Dream of broken glass: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of broken glass: Meaning and Interpretation

broken glass

“Shards bring luck,” some say – “seven years of bad luck,” the others say, when a glass breaks. If we have not just slipped a glass or even several glass bottles out of our hands and shattered it into many shards and splinters on the floor, but it is a broken glass or especially a broken mirror, we are even more superstitious. With a broken beer bottle , it’s simply annoying when the sticky drink spreads all over the floor.

At Jewish weddings, a glass is deliberately broken, usually by the groom stepping on a wineglass. The glass so broken is intended to commemorate the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, it should also remind the bride and groom that even the greatest happiness is fragile and exhort them to cherish sober thoughts even in serene moments. Even at a wedding reception, glasses, for example waste glass or drinking glasses, porcelain and stoneware, which are no longer needed, are intentionally shattered before the wedding in order to wish the future couple good luck for the coming decades together.

Glass, even if broken into a thousand shards of glass , can be beautiful and reflect the light, but it can also be dangerous to cutting.

How is broken glass interpreted in dream interpretation? Is it lucky or unlucky to dream of this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “broken glass” – The general interpretation

In the interpretation of dreams, broken glass can symbolize happiness, but it can also stand for other things. For the interpretation, it depends on which glass was broken and by whom. If the dreaming sees broken glass, for example a broken glass or a broken drinking glass, this is usually interpreted as a lucky sign .

If the glass is milky, dirty or fogged, the dream symbol indicates that the dreaming is just getting out of isolation and loneliness, as the barrier to other people is broken. Even the breaking of a bottle is considered positive, the dreaming gets rid of an anxiety . Sometimes, however, the dream of broken glass also warns that the happiness of the dreaming is not long lasting.

It is completely different when the dreaming sees the glass break or even breaks it himself. In the former case, broken glass stands for lovesickness or a separation; either one’s own or another’s love relationship will be broken by the influence of the dreaming.

If he himself breaks glass, this usually indicates an argument. There is a serious conflict ahead or he is afraid to break with someone. If he breaks a drinking dish or window, this indicates the dissolution of a business relationship. If the broken glass is seen as part of a topping-out ceremony , this can represent a successful new beginning.

If the glass is not broken, but has cracks, then the interpretation of the dream is a symbol of deceit and falsehood . To glue broken or cracked glass means that the dreaming does not want to see a painful truth or to admit a mistake.

Dream symbol “broken glass” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, glass stands for a barrier which the dreaming has erected between himself and the outside world, either for protection or to barricade himself. When it breaks down, this is often positive from a psychological point of view: it frees itself from a prison , it can breathe freely again, especially when it breaks the glass itself – which can also be understood as a hint that he himself is the things in the Hand must take.

Its protective wall is smashed like broken glass. Of course, that can also cause a great fragility. Broken glass can therefore also symbolize that the dreaming is very vulnerable or feels very vulnerable.

Broken glass also points to the fragility of human relationships . Maybe the dreaming does not have much faith in a relationship right now and is afraid she might break up. Or the dream symbol urges him to be more cautious with others or even with himself in order to do no harm.

Dream Symbol “Broken Glass” – The Spiritual Interpretation

On a spiritual level, broken glass can mean two things. On the one hand it stands for the broken barrier between life and life after death, so the dreaming has taken spiritual connection.

On the other hand, it can point to shattered trust or destroyed ideals , the dreaming may have given himself a hope that he must now realize that it will not be fulfilled.

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