Dream About Prison, Jail: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream About Prison, Jail: Meaning and Interpretation

Prison, Jail

The term “penitentiary” was previously used to refer to an institution in which inmates with a severe imprisonment served their time. An important part of a prison sentence was the compulsion to hard physical work, not infrequently to complete exhaustion. This work often took place in quarries or peat cutting. Nowadays, the term “penitentiary” is often used as a synonym for “prison” and hardly anyone knows the old physical component of the prison sentence.

Dream symbol “penitentiary” – The general interpretation

In the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “penitentiary” primarily refers to a predicament in the watch world which the dreaming has either himself caused or which was triggered by other persons. The dream symbol warns him in this context that he should not continue his current project. Because this has brought him first in this plight and also it will hardly be crowned with success.

If the dreamer sees himself imprisoned in a prison in a prison, he should be aware, however, that he can free himself from this unpleasant situation in the watch world. Interesting for the general interpretation of dreams here are the “prison conditions”. Is there, for example, relief or the stay in the dream-prison is not perceived as unpleasant, the dreaming his liberation in the watch world can easily fall. If a dream stay is characterized by hard work, he has to adjust to difficulties in the awake life . Quite simply, the dreaming will not be able to free himself from his plight.

The sight of a penitentiary as a dream symbol from the outside usually symbolizes inspiring offers . However, these offers carry certain risks in themselves and the dreaming does not do any good, if he accepts them in the watch world.

Dream symbol “penitentiary” – The psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “penitentiary” can be interpreted as a sign of a psychic confinement of the dreaming in the watch world. He feels trapped by a personal relationship, or a responsibility weighs heavily on him. The dreaming should analyze his life circumstances very exactly, in order to find the reasons for his tightness. Because in a prison you do not go voluntarily, but you are always sent by another person. These people now have to find out in the watch world.

Through the dream symbol “prison” is the dreamer also be aware that he is for his life responsible is. For it is not the external circumstances that complicate life on an emotional or material level, but he or his attitude towards life.

Dream symbol “Penitentiary” – The spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “prison” can show that the dreaming does not want to take responsibility for his own life.

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