Discussion Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Discussion Dream: Meaning and Interpretation



That is, if you dream you are arguing it means that there is some problem or conflict that needs to be resolved quickly or that there is a pending situation. Whenever you dream about discussion, you should analyze the subject being discussed and the person you are having this discussion to perceive the whole problem. For example, is the question in the middle of this dream something to do with some aspect of your life? Is the person you’re arguing about next or looks like someone? All this is important to realize the symbolism of dreaming about discussion.


Dreaming about discussion does not always mean you’re upset with this or that person. Often, dreaming about discussion means that there is something in your personality that you dislike and that you want to change. Still, if you dream of arguing with your partner this may symbolize an emotional issue related to the feelings you are having for someone else and you are creating a conflict.

If in the dream you are screaming while fighting and if the person you are arguing with is known, then this may mean that there are a number of unresolved conflicts. This problem is affecting you and you are not getting this issue out of your head.

If you have been dreaming about discussion , it is time to resolve these conflicts that worry you so much.

But if in the dream the person with whom you are discussing is unknown symbology, although it is related to a conflict, is different. In this case, dreaming about discussion will be related to a conflict of interest. Something you want but should not have, for example.

Either way, dreaming about discussion always has a conflict-related symbolism, and you should always take a good look at the dream in order to be able to resolve these outstanding issues once and for all.

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