Doll Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Doll Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


The doll can have many meanings within a dream, after all the object is related to sentimental life and emotional needs. Therefore, dreaming about a doll almost always refers to nostalgia, although it may bring comfort or certain a very specific nuisance.


Dreaming about a doll in general can lead to mixed conclusions, but the most curious thing here is that, although it is tied to emotions, the doll may also be related to finances.

Although it is necessary to observe other aspects of the dream and refine the interpretation, the simple fact of seeing a doll in dreams can already lead to two situations. The first is a good omen in the professional and financial field. Good opportunities may be waiting for you.

The other possibility goes to the emotional field, pointing out that there is a deep lack within you. Maybe it’s time to get someone you trust, like a mother or partner, and try to win a little more affection. Lack of care and attention can lead to a period of melancholy.


First, dreaming that you are playing with it shows that you are very connected to your inner world – probably more than to the outside world. This happens a lot when we face an adverse situation in our lives.

You interiorize yourself almost as if you were inside a shell just to protect yourself from the dangers of the outside. But we must have courage and face the world, for that is part of our evolution.

This is also an indication that we need to mature more and that we are too connected with childish feelings. You may be acting childishly in a relationship and you have not yet realized it. Try to think more about it and improve your relationships with people.


Not always the doll has a lovely face. Often they can be somehow ugly or even incredibly scary. In these cases, the dream is a great warning sign for your life.

The reason for this warning can vary greatly depending on what the doll is doing in the dream – whether it was simply scary or even attacked, for example. But in any case, this is a symbol that there is probably someone who wants to harm you. Someone whom you trust or who you would never suspect is about to betray your trust.

If the doll appears to have killer intentions, the case is even more serious. The person is about to stab you in the back and still wants to convince you that she only wants your good. Be very careful with absolutely everyone around you.


A porcelain doll is something visibly delicate and fragile. You will hardly get one of these dolls without first redoubling the care – and always with that little feeling that the doll can break at any moment. That is why dreaming of a porcelain doll represents, among other things, the fragility of one or more of your relationships.

The most common is that it relates to love relationships, but it is possible to extend also to family relationships, such as the one you have with your parents or with very close friends.

If you look deep into your emotions, you will probably find that you feel insecure about these relationships and threatened with your breakup. In many cases, this also leads to too many excesses in the care of your relationship, which ends up suffocating the partner and creating many problems. See if that is your case and try to take everything more lightly.


The meanings of dreaming with cloth dolls are more varied, but we can keep on the two main ones, being the first of them you still carry a lot of innocence and sweetness in your way of being. But that is if the rag doll looks nice and pretty to you.

The rag doll brings a much more intimate representation of our feelings than the plastic ones. They are unique and made with more personality, possessing almost like a natural warmth.

Now look, if the cloth doll in your dream has a strange and unpleasant look or looks like a voodoo doll, be very careful what you are relating to.

There is a threat trying to approach you in a very intimate way; if she can get to you, she’ll be dangerously close so she can defend herself. Ask for more protection in your prayers and provide the necessary care.


This is a much more specific dream and therefore also has a simpler and direct meaning. Dreaming about a Barbie doll shows how much the weight of the collections made by society and the modern world is affecting you.

Most likely you miss it when you were a child and you did not have to adapt to any of it-everything was simpler and easier. The dream does not say whether or not you want to fit into the new patterns of the world and society, only that this is being a difficult task for you.

This is a natural challenge for every human being and it is up to you to think and decide how much you want to “shape” the world around you.


In much the same way as dreaming of a scary doll, when she is ugly, we have a watch for her life. As explained, the doll has a very close relationship to our emotions and intimacy. To dream of an ugly doll means that something bad is very close to you – very close indeed.

Be very attentive and be careful who is around you. There is a good chance that one or more people who are close to you – and who seem innocent – actually are people of very poor character and from whom you should turn away.

Even if they are not an immediate threat to you, they simply are not reliable and you need to stay away from any bad guy, because sooner or later it can hurt you.


Dreaming of a big doll can have more than one interpretation. The first one is that you miss your childhood and your past, but that feeling may be overdone and eventually you will end up dominating it.

This can be very damaging because living in the past prevents you from living the present and coming to the future appropriately. Try to look back with a comforting feeling, not as a “crutch” to feel happier and more confident. It is important to remember what makes us good and not to mention bad events.

Another possibility is when the dream doll is large and even bigger than the dreamer himself. In this case, it may be a demonstration that a problem or a trauma follows you.

As we have said, it is important not to be constantly stuck in the past, reminiscing about bad events. Sometimes this can also mean that there is a great challenge to be overcome.


Dreaming of a small doll can also lead to multiple interpretations. Like the big doll, it represents problems of the past, albeit with a substantial difference. Depending on how you see the doll, the problem may or may not have been overcome.

If, for example, you see a small doll from a higher angle, this shows that you have already overcome your past problem – whatever it is, it is a trauma that has already been properly resolved.

Now, if the doll was small, but you looked at it from below, that problem may still not have been solved, but you see yourself superior to it and able to solve it. Now, if the doll is in a position higher than yours, it is possible that some problem from your past still haunts you. In that case, you need to gather more information from the dream to get help.


Once again, we have an example of a dream with a doll with a very specific meaning and, therefore, with a very simple interpretation. Dreaming about a baby doll shows a deep desire to generate a life and have a child. This is a very common way of expressing this desire, especially in the dreams of women who, culturally, have the doll as a more present figure relative to motherhood.

If this dream is recurring, then perhaps the time has come to talk to your partner about it and put you on the same footing as your desire to have a child. Discuss the issue with your partner so that together they can reflect on whether this is the right time to make the decision and fulfill that dream.


Dreaming of many dolls is another dream that relates to family desires themselves. But here the desire is not exactly for children, but for the desire to have a family – just as do the children where they create the ideal family with their toys.

In this dream we can both find the possibility that he only has a desire to constitute his family, as well as clues about the existence of family problems. You may be experiencing family problems and denying the situation. Maybe it’s time to get a friend shoulder and open up with someone you trust. Also talk with family members involved; everything can be solved with a good conversation.

This dream is also a sign that you should pay more attention to how you relate to everyone around you. Maybe you’re being too rude to everyone and you need to be a bit more careful in choosing your words.

This dream may be a warning to be more careful about who shares your thoughts and desires – not everyone should listen to your plans.


Dreaming of a talking doll that is constantly “chattering” is often a very clear sign that you have problems with self-criticism. You probably charge too much for your goals, so you’re always disappointed by the results. Trying to compare yourself to people who seem to have a perfect life is dangerous too.

No one is perfect, not you. Believe in your qualities and capabilities. Learn to be happy for yourself and not for what others say it should be.


When you dream of a doll that seems to be alive, just stop and think if there is anyone in your life who used to have a submissive personality, always controlled by others or someone.

If the response was positive, great, find that person and support her, without pressure, because she may finally be able to get rid of these bonds and live for herself.

This dream may also indicate that you are not satisfied with the way your life is now. You may be comparing yourself so much to others that you may end up developing a feeling of envy.

You constantly measure your success by their success; no matter how well you do, it will not be enough if they are better. Again, stop with this attitude and in no way feed that kind of feeling on you. Try to like yourself more and your achievements.


Donating a doll in the dream is very positive for those who are facing some problem like a trauma, for example. This is because every act of giving is a great way to represent human detachment.

Therefore, dreaming that you are donating a doll says that you are ready to detach yourself from something and leave behind what no longer suits your reality and future. If it does not suit you or is useful for something, just leave it behind and lighten the load – so you can fly higher.


By chance, do you have a strong desire to have a child? If so, then maybe good news is on the way, since dreaming that you won a doll represents the arrival of a new family member. But attention, because the arrival of a new member to the family can take place in many ways.

If you are not part of those who desire a child and are already despairing in fear of an unwanted pregnancy, take it easy. A new member may even be some family member who got married, and with that the family increased.


Once again we have a dream that can relate to children, if that is your will. Generally speaking, dreaming about a dollhouse refers to your desire to have a family, and possibly a child.

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