Dream Of Flood: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream Of Flood: Meaning and Interpretation


Dreams are always very interesting to be observed, since they represent thoughts and feelings that we often do not even notice. When we dream of flooding , for example, we have an excellent example of common dreams, but which reserve many secrets and truths about life.


Dreaming of flood is often a deep manifestation of your emotional state, saying a lot about what you are feeling and desires that are often being repressed – that is one reason why the interpretation of this dream is so subjective and complex. The truth is that dreams are not based on a simple mathematics to be analyzed, since it takes a lot of attention and take into account countless variables.

Dreaming of flood has an intimate relationship with your feelings and, as it is a somewhat “chaotic” scenario, it is usually an indication that something is not going well inside.

Possibly the dreamer is going through a time of deep conflict and indecision. In addition to stating this fact, there is an alert, an alert that says about the need to resolve such conflicts before they overflow and invade the rest of their lives.

However, you may dream of “standard” flooding, flooding with lots of mud, with or without people, standing in the middle of it, or just watching the flood from a safe place – all this can change the way we see the dream.

Remembering that for a precise interpretation, in addition to gathering every possible detail of a dream, it is also important to contextualize it in your life. The moment you are currently living and the stage you are in is able to dictate whether one interpretation or another should be considered.


As has been said, dreaming of flood is a sign that something is confused within itself. When you notice that the flood is mixed with a lot of mud, we can conclude that you are in the process of going through some difficult situation, which you do not know how to handle yet.

This kind of situation can really end up taking away your sleep and hurting your life in many ways, but still this dream should not be misunderstood.

The dream of flooding with mud is not exactly a bad omen, but a warning to quiet your heart and take a more positive stance. Only with calm thoughts can everything be solved quickly and without great harm.


To dream that it is of clean and transparent water is a good sign. This type of dream often serves as a way to alleviate their fears, saying that even if some difficulties have relapsed into their life, things are hitting and all the “dirt” will soon be gone.

Perhaps those confused feelings he possessed are getting more clear. In the near future everything will seem simpler and easier to resolve.


To dream that you are drowning in a flood is directly related to the feeling of powerlessness before a certain situation. It is very likely that you have been through a difficult situation recently, such as the death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, or any other suffering, but you are still digesting everything that happened so you can live life on.

And if, while you are drowning in this flood, you are dragged by it, here we have the foreshadowing of a situation that must arise and you will not be able to escape it. You will need to take action almost immediately. The situation may come from work or home affairs, which can no longer be postponed.


You can also dream of flooding happening on the street, and that you are in the middle of it. This has a very close meaning to the previous example, because it shows a great sensation and insecurity.

The house is its safe harbor and fortress, and it is here that this dream differs from the previous one. Here, you know you must go home, but you can not get there. The solution is to seek to find and understand the reasons why you are feeling fragile and insecure, and then try to combat them.


Here we have a very clear example of what would be the opposite of the latter situation. In that dream, there is a chaotic and risky situation going on, but you are far from it and more than that, in a higher position.

This expresses some certainty about the way things are going in your life right now. You are fully aware of the adversities and unforeseen events the world provides, but you feel capable of overcoming each difficulty and passing unharmed over them. Try to enjoy this sense of security to relax and be happy.


This is another example of a dream coming as a form of warning. To dream of flood that invades and floods your house is a warning of the inner self itself about your feelings, emotions and wishes. You’ve probably been oppressing all of them in some way, and you need to get rid of it.

Whatever the external reason for this to happen, the fact is that his individual expression and that which defines him as an individual is somehow being repressed by shutting him down to the world.

Give due attention to this dream and, if necessary, seek help. Maybe talking more with a close friend or someone you trust can do well. Speaking your feelings provides a form of emotional relief and avoids further harm.


If you dreamed that you were helping other people in a flood, helping those who were hit, then consider yourself lucky. Contradictory as it may seem, the truth is that this dream demonstrates that you are in a good moment and free from danger.

It also reveals that the fact that you have good will and understand the difficulties of others, always helping those who need it, is precisely what returns you with the luck of leaving unscathed from these same problems.


You will not always be the one who helps others. There are those who dream that needs to be helped, but that does not necessarily mean something bad, it all depends on the type of victim you are in this flood.

If, for example, you dream that you are a flood victim, but that you have not drowned or anything like that, it means that some problems must come up in your life, but after all, you must overcome each one of them.

Another possibility is if you are trying to escape this flood. That being the case, problems may even come close, but you will end up narrowly escaping. Be quick and keep your perception of danger sharp, that everything will go well.


If you dreamed of a flood that is closer to a flood (and without the aspect of devastation), then we have a good sign, as it says that some twists are on the way, but will serve as an emotional cleansing tool. Let the bad feelings be taken away and open up for the good and the new to take the place.

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