Dream about Bats: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream about Bats: Meaning and Interpretation


Dreams have many symbologies and can bring important messages to our lives; they range from advice on decisions to warnings about near hazards. Dreaming with a bat also has its own meanings and it is enough that you can understand the details of each characteristic present in the dream.

This is an unusual dream nowadays and the fact that most people no longer live with these animals, makes them go unnoticed in the images of their dreams. However, we should not underestimate the images of these majestic and unique winged mammals.


If we disregard some peculiarities, at first dreaming about bats in itself would be the symbol of some kind of change in their life. It comes to leave the message that it is time to change your habits and engage in a new phase or a new moment of your life.

If you’ve dreamed about a bat recently, stop and rethink what you’ve been doing, which habits and attitudes you’ve been taking persistently for a long time. You may notice that you can leave at least some of them behind and that it will leave you much lighter and freer.


If in your dream the bat was just standing and away from you, maybe we can also interpret that you are going through a very quiet moment of your life. Things are going well and that is good.

The bat may be a sign of a good omen, but you must calmly analyze your current situation, after all in certain situations this calm is just something that is distracting you from the real dangers that surround you.

Bats are mysterious creatures that can inspire diverse feelings. The presence of bats in your dream may indicate that you need to open your eyes wide because some danger is lurking. Among the recurring dangers associated with the presence of the bat is betrayal.


As we have already said, bats are mysterious creatures and therefore their presence in dreams may be the announcement of really quite different situations from one another. To dream about a bat and to be frightened by their presence does not mean anything tenebrous, only that you will be divided into love affairs.

Maybe you’re in love with two people and you can not decide which one of your hearts really surrenders. Try not to think too much about it and let your intuition guide you. If the heart is in doubt, but it is he who decides, then there will be no regrets.


Unlike the previous example, if you dream about a bat, but its presence does not scare or bother you in any way, that’s a good sign. It means that your projects are more likely to succeed and that your friends will be by your side to help and support what you need. Just be willing to accept.


Very common is the dream in which the bat is flying, be it about you or a little more at a distance. Anyway, the fact that this creature is flying leads us to conclude that the observer (who is dreaming) is probably a very jealous person or is experiencing a crisis of jealousy.

In general, this crisis of jealousy refers to the observer himself, but it may mean that jealousy is actually coming from someone else – be it a friend, a relative, or the partner.

Regardless of the case, jealousy is never a good feeling and brings great negative weight to any relationship. If the bat of the dream is flying over you insistently and still gives a lot, this only reinforces the need for care. Your eyes need to be wide open to the consequences of the situation as well as it has to be resolved as soon as possible.


This is a mix of different situations in dreams, where we both have a flying bat as it is also very close to us. This dream continues to indicate that there is a serious relationship problem and jealousy with someone.

The big difference here is that the combination between the flight and the close proximity to him says there is a more severe emotional unrest and that it reaches other specters of his emotion. Maybe there’s a lot of sadness involved. Some great trauma, some situation that you feel unable to disengage may be the indication that there is not really much you can do if you do not take a more radical and definitive attitude.

Either you overcome that obstacle and follow your relationship without looking back, or you put a stone on the subject and on the relationship, abandon both and follow your life normally.


Of course, this dream is more of a nightmare , but incredible as it may seem this is not such a bad sign for your life. Usually we get scared, because the common sense of nature says that an animal attacking can only be a bad thing.

But we must remember that it is not the nature of bats to kill or seriously injure other animals. In fact, the great majority of the species is frugivorous, that is, if it feeds fruits. The few who hunt and do not feed on fruit, or hunt insects or just suck some blood from other animals.

Therefore, dreaming of an attacking bat symbolizes a kind of renewal. Like the blood that is drawn by the bat of an animal, we must let the bad things that circulate in our life be sucked out. The bat is the symbol that something or someone wants to help you get rid of the impurities and stick with only what is good for you.


When you dream of a bat and you are touching it in the dream, you should prepare yourself psychologically, for this is an omen that something of great value will be taken from you. It’s not like you’re going to lose your home necessarily. When we speak of value, it means that something of great esteem will have to go, it may even be someone close and dear that needs to leave.

Sometimes this is an unavoidable situation and the bat comes just to warn you to be prepared and suffer less from what has occurred. However, there are situations where we can fight and surround ourselves with care, protecting with nails and teeth what is valuable to us so that the strong winds that are to come do not take it together.


Sometimes we dream not with one, but with lots of bats, and unfortunately in that case, it really is not a good thing. Unlike other interpretations that usually have some relief in their predictions, this almost certainly shows some bad in its social circle.

If you are a more social person and often interact with new people or are about to accept an invitation, whether for a walk or a trip with people you have only recently met and have little intimacy, rethink.

Some of these people are overwhelmed by their friends and have ulterior motives behind this closeness. It would be best to take the time and leave the social events a bit aside, even those with close friends. This can avoid a lot of troubles and future troubles.


Dreaming that killed a bat is a great indication that you are about to lose a large amount of money . It is an urgent warning to rethink and re-evaluate very well all the transactions and negotiations you are carrying out or planning. Avoid anything that seems minimally suspect or carries large risks on your real estate, especially those higher-value properties.

Remember that this does not preclude any negotiation, it only means that when someone comes to you and proposes something (especially those of buying and selling properties) that seems too advantageous, suspect and research a lot about it before closing a deal.


A vampire bat, as many like to call it, is a somewhat peculiar figure in dreams. But just as the appearance of the dream suggests, it indicates that something or someone is taking advantage of you. Whether through manipulation or direct orders, the feeling is the same, that one is literally draining his forces leaving him exhausted.

Only in some very particular situations can it indicate that you need to give yourself a little more to someone, but it is much more delicate to evaluate and in general it is a disregarded interpretation.

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