Dreaming Of Fire: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming Of Fire: Meaning and Interpretation


The fire is the power of the element, intensity, and can wreak havoc wherever he goes. Therefore, dreaming with fire automatically tends to leave the dreamer afraid of what it may mean. The important thing is that the emergence of this element in the dream world does not have to be something negative, and may even bode well in certain cases. It all depends on how the dream went.


The mere presence of the fire in a dream raises some interpretations. Dreaming about fire usually has a certain symbology of alertness and relates to the presence of powerful forces close to you. Dreaming about fire says something is about to change in your life .

We need to get away from the destructive character and remember that the fire is a consumer, and that it can arise in your dreams to say just that something or that you yourself will be consumed.

The fire can serve as a relief, consuming problems that are disrupting your life, or it may mean that something is consuming you, as an extremely harmful obsession to your life. Everything depends on the context, because this is an element that can be very antagonistic in its meanings.

To dream of a random object in flames, for example, is usually associated with some type of fear in losing control in the face of an uncomfortable situation, of losing someone or a property of high esteem, that can not be repaired or replaced.


This is the first variable we find when dreaming about fire. What is expected when something is on fire is that smoke is produced – this is the first item observed in the situation. When this happens in your dream, here is a sign that wealth, wealth and prosperity are within your reach. No matter what area of ​​your life you wish to expand, all of them will be favored.

If you dream about fire and do not see any smoke, look for a specialist in your area of ​​greatest interest so that he can advise you on the path to be followed until success.


A very common dream is that some house is on fire (usually your own). In this case, this is a warning to be more careful because you may be losing control in real life.

It is also very common for this dream to arise when we go through a time of affliction and fear in the face of change. It serves precisely to say that we should not worry so much, and that change is part of its natural process of evolution. Getting out of your comfort zone will not be disastrous as a fire, just trust yourself.

If in your dream the house has been rebuilt after a fire, for example, it means that even if there is a major disaster, you have enough strength to stand up and recover from the crisis you are in.

Here’s worth mentioning that if you see many homes on fire, and even a whole burning city, this is probably telling you that some serious problem is settling into your relationship. Take some action before it’s too late.


To dream that you are setting fire to something is a great indication that there is a latent desire to destroy something. It can be a very specific target or simply an accumulated feeling of venting your distress in some way.

The fact is that you should be very attentive to this and seek to give will go to that will otherwise. The desire to destroy something can also be a desire to sabotage yourself. Open your eyes and get help if you have to.

Another very important point is how this fire started. In general, it is implied that it was you who set it on fire, but the exact form of how it happened is of great importance. If it was done directly by your hands, it is something that shows intense anger repressed in your heart.

Be very careful, especially if you burned yourself while you lit the flames. This is aggravating to say that in addition to having a lot of repressed anger, you are losing control over your emotions. This is a very harmful, toxic aspect that can come up at any time, causing damage that can be irreparable. If it was burning in the dream entirely, it is an indication that his ambition is exaggerated.

Dreaming that set fire to anything can still be a symbol that you have a strong desire to start something new and that you have the strength to move anything that is in your way. Just be careful because this force can end up losing control with ease.


Not always the fire that rises in dreams is burning intensely. Sometimes you may dream about fire, but it will be losing its strength and fading, proving that something in your personal life is not right – most likely a loving disappointment will come soon. If your current relationship is in trouble, you must now decide whether to do something for it or not, because the end is near.


When you dream that the fire is involving you and other people, but realizes that it is absolutely under control and no one bothers you, it is indicative that strong loops are arising or already exist between these people.

It is worth mentioning that dreaming that is heating up in front of a fireplace usually says that your financial life will be good.


Sometimes we dream about the fire, we perceive its presence, its light and we even feel its heat. We are sure that it is there, but simply can not see it. If your dream was like this, expect spiritual cleansing is coming to you.

This happens when life is about to have a new beginning, and that a personal transformation must change your world view, allowing you to reach a new level of evolution. Basically, if there is no fear in my heart and accept well the presence of fire, the transformation turns to you.

However, it is well known that fire can have very contradictory interpretations. Depending on the case, this dream may also be telling you that you are underestimating some situation or danger to which you are exposed. You may even pretend that it does not exist, but you are even feeling the heat.


If you dreamed of fire and the flames were especially bright, this is a sign of a probable achievement in the near future. The more striking and sparkling the flame is, the greater your chances of winning and triumphing in your battle.

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