Dream about Money: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream about Money: Meaning and Interpretation


When you dream about money your subconscious is probably trying to send some message regarding your financial life. There are several interpretations, see the main ones below.

1- Dreaming that you found money

If you dreamed that you found money somewhere, it means you will have good luck. It’s not a literal dream, it’s no use walking around looking at the floor hoping to find a lost $ 50 bill, but rather that luck is haunting you and briefly you will be rewarded with things worth far more than money.

2- Dreaming that won the lottery

This type of dream is very pleasurable, involves joy and euphoria. If you dreamed that you won the lottery probably your subconscious is telling you that soon you will be rewarded financially for your efforts, it could mean achieving a professional dream, a promotion or salary increase soon.

3- Dreaming that you are making money from someone

If you dreamed of someone giving you money, it could mean that it is time to make investments. Trust in you and your potential and your fortune are on the rise, so it is the right time to invest.

4- Dreaming of fake money

This may mean that you will be disappointed with someone you trust very soon. Someone you like may be fooling you and your dream is trying to alert you through fake money, stay alert.

5- Dreaming money on paper

This dream is desired by most people because it only brings positive and immediate interpretations. You can find money soon (keep an eye on the ground!), You can receive some unexpected money (like the lottery or someone who owes you and you did not even hope to get it back) or you can come from your job as a promotion or salary increase.

6- Dreaming of torn, dirty, or deteriorated money

This is a bad omen. Bad looking money can mean you’ve made poor financial choices. May have made a bad purchase, a bad investment, thrown money away.

7- Dreaming of stolen money

Dreaming of stolen money (or being robbed of you through an assault, for example) is also a bad omen because it represents the anger we feel when we are stolen. This can mean financial loss, loss of a job, loss of a relative or even a loss of love. This dream means the fear you have of losing things and people you love.

8- Dreaming of Money in Coins

Dreams with Coins are usually related to emotions. Because coins have different values ​​and we hold them together, this can mean a confusion of feelings, good and bad feelings mixed within you. It’s a good time to relax and reflect on your life, spilling emotions and understanding your feelings.

9- Dream money in the wallet

The wallet is the safe place for our money, if you dreamed of money in the wallet, it could mean that you need to appreciate your financial stability. It’s time to save money, avoid unnecessary spending, and have money if you need it for some urgency.

10- Dream money in your pocket

It’s a good omen! It means that you will succeed in your endeavors. The money in your pocket represents your talent, skills and abilities that were hidden and are now (or will be) developed, you just have to win.

11- Dreaming of flying money

Dreaming of money in hand is practically the same interpretation as “money in hand is gale”. It means that you are spending too much money on superfluous things. It is an alert from your subconscious that you barely receive, your money is already flying around. Caution.

12- Dreaming of old money

This can be an alert to your health, you may be in poor health and not knowing. If the dream of old money is recurring, have a check up at the doctor.

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