Dreaming of Cats: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of Cats: Meaning and Interpretation


The cat has been a symbol of independence, beauty and affection for centuries. Statistics indicate that the domestic cat will outperform the dog’s first place on the list of the most popular pets. The soft fur, his gentle purr and his gentle demeanor fascinate. Especially a black cat with penetrating green eyes. A kitten melts many hearts.

However, the love of a kitten you have to conquer, it will not be for food nor for goodies that dominates this real animal. Your individuality is unique. The animal that is so often associated with femininity is cuddly and independent at the same time. And it does not matter if it’s a puppy kitten or an adult cat.

The wild cat is defensive, aggressive, while the domestic cat loves and clings to his family. Dreaming about the cat may invite the dreamer to be in balance in their relationships, neither solitary nor constantly surrounded. In general, g acts in dreams have meanings related to creativity, independence, female sexuality and power.

Cats can also symbolize intuition, flexibility, curiosity, indifference. Take note of your own emotions, the cat’s actions as well as the cat’s environment within the dream may offer valuable clues about the meaning of the cat’s dream.

The characteristics of the cat in the dream

Seeing a kind and dedicated cat in the dream

An affectionate and devoted cat in a dream emphasizes our feminine side and the desire for affection.

Warning, dangerous pussy! The brave and aggressive cat in the dream

As cats often symbolize our female nature, a hostile cat in a dream may represent to the dreamer that they are uncomfortable or struggling with that aspect of themselves. Perhaps the dreamer feels overly vulnerable or not sufficiently vulnerable; or perhaps feel unable to connect to their own intuition, sexuality, creativity or independence. If the cat scratches you in the dream, it may mean that you really feel fear or feel intimidated by your own femininity in some way.

I dream of a thin or fat cat

Just like humans, different weights can be found in cats depending on their health and diet. If a thin cat appears in a dream, then in this thinness a harbinger of seeing that the dreamer will soon attain financial prosperity – but at the expense of another person. Seeing a fat cat in an overweight dream is to remind the dreamer to pay more attention to the health and well-being of related women.

A dirty or wet cat in the dream

A dirty cat in the house can quickly get the whole house to grab some dirt from the velvet paw. If such a cat appears in a dream, the dirt symbolizes the solution of a problem. If the cat is wet in the dream, hide behind it different sexual desires. Listen and follow these wishes!

In the dream the cat was without a tail

If the cat in the dream had no tail, you no longer have sovereignty and self-government.

The cat as guardian of secrets

Symbol of intuition and sensitivity, the cat may appear in a dream as a guide. This is especially the case if you happen to dream about a white cat. Follow this guide in our dreams, this will lead to a better understanding of ourselves. If instead we find ourselves dreaming about the black cat, beware. The latter symbolizes a potential betrayal of our loved ones or a danger.
Color remains important when we make that kind of dream. If you dream of caressing a black cat, it means that you will be full of self-esteem and therefore you will have the most complete security of your abilities; if you dream instead of being bitten by a furious black cat, you will fall victim to some deception. A blue cat, very rare in dreams, will be a symbol of future happiness. If you dream of a cat of another color, be aware of the symbolic associations your fur evokes. Black, white, blue, gray, pink … That will tell us a lot about the meaning of this dream!

Cats sick, wounded and dead in the dream

In a dream, the cat is dead or sick.

As a cat symbolizes your feminine intuition and power, dreaming of a dead cat may mean that you are disconnected from that part of yourself . The feline’s health in his dream is directly related to the health of his connection with the divine feminine. In addition, a dead or dying cat may represent a lack of autonomy in your life; this is not surprising since failing to listen to your intuition often leads the person to rely on others for guidance and guidance in life. As a result, one may feel dependent on others and frustrated as a result.

In the dream, the cat is injured.

If the dream sees a wounded cat, it threatens pain in the dreamer’s world on an emotional level. Do you think the end of a relationship is approaching in the near future, or do you think you are being treated unfairly? Get to the bottom of the case and the page will turn.

Dreams with a bleeding cat

Dreams in which a cat bleeds can give the person who dreams a sense of helplessness. One wonders in such a dream situation, certainly, because the cat is bleeding. But the blood of the little pussy is no cause for concern. It is in this case symbolic of the dreamer’s life force and a relief that occurs soon in the waking world.

I dream of a battered cat

There is hardly anyone left untouched when he sees a battered cat in a dream. According to the interpretation of dreams, this dream symbol represents a great measure of care that the dreamer possesses. When interpreting this dream, pay special attention to the feelings you felt during the dream.

A cat is burning in the dream

Fire has the ability to harm or even kill anything alive. Especially the skin of our velvet paws is rapidly flammable and can burn easily. If we see a cat on fire in a dream, strong emotions and passion can be combined with it. This may also include a sexual component.

In the dream, the cat is mutilated

A mutilation often causes the viewer to have a sense of disgust and disgust, but at the same time interest and compassion. If someone has dreamed of a mutilated cat, one should first ask what kind of mutilation. Was there an amputation of the paws or did she have an open stomach showing the guts?

The cat in the dream was poisoned

If a cat is poisoned in the dream, several interpretations are conceivable. It mainly means nebulous and thoughtless thoughts, which in this context may represent the completion of a certain period of life. Also, you should ask yourself whether it was you who poisoned the cat or if someone was responsible for administering the poison.

In the dream, I run over or knock on a cat.

A cat is run over. Such a situation is anything but a pleasant experience for the driver of the car. “The cat is approaching, is it still alive?” You will be asked in the seconds immediately after the incident. When someone dreams of such an event and sees the dream cat “run over”, this should be understood as a warning to be more attentive and not to be constantly thinking elsewhere.

A cat dies in a dream

If you usually dream about the death of a cat, it makes sense to ask why and how the cat died. Was she shot by someone? Did she die as a result of an accident or in a natural way? What did you feel in this situation?

A cat drowns in the dream

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a cat dead in the water, or even drowning a cat? Behind this is a process of cleansing unpleasant feelings like fear, fear or worry. If you prove your resistance in the current phase of your life, as a strengthened personality, you will be making great strides into the future!

Dreaming of killing a cat

It is believed to be an act that can only be done by people who furiously hate cats: killing a cat is an atrocity that is an offense to a defenseless creature. But what is it like to understand when you’re the one who kills the cat? In this dream symbol can be seen violent subconscious fantasies, which open the way to the dream consciousness in the dream.

A cat resurrects in a dream

It sounds like a miracle, but it is possible in the dream world: you see the dead cat alive again! If this dream symbol appears to the dreamer, the resurrection of the kitten of the dead means a change in the life of the person in question.

Interpreting the dreams of a cat’s actions

Beware of the pussy: dreams of a cat scratching and biting

In the dream, it can happen that a cat scratches and bites. This action of a cat is interpreted in the interpretation of dreams as a bad omen. When the cat bites and scratches is a possible sign of betrayal and fights that you should avoid.

A cat licks and drinks in the dream

Licking and drinking are two typical things that a cat does in a dream. If you observe how a cat licks or drinks, this can be seen as a symbol of a strong desire or passion. Soon you will fulfill your wishes!

Dream Analysis: The Cat Becomes Human

It’s already a strange dream image: Suddenly, the cat turns into a human in a dream! Everyone will probably wonder the next morning what that dream means. According to the interpretation of dreams, you must pay special attention, in which people the cat has changed. Was it a woman or a man? Did you know this person? It is also important to know what emotions you felt at that moment.

The cat is talking in the dream

As for many other animals, it may happen that in the dream a cat speaks. If this is the case of your dream, or even talk to a cat, this indicates the need for other people’s attention. Do you feel neglected or excluded at some point in your life? Also pay attention to the words of the cat, because these may be important in the correct interpretation of your dream.

Help! A cat haunts me or attacks me in a dream

Despite the small size of a cat, it certainly is not a pleasant feeling in the dream to have a cat attacking or chasing us! Such a dream can be interpreted as meaning that the pursuit by the cat symbolizes the escape of certain emotions or situations. This dream indicates that you will gain the wisdom and strength of the cat. The attack of a kitten represents the fear of a new beginning, which is incorporated by the pussy.

Dream Analysis: The Cat Becomes Human

It’s already a strange dream image: Suddenly, the cat turns into a human in a dream! Everyone will probably wonder the next morning what that dream means. According to the interpretation of dreams, you must pay special attention, in which people the cat has transformed. Was it a woman or a man? Did you know this person? It is also important to know what emotions you felt at that moment.

The cat is mewing in the dream

When a cat catches me in life, something is wrong. It is not difficult to understand that the cat is not happy and needs something. If the cat in your dream mine, there is something wrong in your life. It may be that you have not stopped arguing with a friend or partner because of something you said and they did not like it very much. Or it may be that a colleague is criticizing you from behind, attributing as your words and actions that you did not say or did, just to hurt you.

Our advice is that you resolve it as soon as possible. Dreaming of a cat crying is a bad omen. Remember that if the cat in your dream mine, someone close to you is cheating on you.

Dreams with a cat with other animals

Out mouse! A cat discovered a mouse in a dream …

Cat and Mouse – A couple of expressions are used in various contexts. The dream symbol “cat kills mouse”, just as “cat eats mouse” signals to the person who dreams that little problems will soon disappear. It seems different, however, when the dream image “cat brings the mouse” appears, because here the long forgotten fears are again brought to the fore.
By killing and then eating the mouse, one’s own victory over treason and fraud is symbolized, but there may be a lot more behind it.

Dream with cat and dog

Cat and dog are often considered as a contrasting pair and, not infrequently, people refer to the cat or dog as a two-legged friend, depending on the preferred animal. In the dream world there are different dream symbols, which may include the pussy and the dog. If in the dream you see a cat attacking a dog or a cat that quarrels with a dog, this should be understood as the victory of the feelings of the person who is dreaming about control and reason. The image of the dream “dog bitten by cat” hides behind a sexual instinct. The dream symbol “cat hunting dog” signals to the dreamer that he should show a little less jealousy.

A cat kills and eats a snake in a dream

If you dream about a cat and a snake, you can usually combine sexual aspects with it. In the fight against a snake, in which the cat kills a snake, is symbolically the announcement of a first intimate situation between the dreamer and another person. The same applies to the dream symbol “cat eats snake.”

When a cat eats a spider in a dream

Cat and spider are two animals that are sometimes associated with the witching world. If the dream symbol “cat eats spider” appears to you, it symbolizes the triumph of happiness over deceit and resides in your life. You are on the right track with your honest nature!

Interpretation of Dreams: The Cat hunts and eats little bird

The dream interpretation of the dream image “the cat hunts the bird” and “the cat eats the bird” is quite negative. If the bird is hunted and even eaten as a symbol of freedom and carelessness in the dream, there are serious problems in the waking world that can affect both work and private life. Be aware in the near future.

When the cat is no longer with the dreamer

In a dream, the cat is gone, lost

The loss of a cat will depend on how the dreamer feels the situation. Was it a shock or a relief? If a cat has disappeared in the dream, it may be that the dreamer has dominated by the influence of another person. Start looking for what could be detrimental to your life in order to look forward to a positive future.

To dream that the cat has run away

Since cats are sometimes shy animals, it may be that is perceived in the dream: “Oh no, the cat runs away.” When a cat is cut in the world of dreams, dream interpretation sees it as a relief from a negative burden. The cat turns away and flees, because this dream symbol want to convey to the dreamer that he can easily get rid of the ballast caused, for example, by stress at work.

What you did in a dream with a cat

Dream of buying a cat

It is a dream that can come true under the right conditions: buying a cat. Whether it’s the pet shop , the shelter or a breeder – the chances of getting a cat are varied. However, having a cat is also associated with a lot of responsibility. If you dreamed of buying a kitten, this may reflect the real desire for a cat. On the other hand, this dream symbol is also an indication that you have a good hand for financial matters.

Time to embrace: In the dream I hug and caress a cat

Anyone who has ever caressed a cat knows the feeling: warm, gentle and affectionate the cat strokes very close to the legs of the caressing person. If the dreamer also feels this feeling in the dream world, it symbolizes the need for feminine affection and closeness. Especially with this dream symbol, pay attention to the color of the animal: caressing a white cat is witness of innocence and desire for tenderness.

To dream of giving food to a cat or forgetting to feed it

Although cats are often choosy with food, as a cat owner, remember to feed them regularly. In the dream world, feeding a cat means that the dreamer will lead a happy life through his generosity and positive personality. If you forget to feed a cat, that means neglect and that hides typical characteristics of female character.

The dream of looking for a cat

Searching for a cat is no easy task, as small hunters are masters at hiding and chasing. Have you ever dreamed of finding a cat? If so, this quest in the dream world is interpreted as a perpetual quest for wisdom. It is important to note if you found the cat or could not find it. Thus, the search must be interpreted.

Interpretation of Dreams: Hunting and arresting a cat

When hunting for a cat, you need to act quickly and skillfully. This is also true in the dream world when the dreamer wants to catch a cat. If you chase a cat lost in the dream, you run after desires and subconscious imaginings, also of a sexual nature, of which the dreamer must become conscious, so that he finally achieves them. The capture of a cat in the dream world represents the state in which dreaming becomes conscious of its desires.

In the dream, save a cat

Having a saved cat is a very positive feeling. Saving a big or small cat is proof that you are an animal lover and have a great heart. In the dream of saving a cat, it is a dream image to cherish the desire for a deep interpersonal relationship. Has anyone come into your life with whom you would like to approach on a friendly level or even beyond it?
At the same time, saving the cat from drowning and saving your life may mean that the person will soon be embarking on a (sea) journey with a female person next to him.

Having a dream of torturing or eating a cat

It is not lovely nor appetizing to torture or eat a cat in the dream world. Animal cruelty is fortunately rare in our dreams, but it may well have a shocking effect. Tormenting a cat is evidence of aggression in the dreamer’s subconscious. Here it may be useful to reduce such sports-controlled or similar offenses. Eating a cat wants to show the dreamer that he wants the qualities of the cat he eats. Is your individuality missing or do you have secret sexual desires?

Places where a cat is in a dream

Dreams with a cat underwater

In the dream world, seeing a cat in the water or even underwater, urges the dreamer to deal with their own feelings. In addition, it may mean leaving something in the waking world and saying goodbye to a certain thing, a person or a stage of life.

In the dream, the cat is trapped

Keeping a cat in a cage is a very unusual practice that probably does not do justice to the natural urge to move from our little cats. Seeing a cat trapped in a dream is a testament to a great degree of sensitivity, which the dreamer nevertheless shows only in very rare cases to the outside. Feel free to show your feelings more often!

What does it mean if a cat jumps on me in a dream?

As cats often symbolize our female nature, a hostile cat in a dream may represent to the dreamer that they are uncomfortable or struggling with that aspect of themselves. Perhaps the dreamer feels overly vulnerable or not sufficiently vulnerable; or perhaps feel unable to connect to their own intuition, sexuality, creativity or independence. If the cat scratches you in the dream, it may mean that you really feel scared or feel intimidated by your own femininity in some way.

Dreaming about the birth of cat puppies

In the dream, a cat is pregnant

As many cats walk freely and not all are neutered, it can happen quickly that a cat is pregnant. Likewise, a cat may want to become pregnant, for example, in the context of a cat breed. If you dreamed of having a pregnant cat, this usually indicates a new and carefree section of your life that will begin soon.

Dreaming of a litter of kittens

What is better than a kitten? Many! At least in the waking life. If you dream about a litter of kittens, this could mean that you are feeling absolutely overwhelmed and need to seek more fun, pleasure and relaxation for your life. Maybe you should … adopt a kitten!

Kittens often symbolize vulnerability

Kitten dreams can also mean that you have embarked on a new project or stage of life that is in a vulnerable state and needs to be fed. It is important to nurture yourself as much as nurture others.

Dreams with eyes of a cat

In the dream, the cat has blue eyes.

There are several breeds of cats, such as Himalayan, Ragdoll, Javanese or Siamese cats , who have blue eyes. If the dream sees blue eyes in a cat in the dream, this dream image should point it to a female person, who brings her deep feelings (love).

A cat with no eyes is seen in the dream

If a cat appears without eyes in the dream, surely the question is asked, what this blind cat should mean. From the point of view of dream interpretation, this dream symbol represents the fact that another person is approaching him in the dream life. At the same time, the dreamer is signaled that this person needs your help.

Unusual cats in the dream

Interpretation of dreams with a giant cat

In the dream world, it could happen that a giant cat, such as a tiger or the now extinct saber-tooth tiger, appears instead of a small kitten. This image of the dream is to warn the dreamer of impending danger. Likewise, the giant cat incorporates aggressive but also passionate personality traits.

I dream of a cat with 3 legs

How does the cat have only 3 legs in my dream? – This question you will probably ask if you saw a three-legged cat in the dream. Here are several different interpretive approaches applicable. Thus, the lost pussy leg may be an indication of the loss of stability in life. At the same time, the cat’s three legs can point to a high degree of ambition.

A cat without a head appears in the dream

Comparatively peculiar and strange, it may seem to the dreamer when he sees a cat with a severed head in the dream world. This dream symbol gives to dreaming that he must beware of foolish behavior in the proverbial sense.

Wing in a cat in dreams

If the dreamer sees a cat with wings or with several wings, this symbolically mainly means the combination of freedom and happiness. The person who dreams has events that will positively influence the course of their future life.
To dream that a cat flies means freedom is what you crave and desire, let your inner inhibitions become wild.

Be a cat in a dream

Who has never dreamed of being an animal? As free as a bird, as fast as a horse , or as quiet and complicated as a cat , many things are possible in the dream world. If you become a cat in the dream, assume its characteristics at the same time and can be timid and daring. Pay attention to how you felt like a cat and what new qualities you have. Would you like to have some of them in the awakened world as well?

What does it mean if I dream of several cats?

If several cats appear in your dream at one go, this may mean that you are confused about some aspect of your life. The various felines in your dream represent some form of chaos in your life that can lead to feelings of oppression and anxiety. If you are really feeling stressed and pulled in many directions in your life, this dream may be your subconscious trying to help you walk so as not to be pulled too far.

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