Dream Of Theft: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream Of Theft: Meaning and Interpretation


Dreaming of theft is definitely not a comfortable manifestation of the subconscious, especially for those who have experienced such trauma. However, in dream life, its meaning will not necessarily be detrimental to the dreamer. Want to know what this troublesome dream can reveal? Then check out the possible interpretations.


In general, theft comes as a warning for loss or attempted interference in your life, especially from malicious people. Perhaps you are neglecting some aspect of your personality or are unsure about decision making. Other possibilities may even include profit or pleasant surprises about to knock on your door.

Well, the dream world is complex and if you want a more assertive interpretation, you need to gather as much information as possible and contextualize it in the current phase of your life. Little details can change the interpretation and guide you to take other paths when you wake up.


One of the most common thefts is cell phone theft, and no wonder this is also one of the most recurring fears of people, also reflected to the subconscious. In dreams, however, the meaning is a little different than just a safety statistic.

Dreaming of cell phone theft means your communication is suffering interference. This is one way of saying that you are being manipulated. Perhaps everything you are saying, teaching, or claiming to be what you believe actually consists in someone else’s opinion who is influencing you.

Whenever you have this dream, look closely at your work environment and look for someone who is posing as your friend. Someone is using you for their own benefit, or just for the purpose of disrupting your life.


Wallet theft is another very common example, both in waking life and while sleeping. Generally speaking, by dreaming that your wallet has been stolen, we have a false indication around you. Exercise your discernment until you are fully able to detect which promises are true and which are completely empty. Sincerity is much more valuable than you think.

If you happened to steal someone’s wallet in the dream, contrary to what it may seem, this is not a bad omen and it doesn’t mean that you will do something bad. It’s just a sign that you’ll probably get some value soon, such as some debt, which you already thought was a lost case.


In the waking life, handbags are often interpreted as the wallet itself, especially for women. However, in the dream world not quite, so be careful with your conclusions. Theft of a purse in the dream usually indicates that you, the observer, are going through a difficult phase where you cannot recognize yourself. With this, lives a true identity crisis.

The feeling of disability is common, as if not prepared for the coming ahead, especially in the professional field. The most important thing is not to be shaken. Try to calm down and remember all that you are capable of that led you to where you are. You have qualities and you just have to know how to use them.


An object or something related to money is not always stolen. It is possible that the theft of gross money will appear in the dream, and because of its direct character, this leads to the conclusion that some financial loss awaits you – and perhaps it is indeed inevitable.

Maybe some bad decision has been made and you just have to deal with the consequences. There may still be time to fix something and minimize the damage. In any case, when having this dream, try to survey all your planning and prepare for losses as best you can.

But when the dream is just to see the theft, but money doesn’t seem to be yours, be aware of family harmony. Possibly some misunderstandings arise and you will have to deal with it so that it will not be affected.


When you dream that a bicycle has been stolen, the interpretation changes from your financial life to the personal one. Most likely there is someone around you who is trying to interfere in some way with your emotional.

The bicycle is meant to be a balancing act for life, a state where you can achieve your best and keep moving forward with speed and strength. If someone steals your bike, then it is stealing your harmony.


This dream is very similar to bike theft, also showing a kind of interference with your emotional and financial balance. However, this case has a strong relationship with its independence.

It’s as if someone is trying to stop you from flying. Envious people take this stance and they are the ones you should try to identify and move as far as possible. Be especially careful at work or college, make sure someone is not trying to hinder you to get that stage, for example.


Following the same theme we have the car theft and, like the motorcycle, it has to do with its independence or its attempt. This not only applies to the independence of early life, but every form of trying to detach ourselves from something to gain more freedom of action. Your greatest wish is to be able to act without anyone’s approval.

Dreaming that you are stealing a car, for example, shows a desire to take responsibility. You recognize your own ability to take charge, but someone seems to be trying to prevent that from happening. Be aware and move away as quickly as possible.


Another very popular theft dream, dreaming that a house is stolen can have multiple interpretations, even without such deep analysis. If in the dream your home was the target of theft, this is indicative of persistent indecision and a certain momentary identity crisis.

Perhaps you have suffered or will still suffer a loss of something you love that triggered this situation – perhaps the loss of a job or a great love. If this has not yet happened, it would be good to prepare your psychologist adequately for the future, just in case.

If it was you who was performing the theft, it shows a need for recognition. You need to find ways for yourself to recognize what you are capable of, and not just wait for luck to be in your favor. Being proactive is important.

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