Dream of Father (Dad): Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of Father (Dad): Meaning and Interpretation


Every dream awakens our curiosity, either by addressing some current theme of our lives, or precisely by treating the opposite and bringing up something totally new and unusual. When dreaming about father , the same thing happens.


You can be constantly present in situations with a father figure. Maybe he has some little discussion or disagreement with him, for example, but sometimes he comes up in his dreams and you can end up waking up thoughtfully: is everything okay with him?

The truth is, it all depends on how it fits into dreams. You may have financial difficulties, health problems or just the opposite.

The truth is that the simple fact of dreaming of a father is just one of the many elements that can understand this dream. In order to have a more concrete conclusion than the dream means, it is necessary to take into account so many nuances that manifest there.

In general, dreaming about a parent relates to some sense of protection, affection, and even responsibility. Let us now look at what may change in interpretation with some very common variations of this kind of dream.


When you dream of smiling father and with a clearly happy expression, it is a good omen and a sign that you, the observer, are treading the best way you could under the circumstances.

Even if there are problems and other people disagree with you, have confidence in yourself and do not give up easily on your projects and dreams. They are possible and can yield many joys, even if they require a little more effort and planning.


His father is an inspiring figure who conveys the sense of protection and guidance, so being in conversation with him is very important. However, the way this conversation takes place is of paramount importance to draw the right conclusions from this dream.

If it seems that the conversation is running smoothly and everyone is calm, with a peaceful expression, this is usually a good sign, it is associated with success and personal satisfaction.

If you are talking and the father remains basically silent, it is best to be careful with your actions on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you’re being too reckless in your decisions.

This is also a dream that comes up often when we are going through a difficult time and some form of momentary depression, in these cases we usually vent with it during the conversation.

Maybe you should spend a little more time with your father. This kind of dream where a child talks to his father may indicate a need for rapprochement between them.


The interpretations of this dream where you appear playing with your father can vary greatly. Among other things, the way you appear, whether it’s a child, a young person or an adult, for example.

When you appear in the form of a child or someone really young, this usually serves to warn you that it is time to be more mature and take on certain responsibilities. Stop delegating everything to others and take charge of the situation. This also brings you closer to your dreams.

If you are playing with your father, but in a more mature form, this is almost the opposite of the previous example. In that case you should not give up your responsibilities, but you must stop taking everything so seriously. Take life in a lighter and calmer way to be happier.

The way you are playing in the dream is also relevant in this case. If, for example, you are using toys to interact, this is often a good omen. It can indicate both that personal success is on the way, and that someone important and who was absent will return, even briefly.


Hugging is a very intimate form of contact that shows great affection and respect between two people. If you dreamed that you were embracing your father in a dream and this was a long and “strong” hug, be happy, because the joy in the home must be present or very close. The family will be united and happy.

If you feel that it is your father who is holding you strong during the dream, there is a great possibility that he or other people will love you and are close, protecting you as best they can. An embrace combined with caring is a sign of renewed energy and good disposition.


A father angry or angry in his dream is a warning sign, after all you are obviously doing something that displeases him and he disapproves. The dream is advising you to make a good review of your attitudes and decisions.

Resolve any issues you have left behind and apologize if you have to. There is some kind of projection of his own anger into his father’s figure, probably the fruit of something he does not approve of in his life.


Contrary to what may seem, this is not an exactly bad dream. He tries to tell you that you have to be more persevering and not give up on your dreams; if you want to achieve success then you need to make some sacrifices along the way.

However, there are many variations on this dream, for example: if as soon as you have quarreled with your father, you also end up making peace. This is a sign that battles will have to be won, but the path will not be as arduous as I thought.

If they end up exalting in the discussion between you and it results in any kind of physical aggression, especially the one that starts from you, this is the representation of a strong need of approach between you.

It is important to mention that if the aggression starts from your father and not from you in the dream, this is usually a sign of the absence of an emotional connection between the two of you. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to change that.


To dream that your father is crying shows a serious mistake he has made. Maybe you got involved in some illusion about your goals, plans, or about someone.

There is a great risk here that you do not receive something even close to the results you expected. There is still a chance that you will receive unexpected help to try to help with the situation. This help must come from a true friend and it is to him to whom you must appeal.

But if your father’s crying in your dreams proves to be not of sorrow but of joy, you must be receiving a greater spiritual shelter and there is a good possibility of some goal for which you have worked hard, finally come to fruition. Look closely at the details of the dream and the impression it makes.


When the father appears with a clear aspect of being sick, the dream can have two meanings: the first is that there is some need to break ties of authority between you or any other figure. The second, which differs greatly from what is expected, is precisely that his father must be in good health and there is no reason to worry so much.


Once again, we have an example of a dream that looks sad and even distressing, but that in the end must pass away from that meaning. After all, dreaming about the father’s death in general shows that good news is on the way to his independence and financial life. It’s as if you were breaking this bond of dependence.

However, it is necessary to observe the whole picture and especially the moment lived by the observer, since in some cases this may be a warning that it is necessary to rethink the way you are developing your work. Maybe your business needs to undergo a quick overhaul.

Another important variation of this dream is in case it was you, observer, who killed your father. In that case, it’s good to be prepared; not for some event related to his father specifically, but for some great difficulty that he will have to face or sacrifices he must endure.


Here in this dream we have something different from the previous and important situation that is not confused. In this dream, the paternal figure in question has already passed away and we do not observe this happening happening.

In that case, this is a clue that you should be more careful in the way you handle business. Maybe a time of trouble is coming and that’s the warning you needed to cut back on spending and avoid waste before it’s too late. Do not make any debt for now.

This type of dream, curiously, may indicate that the health of their relatives is good or with a good improvement in sight. If any close relatives have difficulties in this area, it is possible to feed more hopes.

Another curious variable is that if the observer, who dreams, is a woman and is in a relationship, it could be an indication of partner infidelity. He may have already been unfaithful or considering the idea. Either way, you have to find out.


When we dream of a saint’s father, this is a figure that brings us wisdom and guidance. That is precisely what this dream is conveying, the idea that, with wisdom and correct guidance, you are able to achieve all your goals and dreams.

If you are talking to him in the dream, this wisdom should be very close to your reach. In case this figure appears dead, this is a really bad sign and a very bad omen. Protect yourself as much and as fast as you can in ways you find.

If you are the one who is embodying the figure of the saint’s father, it shows that the potential to evolve to high levels of knowledge is within you. It is only necessary to learn to master it to overcome difficulties.

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