Dream about Zombies: Meaning and Symbolism

Dream about Zombies: Meaning and Interpretation


The zombies seem to have come into our lives, because there are many series, books and games that are today full of them. That is why the number of dreams with zombies has tripled in recent years. It is also true that these dreams in which zombies appear because you have seen some of these stories or any element of your short-term memory have remembered them, are dreams without relevant messages.

Once we have clarified this important difference between the elements that appear in dreams by memories or by a message from our subconscious, we can go on to explain the types of dreams with zombies. In the following paragraphs we have grouped the different contexts that are most repeated in this type of dreams so that you will find it easier to find the one closest to yours.

Dream about Zombies

  • In general, dreaming about zombies is a sign of problems. You are going through a most oppressive moment in your life and this is reflected in your dreams in the form of the living dead. Although each dream is different, this is just the general meaning of these dreams, which may or may not coincide with your particular case.
  • If in your dream you were a zombie yourself , it means that you have had a really hard time in your life. In addition to countless problems, you may have had to deal with a loved one’s illness or even loss. The truth is that you have earned a break, so you should worry a little more about yourself and start enjoying. Your character has already been altered by all this suffering and if you are not looking for leisure time, it will finally be your health that suffers.
  • To dream of an apocalypse headed by zombies is because you are in a stage of changes. In fact, you are living a great change with which your life changes and you are barely able to control it, because by life circumstances you have to adapt to what comes without being able to decide about it. This end of the world in your dreams is only the end of a phase of your life, although it does not have to be really negative, because you may have received a large amount of money, you can change your home or work.
  • When those undead attack you it means you have many fears and worries. You are quite overwhelmed and do not know how to get out of trouble. That fear that you have appears reflected towards the zombies, although it is you who really have the power to change this and solve the problems. If they are problems derived from your fears you will have to overcome these fears, although if they are due to reasons alien to you, you will have to make an effort to overcome them.
  • Killing zombies is, as it happens in dreams in which you end up with the lives of annoying animals or insects, a sign of triumph. You are strong and so you prove it day after day, because together with the strength and courage that characterize you, you know how to face all the problems and get ahead. We can only congratulate you and encourage you to always continue like this.
  • When it is your partner or someone who knows a zombie very well , it means that you will have enough friction with that person, which can end in a break or end of friendship. It’s a pity that you lose someone so important in your life just for a little touch. We recommend you try to solve this problem and if necessary, apologize. Sometimes it is necessary to swallow pride, and this is one of those cases in which it is worthwhile.


The zombies are as you see, signs that our brain sends us to alert us of something or make us see that we need to rest, apologize or gather all our strength for what comes next. Whatever your dream, here are the keys to get to understand if it is something positive or not, but if you want we are willing to read your comments and try to help you as much as possible.

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