Dreams about Teeth: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about Teeth: Meaning and Interpretation


Not every person is naturally fortunate enough to have beautiful and healthy teeth . How they are laid out in us, their form and color , we have no influence on all that at first. However, if the permanent teeth are there, we can – if we are bothered by it – take different measures today to help obliquely or poorly discolored teeth to a new shape and color. However, such measures are usually associated with high costs that not everyone can afford.

The tooth can also play an important role as a dream symbol. How you correctly interpret Zahnträume, we have summarized for you in the following article. First of all, please note our most frequent dreams about the symbol as well as the following explanations of the different interpretations of this extremely exciting dream.

Dream Tooth Symbol – The most common dreams about the symbol

Broken and failing teeth in the dream

Teeth crumble: what a nightmare!
When teeth disintegrate in the dream, this can have different causes. In particular, from the point of view of psychological interpretation of dreams, certain aspects may be related to one’s own sexuality . For example, it is quite possible that a purely physical relationship is coming to an end. However, this does not necessarily have to be construed as negative.

A tooth wobbles in the dream world
If the dreaming person is shocked to discover that a tooth is loosening and becoming a wobbly tooth , it should beware of possible disappointments and losses in the near future. In addition, loose teeth can announce various problems depending on their own life situation.

Tooth loss and his dream interpretation

Tooth loss and tooth loss can confront us in very different dream images, no matter if it is the symbol “lost tooth” or in the dream situation “teeth fall out” maybe even all teeth fail . In the vast majority of cases, the dream event is related to the negative feelings of the dreaming as well as possible fear of loss in certain areas of the watch world.

Dream of tooth-pulling
Anyone who pulls a tooth in his dreams himself is warned of a possible mis-speculation that he or she may have already committed. Now it is likely to operate mitigation. If someone else, for example a dentist , pulls the tooth, this calls for the termination of contact with unwanted persons, since otherwise an entanglement may threaten their unfavorable actions.

Ouch! Tooth knocked out in the dream
Have you been knocked out in the dream a tooth? If so, you should take a closer look at your personal environment and ask yourself if there are people who are not well-disposed to you. If you have been the person who knocked out someone’s tooth, it makes sense to pay more attention to controlling your own instincts and emotions.

Bleeding – not a beautiful dream
If there is blood in a tooth dream , it may conceal a limitation of life energy from worry and bad thoughts. Maybe the sleeping person is currently lacking motivation because he or she is worrying too much about a particular thing. A conversation with friends or family can sometimes work wonders here!

A tooth gap appears in the dreams
One feels in the dream with the tongue over the rows of teeth or looks in the mirror and realizes that suddenly a gap is there, where before none was. If someone experiences such a nightmare, this can symbolically stand for the fear of the disappearance of sexual attractiveness. But is this fear justified at all?

Dental care – important in a dream too!

Toothbrush and toothpaste: good for dream dental hygiene
According to the general interpretation of dreams, a toothbrush as a dream symbol indicates that the sleeping person may not be able to handle the criticism of others very well. The use of toothpaste or toothpaste symbolizes the development of solutions to problems such as fears or difficulties in the watch world.

Toothache plagues me in the dream
Toothache can also be very unpleasant in our dreams. When we dream about it, we are told that how problems in the real world should no longer be pushed forward, but actively addressed. In addition, toothache dreams are bad news, but they do not bring bad or long-term effects.

Dentist’s dream = anxiety dream?
In addition to the possible real-world fear a dentist visit symbolizes dentist in the interpretation of dreams, the self-determination and assertiveness of the dreaming. So, if he is in a more fearful situation in life right now, the dream can encourage him to use his positive abilities against it.

The braces: analysis of the dream symbol
If you see somebody wearing braces in his dreams, there is a possible warning behind cunning and falseness. Beware of egoists in your environment! If you wear braces yourself, you may experience confusion and troubled times.

Dream symbol “tooth” – The general interpretation

The dream of the tooth is one of the most frequently appearing dream symbols. It is hardly a dream image as meaningful as the tooth.

Often one experiences in the dream world the situation that one loses a tooth . He suddenly falls out of our mouths as if by magic , without there being an external influence as a reason. In dream interpretation, losing a tooth means that you may suffer a painful loss in real life . Also, the failure of a tooth may indicate unpleasant news.

If you spit out a tooth, this dreaming life may announce an impending illness. This can affect the dreaming himself or a person close to him. So it can not hurt to pay a little more attention to your health in the near future.

If the tooth is pulled in the dream by the dentist , one should break off the contact to an annoying person, since one can otherwise be drawn into their unpleasant affairs. If one pulls oneself the tooth, this indicates on the one hand on false speculations . On the other hand, the dreaming capital could beat the problems of others and use them as a springboard to its own success.

Dream symbol “tooth” – The psychological interpretation

The tooth is a dream symbol in close connection with the sexuality of the dreaming person. For example, if he dreams that a tooth will break off , it embodies a sexual loss of energy in the dream interpretation .

Depending on which tooth it is, the dreaming has an open or rather problematic relationship to his own sexuality. A tooth in the back of the mouth is here for shame or great insecurity regarding physical love. If it is an anterior tooth, which breaks off the front row of teeth , the person concerned is open to his sexual needs and passions. He is also able to interact with limitations or sexual performance disorders.

If a tooth in the dream world hurts, the dreaming in the real world is obviously plagued by guilt . These too can relate to the sexual sphere. You may not open your partner the way you should in a relationship , or you have secret fantasies that one does not dare to share with others.

Guilt can arise for a variety of reasons and can severely affect a relationship. Jump over your shadow and reveal yourself to your loved one. They give the other a chance to understand you better and can liberate yourself from overwhelming feelings of guilt.

Dream symbol “tooth” – The spiritual interpretation

A tooth – depending on how it appears in a dream – embodies stability on the one hand , and on the other hand, with the condition of the tooth, one can see how firm the dreaming is in his spiritual faith.

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