Dream of Toothbrush: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of Toothbrush: Meaning and Interpretation


A toothbrush belongs to the basic element of modern body care. Thanks to dental floss, interdental brushes and a wide variety of toothpastes, teeth remain much longer and healthy than in earlier times. Electric toothbrushes make toothbrushing easier with their rotating heads, but manual cleaning with the simple toothbrush is also common. They are available with soft, hard and medium soft bristles. Sometimes they cross each other, sometimes they are of different lengths, and the optimal care of the tooth and gums is always promised.

In the dream of a toothbrush, perhaps the bad conscience of the dreaming, if he had not brushed his teeth the evening before or only very superficially. Maybe a visit to the dentist is imminent and the dreamer fears an admonishment because of possible coverings. The teeth are always a sensitive area of ​​our body. For the dream interpretation one should ask oneself, on which sore point the dream symbol “toothbrush” could indicate.

Dream symbol “Toothbrush” – The general interpretation

The toothbrush refers as a dream symbol in the dream interpretation to a defensive attitude of the dreaming towards criticism of others. In the figurative sense, he tries to brush away possible patches in his behavior or in his opinion in the dream, before anyone can point this out to him.

In addition, a toothbrush in the dream interpretation is also a sign that the dreaming is very concerned with his appearance and its effect on others. The dream symbol challenges the dreaming to greater modesty.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “toothbrush” is a signal that there are problems communicating with family members or other close associates. Evil rumors and gossip can disrupt relationships and it will cost the dreaming a lot of energy to put the matter right again.

If the teeth are freed of tartar and other deposits in the dream with the toothbrush, this can be an indication in the dream interpretation of a temporary ailment of the dreaming, which leads him to act more prudently in the future. A toothbrush, with which the teeth are polished in the dream bright white, announces as a dream symbol pleasant developments and happy events.

Dream symbol “Toothbrush” – The psychological interpretation

The use of a toothbrush is in the interpretation of dreams on a psychological level, an act of purification and purification. With it, the subconscious in the dream removes everything that is considered morally unclean. This can be certain behaviors that the dreaming unconsciously rejects, but also character traits or erotic desires that are suppressed and repressed because they are perceived as a stain and a blemish on the psyche.

In addition, the dream symbol “toothbrush” allows the dreaming to work up the emotional blockages or misunderstandings of the past in the dream. The firmer the teeth are brushed with the toothbrush, the more it expresses in the dream interpretation of the impulse to remove stressful things from everyday life. The dreaming should thoroughly examine his life situation and if necessary change something.

Dream symbol “Toothbrush” – The spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level, the dream symbol “toothbrush” in the dream interpretation embodies the liberation of spiritual or emotional dirt that clogs the fine channels to the spiritual level.

In the dream one cleans oneself of old rubbish, in order to create space for new.

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