Dreaming of Rabbits: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of Rabbits: Meaning and Interpretation


Dreams with Rabbit.

Dreaming of rabbit or hare means luck, energy as well as success. This is a good omen. You are a kind of person who sees life very positively. In addition, rabbits point to sexual urges, gentleness, a sense of wealth and also idealism. Jung believed that a rabbit symbolizes his endangered freedoms. A rabbit is a positive sign in your dream and is connected with the spiritual world. The dream is associated with Easter and your own personal Easter memories.

Dreaming of a white rabbit, in particular, symbolizes faithfulness in love. Dreaming of a rabbit means your fear of showing yourself intimately.

Rabbits in dreams can also symbolize the resurrection, a new life that is born after the death of an old way of life. Resurrection after the painful crucifixion of the limiting ego, a crucifixion which, though painful, may have opened the dreamer’s limited waking life to possibilities never before imagined.

Dreaming of rabbits can symbolize the dreamers of great fertility, fecundity. In dreams, fertility does not simply mean the literal ability to conceive a child. Dreaming of fertility is symbolic fertility and can refer to a fertile mind that is ripe for planting new ideas or is particularly receptive to intuition. This fertility represented in the dream with rabbit can refer to concepts and creative ideas that are in gestation in the dreamer and must be fed and brought into the waking world when they are fully gestated.

To dream of a rabbit’s foot is a representation of your courage and steadiness. It symbolizes that very positive unpredictable changes will come into your life.

If the rabbit was scary in his dream, then it may be associated with his inner emotions of uncertainty. White rabbits are often considered portents of luck in dreams. An unusual rabbit may suggest a connection with a lover. Killing a rabbit in the dream indicates that the times will soon be changing for the better. Turning into a rabbit is an omen from which other people will provide help.

Feeding a rabbit in your dream means that other people will try to get something out of you. If the rabbit is starving, then this indicates that other people can call to ask for help. Seeing blood in a rabbit in a dream suggests that someone will talk about you to others. If this animal was tame, children are about to enter your life, and you will have a connection with fertility. Understanding any kind of animals in your dream indicates that the animal is a protective teacher of life. When an understanding is needed this dream insists that you need to look for qualities in order to improve your lifestyle.

The hare suggests intuition and great spiritual encouragement. This dream can also be associated with new beginnings. Try to use your feminine qualities in life. Have you made quick decisions? The hare means that things in life will accelerate. This dream also connects with fertility and you may find that you will be able to conceive a child very easily in the future. Seeing rabbits in a house or as a pet is associated with children. This dream suggests that you are thinking about your own childhood or having children. Seeing many rabbits, especially if they are multiplying in number or the whole dream is made up of hundreds, means that great fortune is coming your way.

Seeing the rabbit scratching or biting means plethora (Exuberance, fullness) , warmth, male fertility, as well as sexual intercourse. The particular dream can also be connected with the Easter time. In particular, seeing the fluffy white rabbit in his dream represents a deep commitment to love. The brown rabbit acts as a guide to get you into the very course of life. Seeing a black rabbit in your dream means that you may suffer from anxiety in the future.

In the case of the rabbit jumping, especially in the fields, this dream means virility. You will end up having lots of kids. In addition, the particular dream may be analogous to your lack of commitment at work. The feeling of jumping in the dream means that sometimes you jump from one event to another. Rabbit being friendly will improve the means of communication between you and a loved one.

Seeing a dead rabbit means you need to be more aware of your personal connection with someone of the opposite sex.

Dreaming of a gray rabbit or falling into a rabbit hole
Dreaming of a gray rabbit often suggests that you will find someone who can take you in the near future. It is important to consider other people and their motives over the next six months. If you dream of a rabbit hole, this indicates that it is time to finally move on in your life without any fear.

Hare or rabbit is human or speech
If the animal has a human trait, how to talk to you or provide you with advice and guidance in your dream, then this often indicates that you need to allow a person in the waking life – Give him the advice you need. You may face a difficult situation. Call a friend if you need to make a decision!

Dreaming of rabbits in cages may reflect your fear of not being able to fulfill the dream of building a family, as I said, the dreamy rabbit often symbolizes the sexual aspect. In other cases, the fact that the rabbit is a rather docile animal may reflect his mood; Probably you can not withdraw your tender and sensitive side and this will cause a feeling of impotence. In a fairy tale …

Whether you find yourself in a fairy tale or a story, such as Alice in Wonderland, this dream indicates that you are out of touch with life. It is important to get back to reality and get the position where you can factually make decisions. You’ve been living in the clouds for a long time. This dream is a wake-up call that you need to begin to consider the feelings of others and also what you have to do is to stop thinking about all the things you have in your life such as homes, cars and material possessions, and reality associated with the here and now, instead of looking to the future. The question is “what is important to you?”

If a hare or rabbit helps
If the rabbit or hare helps you to your dream, then this indicates that you will have to help others in life. If you are looking after or caring for a rabbit or a hare, then this shows you can be more productive in your career.

Rabbits and hare puppies
If you dreamed of a rabbit cub then this indicates that you have been active in as a child with regard to facing difficulties in your existing waking life. Think about how others perceive you. It is important to recognize that you have the ability to adapt and change according to the circumstances regarding your child’s approach to situations in your life. Dreaming of newborn rabbits can also mean that soon an unexpected and happy event is coming, usually dreaming of puppies of any animal species can represent a variety of situations, perhaps you feel like puppies, so helpless and need care or sit the need to become a parent, in other cases, this puppy may symbolize someone close to him, who actually sees him as a “puppy”, therefore, fragile and needs help.

Eat a rabbit
Eating rabbits means your attitude has been superior to others lately. This is very important with regard to whether you killed the rabbit. The animal or any other animal in your dream represents the energy of your instincts. In plain Portuguese – this really means that you have been making a conscious effort to control your own immediate instincts and to influence others. Try not to create defenses and be more open to other people’s opinions.

If you dream that cooking or skinning a rabbit then this shows the focus on your relationship with others, do not try to become a hermit as this will make you feel sadness and loss.

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