Dream about Smoking: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream about Smoking: Meaning and Interpretation


The Smoking a cigarette is certainly not an unusual dream content for a smoker. For a non-smoker, however, quickly raises the question of what can hide behind it – similar to a dream, in which one enjoys a thick cigar . Therefore, in the interpretation of dreams not only the addictive substance plays an important role as a symbol in itself, it should always include the personal attitude and as many dream details as possible.

Dream symbol “Cigarette smoking” – The general interpretation

According to the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “smoking a cigarette” is often a sign of withdrawal symptoms of the dreaming – if he is actually a smoker. He wants to quit smoking in the watch world (unconsciously) and his longing for a cigarette also has an influence on his dream world. Just because the dreaming in the watch world actually wants to deny this wish, he now sees himself in a dream of smoking a cigarette.

However, if this interpretation does not apply because the dreaming is a non-smoker, the general interpretation of dreams interprets the smoking of a cigarette in the dream as a sign of nervousness and an inner restlessness.

The dreaming feels very stressed in the watch world, but can not counteract this stress. Therefore, he seeks in his dream an outlet for his restlessness. Just as he then blows out the cigarette smoke in a dream , he lets go of his inner tension.

If the dreaming himself observes how he smokes a smoldering sting in the dream, this can generally point to a certain dissatisfaction with himself or the world around him. Smokes the dreaming in his dream where it is forbidden and where he has no ashtray, he should be aware that he wants to enforce his will on a matter in the awake life necessarily his will. But he will not succeed and he will only harm himself by his behavior.

If the dreaming in the awake life smoker and he observes other humans in his dream when smoking a cigarette, illustrates this dream situation in the general dream interpretation that the dreaming one missed chance or sense delight will miss. But if he sees as a non-smoker other tobacco smoking people in a dream, he has to adjust in awake life to harassment by other people.

If one smokes cigarettes in the dream, because one has drunk too much alcohol , one should beware of a bad handling in the watch world.

Dream symbol “smoke cigarette” – The psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, smoking a cigarette in the dream symbolizes substitute gratification, and the dreaming should realize that his soul absorbs something full of enjoyment. This can be, for example, a praising word or a loving gesture.

The dream symbol “smoke cigarette” may also contain a sexual component. The cigarette as a phallic symbol refers only to the very simple sexual needs of the dreaming.

If the dreaming person smokes in real life, but refuses to smoke a cigarette in the dream, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, he is illustrated by the fact that he is capable of coping with his problems in the watch-world. The same applies if he or she realizes in a dream that one has stopped smoking. The dreamer or the dreaming is not dependent on external help, but can accomplish this alone.

Dreaming Symbol “Cigarette Smoking” – The Spiritual Interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “smoking a cigarette” as an indication to the dreaming that he is in search of a spiritual distraction in the watch world .

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