Dreams About Elevators: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams About Elevators: Meaning and Interpretation


Interpreting a dream can be a daunting task if you are no longer familiar with the subject, because complex subconscious scenarios combine messages from other energetic plans with signals sent by your own self. That is why when dreaming about an elevator it is very convenient to have a guide of possibilities beside, since this element tends to bring very valuable meanings.


Dreaming about elevator in general is a sign that you should not give up on your dreams and projects. There is a great possibility of ascension and success, which are at your reach. However, the dream also shows that it will probably take a lot of persistence and dedication to get where you want to go.

Under other perceptions, the elevator is also a way of indicating the path you are tracing in life. Like the machine in question, our destiny is marked by ups and downs; eventually, it may stop in the middle of the road or plummet precipitously. The fact is that we are the liftmen of our own lives: we push the buttons, choose the route and even select who should enter or leave.

Now that you already know the general concept of dreaming about an elevator, you need to understand that this, like all dreams, demands attention to detail to provide you with a more accurate interpretation.

With the right pieces of the puzzle, you can identify the type of success to which the dream relates, as well as extract such specific information that can completely change the meaning of this dream – which may be announcing even problems ahead.


As expected from the idea of ​​climbing, dreaming of a rising elevator is a great omen for your life and indicates that things should improve soon. This type of dream is usually linked to your work life, as a way of warning that everything will go well and that your professional position should rise soon – maybe a promotion or a raise will come, even if you are not expecting it.

However, it is necessary to contextualize the dream well with what has been happening in your life. After all, dreaming of a rising elevator may actually be connected to your personality and your spiritual life.

This can be a way of representing your personal maturity by showing that you are evolving spiritually and acquiring a greater capacity to reflect on the life and situations it presents. You are getting more realistic, not that you are losing hope, but you begin to have a different view of the world, where you are more objective and grounded in what you believe.


When the elevator in question is rising, rising, and does not seem to stop, interpretation is another. Here we have the indication that you are about to be placed in a position of great responsibility, which may not be feeling fully prepared.

This position can be related to both personal and professional life. Regardless of the origin, it will put enormous pressure on you, which will need to decide whether to move forward or not.


If a rising elevator is a good sign, it is even natural that dreaming of an elevator coming down is a sign of concern. Dreaming about an elevator coming down is often an announcement of problems and that something is not going well.

The most striking difference, however, is perhaps the fact that this dream does not address so much his professional life, but his emotional state. The dream where an elevator is descending shows that it is difficult to deal with emotions and keep them under control.

Above all, this dream is a warning that some action needs to be taken. Unthinking attitudes, which are driven not by a conscious decision, but by some strong emotion without thinking of the consequences, can be extremely dangerous and toxic.

This is precisely the symbolism of the descent of the elevator in the dream, an intense force that will continue to advance if it does not have the proper control. Remembering that if you can not “brake” at some point you probably will not have a happy ending.


The difference of this dream must be very clear, since it does not descend, but plunges. Literally falling, in this case the warning signal is great and steps must be taken urgently.

Here is your financial and professional life that is on the agenda, and at a high risk. If you are thinking about some new investment or a larger financial transaction, stop and rethink. You do not necessarily have to cancel everything immediately, but do not continue to move forward without providing more information and a more detailed survey of your chances of success.


If in the dream you just entered an elevator, without further interactions, it represents your persistence in achieving success in your professional life. Believe and Strive! The future of your career has everything to shine, but success depends solely on you.


Getting out of the elevator changes the focus of the job into the family environment, and does not bring good news. Here we have the hint of problems among family members. Try to remain neutral, and if there is a fight, try not to get involved or to commit unnecessarily.


The dream where we have a defective elevator is very much like the dream where the elevator descends, also demonstrating that there are emotions and feelings out of control, rising in a disorderly way, leading you to take actions that normally would not take.

The main difference, however, is that here there seems to be some kind of barrier, something in your life that can be both in the professional and personal sector and that prevents you from making a definitive decision.

This dream is a clear message for you to stop acting blindly and in despair. Calm down, reflect and think clearly. Once you are able to do this and realize that you, and only you, are the ones who decide the path of your life, everything must be resolved.


Dreaming that you are stuck inside a broken elevator shows that you have great insecurity and you feel stagnant in your professional occupation. Maybe it’s the right time to start looking at other opportunities, investing in another type that qualifies and career. Even a conversation with the boss can be a big help – maybe temporarily switching sectors is a good idea.

If the elevator you were in was a panoramic elevator, then the feeling of stagnation must be in your love life. Talk to your partner and try to try new things together. If you are single, try meeting new people and maybe discovering a great passion.


In this dream we have the clear feeling that the elevator is out of control and practically acting on its own. The message here does not hide many mysteries is a very clear analogy about what is going on with your life.

It shows that just like the elevator, your life is full of ups and downs. In a moment you can be surrounded by problems, and in another everything is well and in the most perfect peace. The big question raised by this dream is that this is not a bad thing and you should not worry so much.

Having this inconstancy is a positive sign, for it indicates that even if any problems arise, you are being able to deal with them and restore the well-being and tranquility of your life. Just continue to have patience and dedicate your commitment and skills to solving problems that will all come back to normal eventually.


Again we return to the professional and financial approach, since dreaming of a crowded elevator is a strong indication that financial success is near. If you’ve been working on any major financial or business dealings, you’re likely to make good profits from those investments and more so that they come in a short time.


In an example that is quite the opposite of the previous one, we have the dream where an elevator appears empty and, as expected, it also has a message opposite the previous one. When you dream of an empty elevator, understand this as a warning to stay alert and very attentive to business.

Dangers and eventual financial losses are ahead, so be prepared to deal with them and get around the situation. If the same way you are with some important project in progress, an investment or a financial operation of great value, do not neglect and follow everything closely.


The interpretation of a stationary elevator in your dream runs from the sphere of your financial life and here we get into health issues, indicating that you or someone close to you, like a family member, might be in trouble.

If you dreamed of the elevator standing still, it might be a good idea to look for a reliable doctor and have a complete checkup, especially if you have not paid a visit to an office for some time. Many problems develop silently and we only realize when it’s too late.

If you have someone in your family who is frail, older, or in trouble, be more aware of her health and do not let her neglect you.


Once again we return to your professional and financial life. This dream is both a warning and a way of raising awareness of an inner problem. It shows that you are probably aimless and aimless in your life.

You may not have noticed it yet, but you’re focusing on too many goals and you end up without proper dedication to any of them. It’s time to put a stop to this behavior and start focusing in one direction. If you really dedicate yourself to something and find a safe and reliable place to continue your professional walk.


Dreaming that you can not get to it usually occurs in two ways. At first, you are not able to get inside because there are many people in front of you who also want to get into the same elevator. Here the message is very clear and just what it seems: your competition is high and you need to work a little harder to reach your goals. Set your career goals better and try to overcome yourself.

The other most common situation is when you are not able to get into the elevator because something more generic is blocking your way without many mysteries. This possibility says that there are possible problems ahead and they will force you to postpone your plans. You can overcome them, but you will need a little patience; do not make hasty and risky decisions. Think calmly about the best way out.


Dreaming about a hotel elevator is a great sign. In general, it shows that you are focused and well-determined in reaching a goal. He also represents that things are favorable to his determination and that just follow with conviction and everything will end well. You have what it takes to achieve a stable and satisfying financial life.

However, for this dream you need to be a bit more careful about analyzing the scenario and getting the right details. Although some differences between a standard elevator and a hotel elevator are clear at first, they often go unnoticed.

This happens a lot when this dream is mixed with other variables, like the fact that the elevator is going up, down, crowded, empty among others; you tend to focus more on these details and forget to see what type of elevator is.

A rising hotel elevator, for example, further strengthens your chances of success and can cheer you up even more. The downhill hotel elevator may show some setbacks, and in that case it should be analyzed more carefully in the current context of your life.


If in your dream the elevator has the appearance of being old, it shows that inside you are distressed and with a need to escape from what is creating conflicts in your mind.

It is very common that this dream arises when we are tormented by memories of the past; things that should have been overcome and forgotten but that we insist on bringing back.

Try to work on these feelings and look more into the future. The past should be used only as an experience that makes you evolve, not a burden to be borne. Attention: note that this is a dream about an old elevator and not an abandoned or destroyed elevator. It should look older, but still in good condition.


This is an easy dream to identify, after all a building lift is a rather peculiar sight. And this is also a dream that can be divided into two main interpretations.

If you simply dream of this elevator and it is in a building still under construction, then you are expected to have a good success in your financial projects and your career investments – the timing is favorable and productive.

The building represents his professional and financial life still under construction, and the elevator is causing the work to progress.

On another possibility, you were in the works elevator and he simply stopped in the middle of the way. In this case, we have the indication that your projects must be reformulated and you need to take more care so that small unforeseen events do not delay you. Strive a little more and be more detailed.


This dream is a harbinger of great challenges ahead. Whenever you simply dream of an elevator full of water, be prepared for new challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome in your future.


To dream that you are an attendant is a way to warn you to be careful with the people around you, for it is very probable that there is someone desiring your wrong. Stay alert, pay attention to comments that appear to be malicious or with ulterior motives.

Also avoid talking too much about yourself to strangers and even some close people as false friends are around and can use that against you.

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