Dream of Train Station: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of Train Station: Meaning and Interpretation

Train Station

A train is a means of transportation and embodies speed and movement. However, a train in a train station is moving in or out slowly, or it is standing still for travelers to get in and out. While some arrive, the others leave. Something is changing for both groups, and sometimes this is not just the location. At a train in the station you say goodbye to each other or you pick someone up there. Reunion pleasure and farewell pain lie close together here.

Does anyone have a dream with the motive “train station”, perhaps the wanderlust or the longing for a far-off living man grabs him. He may also be looking forward to seeing a visitor arriving by train in the near future.

For the dreaming is important in the interpretation of dreams, as he feels his current life situation. What does he want? Which direction would he like to take?

Dream symbol “train station” – The general interpretation

In dream interpretation the dream symbol “train station” stands for the beginning of a new phase of life. This may mean a new direction in the personality development of the dreaming, but also the beginning of a phase in the career aspiration. Thus, the dream symbol is to be understood as a departure especially when the dreaming on board the train at the station to drive away with it. But even a visitor arriving at the station points in the dream to a new beginning or to the decision to take a different path.

For the dreaming, the question arises as to which things in life he is so curious that he is willing to accept drastic changes . In the interpretation of dreams, a train in the train station is also an invitation to seek contact with other people for a better life .

In the folk dream interpretation of the dream symbol “train station” is to be considered, what exactly the dreaming sees or does. If you go to the train station in your dream, you have unconsciously already made the decision to make a change. Anyone who stands at a train in the station can soon welcome the long-awaited visit. If the dreaming moves away from the station, the dream symbol warns of a loss. You should definitely do an urgent business.

If the right train in the station is found only after a long search, the future plans are still on shaky feet. If you miss the train waiting in the train station, this is a sign in the dream interpretation that one can not use a chance even in real life . A positive symbol is the dream image “train station”, if you get out of the train in a dream. Then you will definitely reach your personal goal.

Dream symbol “train station” – The psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “train station” in the interpretation of dreams is a symbol of the activities in life that have their beginning in the subconscious. The station is in the dream the starting point for the personal development of the dreaming, for his life attitudes and values ​​as well as for the driving forces, which guide him with the necessary energy in the desired direction. The dynamics expressed in this dream symbol often indicate situational or age-related changes.

A train in the train station is in the interpretation of dreams a sign of the dream of success of the dreaming, his subconsciousness signals to him that his professional path is currently very important to him. In the traveling companions in the dream showed social skills such as open-mindedness and communication and the ability to reconcile their own goals with those of a community.

The dream symbol “train station” is often understood in a woman’s dream as a sexual symbol. Both entering the train into a tunnel or train station as well as moving out symbolizes the sexual act and expresses unfulfilled wishes or suppressed needs. A missed move points in the dream interpretation to an hoped but unfulfilled love experience.

The hesitant entry of the station can also indicate negative ideas and other general uncertainties . Maybe the dreaming is drifting aimlessly right now and his subconscious mind challenges him with the dream symbol “train station” to more determination.

Dream symbol “train station” – the spiritual interpretation

In transcendental terms, the dream symbol “train station” in the interpretation of dreams provides information about the spiritual stations of the dreaming: is the train still at the platform or has it already set in motion? The movement of the train at the station reflects the dynamics in the spiritual development of the dreaming.

In addition, the dream symbol shows a change in the life and personality of the dreaming as well as in his relationships with others.

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