Dream About Losing Teeth: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream About Losing Teeth: Meaning and Interpretation

Losing Teeth

Our denture not only has a practical side, namely to shred food, it is also from ancient times an expression of the defensiveness and gives hints to the social status.

If you have a tooth lost or even more, the quality of life to a large extent affected. A tooth gap also suggests a low social position, because the person has obviously not the means to make a substitute. In addition, missing or decaying teeth are always interpreted by the environment as a sign of neglect of their own person and thus as a weakness of character.

Many phrases in our language area show that teeth are closely related to our emotions and difficulties in everyday life. When you bite your teeth, all attempts to achieve something are in vain. If you make it clear to someone that you want to get an idea out of your head, you will pull that tooth.

So anyone who dreams that he has lost a tooth will probably have negative feelings, because he forfeits something that is particularly important to him. For dream interpretation it is therefore essential to have one’s own life situation in mind. What dreads the dreaming to lose?

In order to make it easier for you to understand and interpret the dream of the lost tooth, in the following sections we have described the most frequent dream situations that are associated with the dream symbol “lost tooth”.

Dream Tooth Lost Symbol – The most common dreams about the symbol

Several teeth lost in the dream

Dreaming to have lost three teeth
If you ‘ve dreamed of losing 3 teeth, it’s a sign that the dreamer may be in trouble. He may have to go through a difficult period of life temporarily. However, he should understand this as a challenge and opportunity to develop himself, because the three stands as a number for a harmonious whole.

In the dream I lost 4 teeth
Anyone who wakes up in the morning and has dreamed of having lost 4 teeth, should behave a little more cautious soon. It could be that the usual order and stability in the life of the dreamer may be lost, because that is the number four in the dream research. The dreaming should consider whether there are uncertain factors in his life that he could eliminate.

Having lost the tooth without blood: the dream interpretation
If one has dreamed of having lost a tooth without blood , the dreaming person can breathe a sigh: an expected misfortune will probably not turn out to be as severe as she initially feared. Although she will struggle with a few small problems, she will certainly handle them well.

Death and tooth lost: interpretation of the dream symbols
Dreaming about death in connection with the dream symbol “tooth lost” is no bad omen. Rather, death in dream research represents the beginning of a new phase of life. Thus, the dream image “tooth lost death” indicates that the dreaming person has finally overcome a difficult phase of life and is ready for new experiences.

Have lost a healthy tooth in a dream
Normally, a healthy tooth does not fail. In the dream world, however, much is possible. If you dream you have lost a healthy tooth, you should be more cautious than usual and not take unnecessary risks. It could be that a financial loss is imminent that the dreamer should be prepared for.

Have lost a piece of tooth in the dream
If you have lost in the dream only a piece of a tooth that may have broken off , this dream symbol indicates minor difficulties in the life of the dreamer, but they are easy to handle. Maybe the dreaming person has to make a little more effort than usual to reach their goals. However, this can be quite beneficial for your personal development.

Dream symbol “tooth lost” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “tooth lost” is in the dream interpretation for the loss of vitality , assertiveness and reputation. Perhaps there is a concrete experience behind it, which gives the dreaming the feeling of being treated irreverently. However, it is equally possible for the “lost tooth” dream symbol to reflect a general concern about not being taken seriously anymore.

In the dream of the failing teeth , the concern is expressed that they no longer receive the usual esteem and recognition from others. If a tooth is lost, this can be an indication in the dream interpretation that the dreaming is dissatisfied at work or in the family environment.

Another aspect of the dream symbol “tooth lost” in the dream interpretation is the fear of being unable to defend and assert oneself. The loss of the tooth in the sense of a weapon is in the dream often an invitation to the dreaming, to take his life into his own hands and to fight for recognition if necessary. He also has to show his teeth more often, position himself with a bite or even clench his teeth when things get difficult.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “tooth lost” is therefore also a sign for the dreaming that he must acknowledge his worries and fears in order to be able to develop the necessary self-confidence. Who in his dream due to lost incisors lisp , which is often warned of a dishonest man.

Dream symbol “tooth lost” – The psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “tooth lost” is a signal of the subconscious, to draw attention to deep-seated doubts and fears. In dream interpretation, this can affect problems from the most diverse areas of life. But even unconscious difficulties with one’s own personality can be brought to the surface with the dream symbol of lost teeth.

Since the psyche often suffers greatly from such suppressed fears, the dreaming should take his dream as an opportunity to actively deal with them, so that from oppressed emotions do not possibly develop depression.

In addition, the dream symbol “tooth lost” is indirectly related to the growth process to sexual maturity. Because as well as getting the teeth, tooth loss is a developmental change. In the interpretation of dreams, loose or lost teeth symbolize a transition: from child to adult, through the falling out of the milk teeth or from the independent adult to the needy old man.

In the first case, the dream symbol “tooth lost” goes hand in hand with the blossoming of sexual maturity , while in the other, the dream gradually gives way to the gradual loss of libido. In both cases, tooth loss in the dream interpretation indicates unconscious insecurities or even fears of loss of sexual attractiveness, which are worked up in the dream.

Dream symbol “tooth lost” – The spiritual interpretation

To lose a tooth in the dream is a very emotional experience that the dreaming can not actively work on. Like in real life, it just happens to him.

The dream symbol “tooth lost” in the dream interpretation indicates the end of a period of life and at the same time the new beginning of a spiritual phase. In the dream of a lost or lazy tooth , however, the fears that can accompany the transition are also expressed.

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