Mockery Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Mockery Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Mockery Dream Meaning, Interpretation, Symbols

Dreaming with mockery can both portray your low self-esteem and show you that you are following a path where attitudes are not so cool. Escape negative impulses, they usually drag people to the bottom of the pit while they are still blind.

Dreaming with mockery denotes a bad sign, and rightly so, since no one likes to be mocked, especially when in front of groups of people. Fear and weakness are also indicative that something inside our head is not in harmony.

It is not often that we see clearly what is good and bad in us, but we must strive to see beyond. Your best friends and some close family members can help you see what is hidden from your own eyes. But for this it is necessary to be open to receive this return without hurt or anger.

Below you will find all sorts of mocking dream and their meanings. Check below.

To dream that mocks someone

Dreaming that mocks someone portrays a selfish and covetous side of you, especially to the person you mocked in your dream. What does she have that you do not have and that you would like to own?

Why not work hard to look like her or to reach the same level of her and thus rise than to stand on a low landing pulling the rug of others even with evil thoughts and words?

As the old saying goes, “Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you,” so do not mock people if you know you would feel bad in their place. Begin by cutting off evil at the root, through your own attitudes, feelings and emotions.

To dream that someone mocks you

Already dreaming that someone mocks you shows that you have been paying more attention to your faults and failures than to your qualities. The point to think here is whether these defects and failures are more prominent in their day to day than their qualities.

Make a list of what you classify as defective and another with its qualities, then include what people see in you both sides to finally count which one has the most weight in your personality. You will know how to act depending on the outcome.

It is important to know how to balance the points, because we can not always get rid of our faults. Try to work your thoughts to keep focus on your best attributes and qualities than on the negative side.

To dream that a group of people mock someone

To dream that a group of people mocks someone denotes a possible jealousy with someone. When we speak of jealousy, other negative feelings that go hand in hand with it, such as envy and selfishness, are not discarded.

Try to remember if you were part of this group of people who mocked someone or if you only viewed the scene from afar. If you were integrating the group, think about what your true feelings are towards the person you teased with mockery.

If you were not part of the group and only watched the scene as a viewer, then it is possible that you are being given a lesson in how not to act and not do with a like. Who knows if you will soon be in a situation like this of your dream, having the opportunity to mock someone? Remember this lesson and do not make the same mistake, enjoy the chance to avoid evil.

To dream that is provoked with mockery

Dreaming that is provoked with mockery works as a system of defense of your subconscious to show you that you have many insecurities, coming from your multiple internal doubts about yourself.

Mockery is part of the fear that you probably have of being unmasked and humiliated before a group of people, as if you were incapable of doing something and so you would be accused of being incompetent. If you do not know something, study; and if you know, there is nothing to fear. Show the world your acquired skills with effort and dedication.

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