Drawbridge Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Drawbridge Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


The term “drawbridge” refers to a movable bridge that can be folded up by a mechanical device. In this way, the access to a gate can be controlled or it is the ships on a waterway, the passage allows. In the past, the drawbridges were mainly used to secure a gate in medieval castles or towns.

But now the question arises, what does such a drawbridge mean when it appears in a dream? Is it a protective mechanism? Or what does the dream interpretation know?

Dream symbol “Drawbridge” – The general interpretation

In the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “drawbridge”, like any other bridge in the dream, is seen primarily as a connection between opposites that can exist in one’s own personality or in relation to other people. However, in the interpretation of the dream symbol “drawbridge” is of particular importance, whether it is lowered in the dream or closed.

A lowered drawbridge in the dream, which leads over a moat, for example, symbolizes the dreaming that he will meet with his next project on open ears. He should therefore make clear what he wants and what does not. If the drawbridge is closed in the dream and is not lowered in the further course of the dream, this can generally be understood as a reminder of patience . The dreaming will eventually encounter problems in his life. Therefore, he should remain patient, because the right time for his move on is yet to come. Maybe he has to wait for appropriate help in the watch world.

Another important component for the interpretation of the dream symbol “drawbridge” is the condition of the dream bridge. An old or rotten drawbridge as a dream symbol also refers to pending difficulties , which the dreaming but will soon eliminate. Through a destroyed dream drawbridge, the dreaming is shown that he should always leave a possibility for a retreat in the awake life. Maybe she can also indicate that the debt of the dreaming mediation in an important matter could not take place.

Dream symbol “Drawbridge” – The psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, a raised drawbridge in the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s fear of not reaching his goals, since he is too late in the watch world. However, if he is able to enter the drawbridge in a dream and thus reaches the castle behind, he should become aware that his soul has mastered the task set for him.

Dream symbol “Drawbridge” – The spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “drawbridge” can be interpreted as representing a link between spiritual opposites. If the dreaming steps on this dream drawbridge, he will succeed in the watch world to unite these opposites and find a state of inner harmony.

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