Dream Marriage: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream Marriage: Meaning and Interpretation


Dream about marriage, party, bride and groom on the altar, guests and an imposing decoration. All very beautiful, and each of these items play an important role in the context of your subconscious. They can mean, for example, changes that extend to all areas of your life, whether personal or professional.

Interpreting a dream is something more complex than it seems. It is not exactly difficult, but it requires a lot of attention to detail to be adapted to the current context of your life. Every dream has a base message, so to speak. In the case of dreaming of marriage, the signal is frequent for the existence of changes and great news; your life is probably about to take a big turn.

But the point is that these changes can occur in your professional, personal or loving life, in infinite variations of intensity and happiness for the dreamer. Small details in the scenario can make sense and message be reaffirmed or completely reshaped.

Dreaming about a wedding can be both a sign that some of your older desires will be fulfilled, such as that you need to think hard before making an important decision. A simple detail about who is on the altar is who can make this change.

So if you want the most correct and assertive interpretation of your dream, try to gather as much information as you can within it. Try to remember every detail, situation, the expressions of the people who were there, the color of the clothes, the decoration and even what a sensation was passed to you at that moment.

When you wake up, put all this context into the current moment of your life. Assess whether you are going through conflicts, if you have plans to be put in place, if you are waiting for a return on a certain subject … With all this data gathered, just consult the meaning of your dream and decipher your own prediction.


Our first example is, surprisingly, the most common dream when we talk about dreams about marriage. In general, one hopes to dream of their own ceremony, but statistics point to the opposite.

In any case, dreaming of another person’s marriage is a good thing for you who are dreaming. This dream comes to bring you the message of a good omen. Good winds are blowing in your direction and it is very likely that some of your ambitions will come true.

Maybe you’re lucky in love and meet someone special; or some of your life projects can advance and progress considerably, making you very happy. But here is an important detail: in spite of being a sign of happiness, this dream is the window of a brief happiness.

The happiness shown in the dream is not exactly lasting and may end well sooner than you think. To dream about the marriage of others is just a moment of happiness, not something for a lifetime. For this happiness to last it will take your own effort and effort to maintain it, but it is still possible. Just be persistent.


Not always when we dream of someone else’s marriage, this is a strange person; It could be a friend’s wedding, for example. In that case, we have another good omen on the way.

Friends are people for whom we have great consideration, so dreaming about their marriage means that we will share that same feeling.

The dream of a friend’s wedding is trying to tell him that some project or dream he has been fighting for some time now is finally about to take place. Keep up the good work and the reward is waiting for you at the end.


Predictably, we finally came to the dream of marriage where you’re the one standing on the altar and about to get married. This is one of the dreams with marriage that further strengthens the possibility of major future changes in your life. Normally, those who dream of their own marriage end up having a great turn in their life, making decisions and totally new paths, almost always with positive and happy endings.

Details are important to the context and can refine the possible interpretations. If, for example, the case is a marriage that is taking place in a civil registry, these changes are likely to be on the way to working life. Wait for a new job offer, a promotion or a new project that will redefine your career.

In the case of religious marriages, the changes are obviously more likely to occur in your personal and loving life. There may be a change in where you live. It may be that you end up going to another city, maybe find a new love, someone very special or even a child is on the way.


It is worth making a special addition to this dream. Once again, there is the memory that factors such as the moment in which your life is found is very relevant to the interpretation of your dream.

If you dream of a full marriage and full pomp in the church, if you are at a turning point in your professional life, this may mean that you have to make a big commitment so that it can move forward and really enter a new phase.


Ex-boyfriend, ex-husband / wife, this does not matter, what is really relevant is the title of “ex”, since his presence is a warning sign. This is probably your own subconscious trying to tell you that some important decisions need to be made and you should not postpone them.

The presence of an ex-boyfriend indicates that there are certain issues that are already closed in your life; they can not and are no longer part of your life. In this way, they need to be consciously closed and the time has come for you to take new paths in your life.

When you have that dream, try to reflect a little and think about what you need to change in your life. Once done, gather courage and take action.


The marriage of a family member is something equally happy to the marriage of a great friend, and dreaming of this event is once again good news and a good omen for your life.

This dream shows a great possibility that new and excellent opportunities will come to you in the future – a short future. However, this does not mean that one should simply throw oneself headlong into this new opportunity.

In general, as soon as this opportunity arises after the dream, you should stop to calmly analyze what you have hands on. This can be a double-edged sword, and a judgmental mistake may end up turning the table.

If you are happy with the dream wedding, chances are this opportunity will only make you happier. Already in case you are a little sad or disillusioned, chances are high that you end up getting even more so be careful.


He may dream not with the marriage itself, but with the request to go up to the altar. This is also a common dream, and at first sign of happiness, but watch out! This may even seem like a dream of good omens, but that is not the case.

Dreaming of a request for marriage is a way to warn the observer to take more care of what you will find going forward. Perhaps there is a great danger that he has not yet been able to identify.

Not everything can go as planned, so plan ahead and be prepared for any obstacles and miscalculations. Always include a margin of error in the calculations and a plan B in case something goes wrong.


This is another dream with a noble purpose and a good omen for your life. But again, we have a good example of how your present life influences the meaning of the dream, since in general it is linked to the emotional stage of its observer.

If, for example, you are in a serious and stable relationship, this dream indicates a strong desire from at least one of the parties. As a result, there is a good chance that this relationship will turn into a marriage.

If the wedding party in question is your own party, expect some project you are involved in or thinking about, be completed shortly, or accepted by someone.

Go in search of your plans and do not give up on the way. If the party is not your own, but belong to someone close to you, as a great friend, this is a signal to keep your feet firmly on the ground and not be carried away by the moment or by simple excitement.

Things can happen very fast in your life, and this fast pace often leads us to make unreliable decisions. Stay calm and always think before you act.


It is possible to dream only with the invitation of a marriage, something of difficult interpretations, because it leads to multiple conclusions. If in the dream you were the one who received the invitation, this is a sign that your relationships with other people have been well conducted and there is nothing that one should complain about.

However, if you are the one delivering this wedding invitation, the situation is also reversed, and it may be a good idea to stop and rethink the way you have been conducting your relationships with others. It is very likely that some faults are being committed and you are not acting according to the needs or expectations of those around you.


In general, dreaming about the wedding dress is a signal for you to be more attentive, because your life should not be as much as you’d like. This interpretation is especially indicated if you are wearing the wedding dress; in the case of having only the visa, pay attention to your own decisions, but also in the way they affect others around you.

But if you saw someone else wearing it then it is very likely that some relationship, loving or professional, is in serious jeopardy. There is a great possibility that this relationship breaks down and you lose that person. If you do not want it to come to an end, then take action as soon as possible to reverse this situation.


There is a small variation in dreams about marriage and that people usually do not relate to this type of dream, but it is possible to dream of a marriage, and at the same time, a betrayal is happening.

If this happened and in the dream you were the traitor, do not give much importance at first and, above all, do not put at stake your own honesty. Much more data will need to be gathered to draw some concrete conclusions. But most likely you’re feeling somehow alone, either out of lack of attention from the partner or, most likely, from your friends.

If in the dream you were the one who suffered the betrayal, then the situation may be just the opposite. Maybe you’ve been leaving your friends very far and those relationships are getting away, becoming fragile and even breaking.

Your own subconscious is warning you of the mistake so you can fix everything in time, just spend more time with your loved one and value what they have. Remember that a relationship of friendship is like any other and there must be reciprocity.

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