Dream About Shoes: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream About Shoes: Meaning and Interpretation


Dreaming about shoes is usually related to aspects of the basis of our lives, after all it is with our feet that we walk and support our whole body. However, the subconscious is a box of surprises, and its complexity goes well beyond the mere appearance of an object.


A dream is never something totally simple to be analyzed and understood, since it depends a lot on the perception of the observer, who is having the dream. By these and others, when dreaming of shoes, every detail captured will make all the difference in the interpretation of it.

If they are beautiful and comfortable, they are ideal pieces to take us from one place to another. Shoes are considered a form of foundation, and for the subconscious, they also act that way. That is, through dreams, they mean the movements of our life in its most varied aspects: love, family, social or professional, for example.

What do you believe in? What is the basis that sustains you? Maybe the shoes have a lot to say about who you are. Let’s look at some of the different characteristics of a dream with shoes and some of the interpretations that can be drawn from them.


This is probably the most general and comprehensive interpretation of a dream with a shoe. Anyway, when you dream that you see some kind of shoe, you can take that as a good omen and a sign that a new phase of your life is about to come.

The time has come to close your current cycle. This dream serves precisely to warn you that you must hurry and seek the completion of some projects and situations that remain pending.

Many new opportunities await you in this new phase, but you will only be able to take advantage of them if you are truly available. There are two words to remember now: completion and learning. Learn from the mistakes of your decisions and apply this knowledge in the new cycle that begins.


It may seem like something very commonplace, but if in the dream it was possible to realize specifically that he was wearing a shoe and that fact was clearly evidenced, then once again we have great news, since financial success will knock on your door.

This dream is often directed especially at those who are experiencing financial difficulty. It is clear that success will still depend on how the dreamer will handle the situation and seize the opportunities. But, in fact, we can expect something like new contracts being closed, a new business coming on suddenly, or a better job. Just aim for the best and work well for it.


If the shoe is clearly new, this is another good omen, but now it is related to his love life. Dreaming of a new shoe usually indicates that a new love is coming. Someone is waiting for you in the future and you should be intensely tinkering with your feelings, awakening something new and exciting.

This love represented by the shoe may also be connected to the familiar idea. This connection can also happen through the possibility of finding a love that finally leads you to create your own family, but also with the idea of ​​a new and different love arising within the family. Be that as it may, expect great adventures in your heart, for the future, though mysterious, will bring you many good things.


In this dream, what appears in front of the observer is an old shoe with clear signs of wear; it also tells you some important things about your love life. Basically, it serves as a warning to you to be more attentive to some relationship that is involved or even planned for the near future.

They can be relationships without emotional depth and without truth in your words. One has to move away from them and realize how soon those loves are approaching for interest.

We often let ourselves be surrounded by people who are just there for some advantage they want to get. This kind of dream tries to tell us that we are better than that and we must learn to love and value ourselves more. Relations for interest suck your energies away.


Once again we have good news. Dreaming that you buy a new shoe is related to the development of your own personality. This is indicative of the will to change and to evolve.

Anyone who dreams that they are buying a new shoe is demonstrating their own willingness to make a commitment to change. It is time to listen to what is within you and to come into harmony and balance with your own self. Achieving greater self-knowledge makes life much easier and happier.


Finally we come to a point where the dream with shoes is not so nice anymore, nor a good sign for your life – especially the financial. If you dreamed of a torn and visibly damaged shoe, this is a warning that your financial life may also be damaged or on the way to that. Possible excessive spending and waste are being made.

Whenever you dream about ripped shoes, try to make a complete survey of your finances, especially on the house bills. The family budget may be ill-designed and some spending is much higher than anticipated. For now, this may not be making much difference, but in the future it should negatively affect your family projects.

Impulse spending is also a constant in people who have this kind of dream, so it is very possible that this is your case. Observe if you are really resisting the temptations of consumerism or you might as well live in the same comfort and save a lot more.


Do you know when you put on a new shoe that is not yet well adjusted to the shape of your feet? It squeezes from one side, nudges another and it hurts you after a time of insistence. As a consequence, either you retire it, or wait until it fits your steps minimally.

For that is exactly the message that the dream wishes to convey to you: to dream of a shoe that hurts you is not exactly a bad omen, but rather intends to act as a warning that something will arise in your life; something that bothers you, but that can not be avoided.

Maybe it’s something in your work environment, like a colleague or a new boss; or the novelty happens in the family, through the arrival of a new household. Anyway, this will bother you and there is nothing to be done for now.

Exercise your patience, be careful with the words you use and even with your body language. It is very easy to let yourself be motivated by malaise and use the wrong words to convey your discomfort to others. Avoid generating even more problems as you definitely do not need them now.


As expected, dreaming of loose, wide shoes is a great sign, unlike the previous dream. When dreaming that shoes are slack, that means that so is your life – especially the professional. You have the energy and the willingness to do your job, and no matter how much responsibility you have, you seem to be able to handle and fulfill all of them.

It is an analogy that the dream offers to inform you that, just like the shoe, your life has space to spare. Do not be afraid to make compromises and projects; you can handle it and show good results. The right tool is already in you, just learn to work with it. You have the advantage of being one step ahead of others.

Some may notice a small nuisance when walking with wider shoes, but do not confuse this with the previous dream. This discomfort is possibly due to the fact that he is not accustomed to a more generous and abundant life. Enjoy yourself and enjoy.


If in the dream you appear giving a gift shoe to another person, it is important to understand that the act does not relate to any particular aspect of your life and is in fact very comprehensive. To determine if there is any field he is suggesting with more emphasis, you need to gather more information than just the gift of the present.

But without regard to other details, dreaming that you are gifting someone with a shoe shows that you have great persuasiveness, and that others see you as a person of solid values ​​and strong, clear beliefs.

You are well grounded and have a solid knowledge of what you believe. This is not an absolute truth and you may even be convinced otherwise, but most likely it is you who will do this to others.

Far beyond a gift, this is the union of your natural ability with extensive personal development. Use this to your advantage, both to disseminate what you believe and to achieve more professional and financial success. You are able to conquer that difficult customer or sign an important contract, but for this you need to believe in yourself and find the tools that are already with you.


Colors are very important in dreams. In fact, the color of his shoe can unfold in other diverse interpretations specific to each one of them.

The colors in the dreams have a strong connection with our emotional and the external behavior. In that case, they come as a form of alertness so that you can fairly review the way you are acting with people.

A more eye-catching color that makes her easily perceive in the dream usually says that her attitudes are not correct. You may even be living at someone’s expense and you have not even realized it yet. Ponder and correct this as soon as possible! The longer it takes to do something about it, the more it will affect your future.


Quite common for women, high-heeled shoes have a special message for them: yes, you are admired for their qualities and for the woman who is. However, if this break jump, you are likely to have future problems due to your authoritarian behavior.


This is more like an honorable mention of a dream that relates to shoes, but with the complete absence of them. In most cases, this means that many difficulties await. Get prepared the best you can and be positive, as difficulties are often necessary to succeed.

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