Dream of Rain: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of Rain: Meaning and Interpretation


The simple fact of dreaming about rain may seem mundane and mundane to most people. In fact, it seems too common to have any meaning in our dreams. But that’s where you make a mistake.

Researchers say that each individual is able to have on average about 1400 different dreams over the course of a year, but surely if they stop to think a little now you should not remember that whole amount. That’s because, although we dream for 25% of nights sleep, we do not remember more than 90% of these miraculous subconscious entanglements . So we realize that those dreams we remember must have some meaning for us.


To dream of rain, in general, is a way of symbolizing that our soul is being washed; is a sign that you are in search of some kind of renewal. The rain represents just that, the cleansing of nature, the abandonment of old habits that no longer satisfy you are harmful. It’s time to let a new “I” be born.

Dreaming of rain can also be an indication that your intuition is rising. Your spiritual vision is awakening, bringing more understanding of life and opening up new worlds to be explored.

Some conclusions of dreams with rain are very similar to dreams with water, since it is dominated by the same element in question. What changes the most is how this element works. In the rain, beyond the concept of cleaning, we still have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtears falling. Therefore, dreaming of rain can also mean future sadness , even if the ending is still positive and these tears serve to initiate changes of a new phase in your life.


There are many variations of the dreams in which the rain presents itself, and each of them changes more or less the final conclusion. Simply dreaming with rainwater, for example, indicates that you should go slower with some pleasures you are looking for. Some of them are a little dubious and may end up putting you in a tricky situation.

The way water appears is also important. If it is falling on dirty, muddy ground, it reinforces the fact that if you allow your desires to dominate your reason, problems will appear. Relationships in particular should get on your radar.


The dream where an umbrella appears to protect it is a premonitory of good luck. It indicates that in the not too distant future you will have satisfactory financial gains and justify all the work you have done.

You may receive a salary increase, which you have been seeking for some time. That job vacancy through which you went through so many selection stages or those profits in your business that cost you so many hours of negotiation can also be considered.

The fact is that this gain will not come as a surprise, but it will make you happy . However, this dream does not come to motivate you to get out by anticipating; it just serves to reassure you. Be careful.

Dreaming with umbrella is also a sign that your emotional life is entering a new and happier phase, especially in the love affair. Wait, because a person will arise in your life and arouse your interest.


The intensity with which rain shows itself in the dream is something to be considered. If it’s raining a little with those tiny, delicate drops that just moisten the environment, that’s a big hint that you’re feeling a little discouraged.

Even though he seems to be well on the outside, deep down there is an unpleasant apathy, a melancholy upon seeing the monotonous state in which his life lies. Maybe it’s time to change your routine a bit. If she is overloading her emotions, try to innovate and find a way to make her activities more fun.


When dreaming of heavy rain, you need to reflect well on how the dream was, how you are, and how your life is. This is because this dream can radically change its meaning depending on the state of mind when you had it.

It is possible that the dream is a prelude that some financial losses are coming, especially from the riskier and speculative business. Analyze very well any project you are thinking of starting.

On the other hand, the dream of heavy rain may show that some important changes are on the horizon. Changes that are coming for the better and that are the results of your strength to overcome the obstacles you encounter.


When dreaming about rain and wind, be more open to external opinions and pay more attention to what your friends and family say and advise. The rain combined with the wind is a warning that they want your well and possibly have wise words to offer.

This is a dream emphatically directed to those who have trouble opening themselves to others. If something is bothering you and the problem you face is difficult, it will not do you any good to keep it for yourself. Share it with a person you trust and a good idea should come up.


Again we have the presence of the mud in a dream, and once again we have an uninviting scenario. Dreaming of rain and mud indicates that you are facing a phase of crisis and disappointment in your life, especially the emotional life.

Part of the problem lies in giving too much ear to people who do not want their good. Learn to better choose the advice you will follow and trust more in yourself. Go in search of changing that which does not satisfy you. Change your pace of life and your routine, enjoy the rain and take some time just for yourself.


The hail rain in the dream is a representation of your state of emotional isolation. But the key point here is that this rain says that something is causing you to isolate yourself emotionally from the world around you. It is possible that this is not your decision in fact.

Isolating yourself from the world and especially from people is usually not a good decision. If you find a situation that causes you discomfort and ends up running away from it, this will not solve the problem, but only gain a little time until the next meeting.

This hailstorm says that even if it seems difficult, you have to fight. But do not fight for others, but for yourself. Rain is closely related to its spiritual side, symbolizing processes of change and cleanliness. Hail rain wants to clean up blockages and external forces that prevent it from progressing on the spiritual path . Just allow that to happen.


The sight of a flood is certainly not pleasant, much less it shows tranquility – in dreams this scenario holds. To dream of a flood refers to a series of problems such as crises in relationships, financial crises and crises of ideology such as religious ones, for example.

The flood, unlike the rain, does not clean, but sweeps away everything it rejects away. So it will be in your life, and something should be literally ripped out of place.


If in the dream you see clearly that the flood invades a house in a way, this is a warning that you should seek self-control and not let your momentary emotions and feelings guide your attitudes.

Act only after a little reflection. Breathe and hold onto rationality. This is the strategy that will get you out of many future problems, especially in married life.


If in your dream you observe a flood at a distance and see that the rain gradually ceases until finally both disappear, this is now good news. The opportunity to see the flood and rain end in his dream means that the turmoil of his life in the material world seems to be coming to an end. Whatever your problems – emotional or financial – the sun will soon rise and everything should improve.


We already talked about heavy rain and even heavy rain, but now we are dealing with a real storm. One of nature’s greatest and most threatening forces, it is not difficult to imagine that this dream would not be something positive. To dream of a storm is a strong indication that everything is confusing or turning upside down. It is possible that this rain is warning you that you are going out of your way and taking a course totally different from what you had planned.

The storm also shows that this may not be a good decision. Going out of your way brings great chances that your life will end in both financial and emotional damage. If by chance you are about to start a new project or join a new business, do not continue it without first thoroughly reviewing all the data and asking for a new risk analysis.

If you have a business of your own, for example, be very careful and make sure that what you are doing is really the right thing. People close to you may be wanting to sabotage your life and harm you. Be alert with false friends and especially with the people who work with you – it does not matter if you are a partner or just a co-worker.

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