a phase where you are feeling suffocated by so many people charging you and demanding different postures and attitudes. You are no longer able to be so charged and you are about to have an outbreak given so much psychological pressure.

Maybe it’s time for you to take a vacation, use those overtime hours at work for rest or, depending on the case, ask for a psychiatrist’s license to re-establish your ideas and reconnect with yourself. A life coaching can also help you find a healthy way out of your busy and troubled life.

Dreaming that wins a game of chess

Dreaming that wins a game of chess deals with imagination and creativity, yes, because not only logical reasoning and agile thinking deals with a game of chess. Anyone who has never participated in a game, does not imagine that this game involves much more skills than the apparent ones.

In the case of the dream we see that you have not used your creativity, being very attached to the old theories and the mental squares initially learned. It’s time to innovate, venture out and try new things in your life, use your creativity to discover new paths and new resolutions to problems other than the old and old rules.

Dream that loses a game of chess

Dreaming that you lose a game of chess asks you not to give up on your dreams, follow your road, put more faith and faith in yourself, you know what you can. This dream speaks about that old saying that one can lose a battle, but not war.

Here you have lost only one match as the dream title itself says, but that does not mean that you have lost the game. You are still in the loop and life is still happening, if something did not work today then change your strategy, reevaluate your ideas and trace your steps again to reach your goal.

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