Gambling Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Gambling Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Gambling is a word from Yiddish and originally means participating in a game of chance. Card and dice games have been known for a very long time and almost always money was played. Therefore, the term also has a negative connotation: Even some people have high poker and gambled in the process, so lost all his efforts. To rip off someone means that you over-advantage him and make him lose his money. In the present time one speaks mostly in the context of computer games of the gambling.

Especially young people often went for hours. Since you do not necessarily need a computer or a game console , but can simply use the smartphone, many children and adolescents are constantly and everywhere daddeln. According to one study, adolescents play 104 minutes a day on average. The 16 to 18-year-olds sit on the computer for the longest time, and boys spend around a third more time playing games than girls.

A dream, in which it comes to gambling, can probably confuse the dreaming very much. Perhaps he wonders if he is actually so reckless as risking the loss of home and farm in a game of chance. In the dream interpretation, the nature of the game says a lot about the dreaming and also how he behaves while gambling.

Dream symbol “gamble” – the general interpretation

Playing in the dream interpretation means carelessness and ease, be it a card game , a computer game or video game. In addition, the dream symbol “gamble” sheds light on certain properties and abilities of the dreaming. The playful winning and losing also reflects the success or failure in real life. Depending on how victorious you gamble in a dream, you can be satisfied with your achievements or try to improve yourself. The dreaming tries to cheat his opponentshe does not take it otherwise with the honesty and fairness so exactly. The dream symbol “gambling” says in the dream interpretation a lot about how the dreaming deals with competitors and how well he can accept defeats.

If the dream symbol “gamble” is not just about winning, but above all about money, this can be a warning against losses and disappointments in dream interpretation. The dreaming obviously relies on a hopefully favorable fate rather than on his own abilities. The dream may be an indication of a person who determines the life of the dreaming and has a power similar to the luck of gambling.

In the dream interpretation, losing money while playing can express the disillusionment of the dreaming that he has invested time and understanding into another person without receiving anything in return. The dream symbol shows him that he miscalculated, so has gambled.

Dream symbol “gamble” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “gamble” is a signal of the subconscious that the dreaming tries to find a balance between sincerity and playfulness. Depending on the context of the dream symbol and depending on the personal settings of the dreaming, the dream can be a call for more carefree joie de vivre or a warning of carelessness and superficiality.

In addition, the nature of the game in the dream interpretation reveals a lot about the personality of the dreaming. The dream symbol “gambling” points to the longing for a time without personal responsibility, if you play in the dream an old game from your own childhood.

If the dreamer dad along with several other people, show in the dream symbol “gamble” contact difficulties. The dreaming wants unconsciously a stronger participation in social interaction. The gambling of online games where clans are formed mirrors in the dream interpretation the unconscious urge to join a group with which one can identify oneself.

If it is a particularly violent game, the dream is a valve for the psyche to reduce pent-up aggression . In addition, in the dream symbol “gambling” shows the ability to strategic thinking and the risk-taking of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “gamble” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “gamble” in dream interpretation is a metaphor for two opposing forces. The game corresponds to a ritual in which destiny decides.

The dream of gambling often reveals the dreaming’s ability to seize opportunities.

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