Dream Of Swimming Pool: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream Of Swimming Pool: Meaning and Interpretation

Swimming Pool

Those who accompany the dream world and the peculiar way we should look at it, probably already know that dreaming about swimming does not have a single and simple explanation how much they think. It takes very attentive eyes and sensitivity to be guided by so many important details.


Dreaming about swimming is just one of the many dream possibilities we have. However, like all of them, this dream must be very well observed so that no details escape and maximum information can be gathered.

We can associate, for example, dreams with books. In the case of the pool, the title only tells you that there is possibly some kind of abundance about to enter your life – perhaps in the form of joys, good health, extra money or any other positive element.

If you just saw a pool, for example, personal or professional projects may be about to enter your life. The possibilities for names for your book are many, and it is you who writes the rest of the story.

In order for you to know how to conduct this story, you will need to remember the scenario, identify the characters and understand what happened during that night in your subconscious. Only then, draw the conclusions exactly how it should be done.


As we have already seen, dreaming of swimming pool extends beyond a simple presentation of this structure. Knowing if it is full and how you evaluate it are also important. If the pool is full and you feel good about it (considering it as a beautiful pool, for example), this is a great sign and relates to the classic sense of the pool dream, of what good things are way.

Of course, it is necessary to contextualize the dream with the present moment lived by the observer, but the most usual interpretation is that good health, joy and prosperity should knock on your door. Prosperity is soon ahead and it does not take much to be able to take advantage of it. It is worth noting that the fact that the pool looks beautiful is very connected to the social ascent.


Be very honest with yourself: are your emotions true today? Or have you been giving away yellow smiles? It is time to re-establish your emotional control and, if necessary, turn away from those people and situations that are not allowing their authenticity.


This dream is exactly the counterpoint to the previous example, but it does not necessarily mean the opposite. Of course it may be a warning that financial problems are on the way, and you may have a bad professional phase soon, which will require you to make some serious adjustments to your planning.

However, an empty pool in the dream is often much more related to your deepest feelings and your emotional state. It is common for people who have this dream to be in some way afflicted or emotionally needy.

The dream is a way for your own self to warn you what is happening and to say that you have to take some action in relation to it. The emptiness of the pool can be understood as a great emotional void, where this kind of situation leads people to become more reclusive and, in a sense, lonely.

Do not let loneliness be present! Do something about it as soon as possible. Listen to what the dream has to say to you, as often small adjustments are enough.


A pool with clean water, reflecting perfectly the sunlight, is certainly the scenario desired by virtually everyone who goes to it. Clean, transparent water makes good impressions, and that is one reason to indicate financial success for the observer.

If the current context of your life suits you, know that when you have that dream, the financial gain is near. It could be a salary increase you expected, a pending commission on some negotiation, a debt or even an inheritance that will come in handy.

Be that as it may, there are few situations where this dream does not indicate financial success, so be more secure.


In the same way as it was a pleasant one a pool of clean water, the pool with dirty water is not exactly a beautiful sight, but the truth is that its interpretation may be a little more complicated than it seems.

The problem is that there are multiple interpretations for that dream and, as always, depends on small details. Generally, according to the context of your life it can mean some financial loss and loss – being exactly the opposite direction of the pool with clean water.

However, in some cases, this loss may be related to emotional loss. It is possible that someone is trying to betray your trust; someone you put your chips in and who is now plotting behind your back.

There is still a great possibility that this covert and treacherous behavior is being motivated by feelings of envy and greed. If you suspect this is your case, take this warning very seriously, and if you can not easily identify this person, try to postpone some plans and wait for the negative energy surrounding you to dissipate and leave, for it certainly does not. should favor you in whatever decision you make now.


It was not dirt, it was clay! If you could identify this element of the pool, know that it represents something even worse than dirt. The clay usually tends to bring to the surface the existence (or imminence) of considerable financial losses.

This damage can cause upheavals in all aspects of your life, so be careful! Tighten your belt on spending and avoid making any kind of risky investment right now. While this thump does not happen, anticipate and start saving right now so that the impact is not so strong in the future.


Neither clean nor dirty, the pool water was shaken. In that case, it would be interesting for you to identify if you have been having too many negative thoughts lately. It can be difficult to change this way overnight, but you have to stop them.

Insisting on pessimism will only negatively affect your life. Stop waiting for the worst and start and look for the good side of things – including those that happen to give you ear jerks.


This is probably one of the most common dreams surrounding the pool. In it, we can count on a meaning associated with accomplishments in your life. You can celebrate, for if you swam calmly and safely, it is because joy is about to surround you. Do not lower your head because you are going in the right direction!

Now, if the pool in question seemed to have no end, it can have several meanings, and to interpret you will need to associate it with some kind of difficulty that is going on in your life. If you are going through financial problems, it is a sign your efforts are taking you nowhere.

If the difficulty is in love, it is because apparently only you are fighting for this relationship. Already in the family, it symbolizes fear or the need to be away from the people close to us.


Diving also brings positive meaning to the dreamer. It means that you are ready to indulge and live new emotional experiences that will give you pleasure. Go in search of happiness, because it is hers that you need.


Here is the case where you find yourself falling into a pool in the dream, but that someone is responsible for throwing you there. Dreaming being thrown into a pool is a very common dream and usually indicates what problems are on the way to your life. These problems can be diverse; there is nothing very specific about their nature, for that we need to gather more details.

However, there is something very important that can be easily observed and can bring relief and hope, or make you prepare even more for what is to come. The detail is again in the state of the pool water. If it is clean and crystal-clear, it means that even if problems come, they can be easily overcome without major concerns.

On the other hand, if the water was dirty or looking bad, then it is better to prepare well, as the problems tend to be more serious. Even if you have everything you need to solve them, it will take more effort.


Here we have the reverse situation, but not its meaning. To dream that you are throwing someone in a pool is actually a manifestation of your emotional state, showing that you are distressed or stressed about something.

This type of action in a dream says that the moment you live is probably difficult and it might be a good idea to set aside more time for yourself, to relax and calm your spirits.

Also note if you are able to identify the person who is playing in the pool. Maybe it is the cause of your problems and you have not yet become aware of it. Just do not jump to conclusions and evaluate the situation well.

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