Lemon Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Lemon Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


The lemon, also called lime, is the fruit of an evergreen tree, which is often used as an ornamental plant. However, the lemon itself, with its high content of vitamin C, is also important as a food. In earlier centuries saltwater-preserved fruits were taken on sea voyages to counteract the dangerous disease of scurvy.

And even today, a hot drink made of lemon juice is the best way to prevent colds. In the modern kitchen, the sour fruit juice is used as well as the grated peel. Soft drinks and mineral water are often served with a slice of lemon, detergents often smell like lemon. One unconsciously associates freshness and health with the fruit. Originally, the lemon probably comes from northern India. Through China and southern Europe, it then reached Germany in the second half of the 16th century.

A dream of a lemon can trigger physical sensation. The waxy shell smells very intense. Touching them is a special haptic experience. If you dream to drink the fruit juice, you may have to shake yourself involuntarily because of the sour taste. For the dream interpretation, the exact relationships in the dream are very enlightening.

A lemon can be seen in the dream in a certain dream context. The following dreams are experienced by especially many dreamers at night:

Dream Symbol “Lemon” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The picking of lemon fruits in the dream

If you harvest the lemon tree by yourself in your sleep, the dreamer symbolizes the yearning for success and recognition. A successful citrus crop is also a source of wealth and joy in the dream analysis. Especially lovers can look forward to fulfilling their wishes. However, when a storm breaks in and causes an awkward harvest, one faces a dream of family quarrels.

Yuck! Eating sour lemons, a disgusting dream

Food is a basic need. Do they have in their dream directly into the lemon bitten or cooked a delicious dish with her? Then the dream analysis shows the desire to satisfy an urgent need. If we eat lemon dishes in our dreams, this can be the first step towards breaking new ground. The bold bite in the sour fruit shows that one is willing to take risks.

Drink lemon juice – the dream interpretation

The sour taste of lemon juice is well known to many people in the real world. If we overcome the acid juice in the nocturnal dream, this shows the desire for an inner cleansing. The high vitamin C content indicates that you are dreaming about your health. The contained vitamins of citrus fruit can mean a need for help.

Bake or eat lemon cake in the dream world – delicious!

In the dream interpretation of the cake , it always depends on the circumstances in the dream. Who bakes the delicious lemon cake itself, is appreciated by his environment and is satisfied. Happy times follow, possibly even upcoming celebrations. A big-decorated wedding cake with lemons can be a warning against waste and excess in dreams.

Dreams of lemon seeds

Seeds symbolize growth and reproduction. Dream of lemon seeds, that speaks for your potential. You may have just faced new challenges and tasks. Then the dream is a good omen. The sowing of the small seeds also points to impending successes in the profession.

Dreaming of semen while sleeping may also indicate an impending pregnancy. If there is a desire to have children for a while, they may be ready to put their dream into action.

Dream Symbol “Lemon” – The general interpretation

The lemon is an ambiguous dream symbol in the dream interpretation. On the one hand it tastes very sour, on the other hand it is very healthy. The dream points to the destructive, but also cleansing effect of acid . Perhaps the dream symbol in real life corresponds to a task or phase of life that the dreaming finds difficult. But once he discovers the topic, he will soon be able to see clearly and continue on his path.

The vitamins in the dream symbol “lemon” in the dream interpretation are an indication that the dreaming is thinking about his health . He should, however, be careful not to do too much of the good. If, for example, you have discovered the positive effect of sport on you, you should first of all stay moderate and not overdo it. Otherwise threatens a bitter disappointment.

In the popular interpretation of dreams, the meaning of the dream symbol depends on what exactly happens to the lemon. If you see them in a dream, you have a hard time ahead of you, but for which you will be compensated in the end with something pleasant. If the dreaming sees a tree with fruits on it, the dream symbol points to unfounded jealousy.

The squeezing of a lemon signals that the dreaming is exploited . However, if he drinks the juice, this is a sign of his good health in the dream interpretation. However, eating the dream symbol indicates bitterness in life.

The shell of the lemon embodies pleasure in the interpretation of the dream. Anyone who peels a fruit in a dream proves to be smart enough to recognize a danger at an early stage.

Dream symbol “lemon” – The psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “lemon” embodies the personal development of the dreaming. It is in the dream interpretation for success and self-confidence, but can also be an indication that the dreaming feels emotionally and spiritually exploited.

Above all, when the lemon is squeezed out in the dream, and the dreaming above all feels the acidity of the juice, expressed in the dream symbol disappointing experiences and bitterness . The subconscious mind raises the alarm in the dream that the self-confidence may be decomposed.

In the dream interpretation, the vitamins contained in the fruit can be an indication of the need for help. In addition, the dream symbol “lemon” can symbolize unconscious erotic desires . Fresh, ripe fruits represent the enjoyment and the sexual balance of the dreaming.

When the dream symbol “lemon” rots, the dream expresses sexual insecurity and unwanted deprivations.

Dream Symbol “Lemon” – The spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lemon” stands for the spiritual disassembly of the dreaming. On the one hand, its integrity is symbolically threatened by the acid, on the other hand, the vitamins contained in the fruit give it momentum for its spiritual progress.

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