Dream About Gum: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream About Gum: Meaning and Interpretation


Just as important as the teeth themselves is the gums in which they sit. Discoloration often indicates disease or deficiency, and inflammation of the gums, called periodontitis, can cause the teeth to fail . In a periodontal disease, the protective gums are restored and the necks of the teeth are exposed. The idea of ​​hurting the gum in the mouth is as uncomfortable as the thought of a splinter under the fingernail.

Similar to dreams of your own teeth, gum dreams also have a high symbolic power and refer to the psyche, not without reason we talk about “on the gums” when we think that someone is particularly stressed and hardly exhausted can.

Dream symbol “gums” – The general interpretation

Dreaming of red, well-perfused gums, even when swollen , indicates good health that will last for a long time. The red gums refer to the power and energy of the dreamer.

Mostly, gum dreams are more negative. They point to fear of physical pain. Concern about failure or aging can also play a role here. Perhaps the dreaming also feels particularly vulnerable at the moment.

Bleeds the gums, the dream symbol can refer to a low self- care. The dreaming does not pay enough attention, perhaps he does not care enough about his own diet or he takes himself too few breaks. Sometimes, the dream of bleeding gums is also a warning dream that the dreaming exposes himself to high risks . He should at least go down for a while and consider whether the danger he is in is worth it.

Lazy and black gums show in the dream experience, that a failure causes the dreaming. The flesh, once healthy to protect teeth, is now compromised in its health. Losing the gum means the dreamer must forego all protection and prove his or her own strength in order to eliminate a problem. A hole in the gums shows in the dream a certain event or a person who is at war with the dreamer.

Those who experience themselves in the dream as toothless and with bare gums, feel at the moment only limited able to stand up for themselves and pursue their goals. If the dreaming sees other people with a toothless mouth, this indicates that one tries unsuccessfully to make him bad.

Dream symbol “gums” – The psychological interpretation

Bleeding gums or discoloration on the gums mean that the dreaming does not pursue his own needs enough as a dream symbol . He is mentally a bit run down and does not pay attention to himself. Either because he is too busy with something else, or because he lacks self-esteem.

Bloody gums can also indicate that the dreaming does not take enough breaks. He approaches a certain thing very hastily or hastily. Instead, he should reconsider everything calmly and, if necessary, take time to retire. The tendency to jump from one challenge to the next can lead to auto-aggression. These are painful acts against oneself.

But do not worry, this tendency is rarely the case and not a common interpretation of the dream image “gums”. Also important is what other dream symbols you saw – maybe a dentist or a toothbrush ? The interpretations of many other symbols can be found by searching on the top right corner of this website.

Dream symbol “gums” – The spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the gum and problems with it refer to communication and to the nutrition of the soul.

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