Goal Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Goal Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Every person sets goals in his life. Especially at the turn of the year, many are considering what to do for the new year. “I quit smoking” or “I’m finally losing weight” are just a few examples.

But what does it mean when we set goals in our dreams? What should we become aware of? What can it tell us if we achieve a goal in the dream? Will we then be able to do it in the watch world?

Dream symbol “goal” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, achieving a goal in a dream can be interpreted as overcoming an altercation of two personality aspects. The happiness that goes along with this success, the dreaming can then usually take over into the awake life. It gives him security and strengthens his confidence in his own abilities.

An indication of outer goals is the dream symbol “goal” with the shooting of a goal in the dream. However, the dreaming should rethink this again, because maybe they are too short or long term elected or possibly they do not fit into his life at all. If the dreaming misses a goal in a dream, according to the general interpretation of dreams, this can indicate that he has not taken into account all the prerequisites in a certain matter.

If the dreamer sees himself arriving at his destination in a dream, he has found his way out of his unconscious. He leaves a section of his life behind and is ready for a new beginning. He can look forward to inner peace and balance , because the new beginning brings with it good.

Who shoots a bullet, for example an arrow , at a target, must expect consequences from his actions. A certain action from the past can not be reversed and now threatens to have negative consequences.

Sometimes the dream symbol “goal” can also indicate a pending change of residence. Please note the other symbols from your dream.

Dream symbol “goal” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “goal” is interpreted in terms of life goals as an indication of the inner purposefulness of the dreaming. He is very aware of this in the watch world and has a very good relationship with her.

In the psychological dream interpretation, the exterior is often a reflection of the interior . Against this background, goals in the dream can also symbolize that the dreaming instinctively knows what he has to do and what is right for him. The overflowing of a finish line and thus the achievement of a victory symbolizes the dreaming that he will overcome difficulties in awake life, which he has put himself in the way.

Dream symbol “goal” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “goal” is considered in the spiritual interpretation of dreams as a symbol for the zeal of the dreaming in spiritual things. Once the dreaming has mastered his intent, he will do everything and develop ideas to reach it.

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