Pregnancy Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation

Pregnancy Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation


For those who are planning a baby, the dream can come as a breath; but if dreaming about pregnancy definitely does not make you feel comfortable, you should probably wake up with a dose of concern about it.

In both cases, it is necessary to keep calm and understand that this type of dream should not be taken literally, since other meanings are involved, mainly according to the context of the life of each one.


In general, even for those who have no plans for their children in the coming months, dreaming of pregnancy has a very positive meaning, bringing abundance, prosperity, and abundance. There are indeed some premonitory dreams about pregnancy or even death, but these are very rare facts.

Whether you are a man or a woman, of any age, this dream can occur, and in it may be associated with a gestational context. Not from a child, but from an idea, a project, a feeling, a desire or something that is planning for your life.

Other possibilities usually involve good luck to the woman who appears pregnant in the dream, as well as some kind of fear that a pregnancy will happen. Willingness to be a parent or to mature, or concerns with the children they already have may be possible interpretations as well.

When dreaming of pregnancy, pay close attention to the sensations it brings to the dreamer; Do you feel happy or scared? Every reaction to pregnancy has meaning for your life, and it can be very valuable to understand what happens.

If you feel happy, and realize that this pregnancy is desired, it means that this creative process is progressing very well, and must be successfully developed. Now if pregnancy is followed if feelings like fear, despair and clearly are unwanted, this may be the manifestation of how you are dealing with your own creativity.

You may be going through a time where you fear your own possibilities for creating and expressing yourself. When you wake up, try to investigate the origin of these fears better.


Here, meanings change considerably if you are pregnant in real life. So if you are expecting a baby and something happens with your pregnancy in the dream, this usually demonstrates a mere concern of the mother. No need to worry, for such premonitions are very rare.

If you are trying to get pregnant, the logic holds true, and it is possible that the dream is manifesting because of your desire for it to happen.

Now, when you are not pregnant or planning, here we enter into the general concept of dreaming about pregnancy: that of “gestating” an idea, a dream, a new project. Focus more on this process, and give him all the attention and affection you would give if you were really expecting a baby. Your care will make all the difference in the future.


This is a dream that can bring two meanings: the first is strictly related to a concern that you or your partner is, in fact, pregnant. The desire to be a mother may also be expressed in this dream.

On the other hand, another meaning may also indicate the desire for a new job or love relationship; this is something you may be looking forward to.


Good things are close to coming to you. This dream has the function of representing a new phase of his life, full of transformations, changes and many renewed energies. If you have some goal or goal that you have longed for, this may be the time to put it into practice, and enjoy the results with joy.

If this woman is a total unknown to you, it may indicate that you yourself want to become pregnant or that you are putting your dreams and projects in the background. Just dreaming of a stranger is a sign that you are not satisfied with something in your own life. When someone is expecting a baby, it means you do not trust your own abilities.

Another possibility, when the pregnant is unknown, is that in the near future you will have news that will require a lot of force for the opportunity to be achieved.


When someone in the family is pregnant, it can have two meanings. The first is related to the arrival of harmony, peace and tranquility in your life. The second is related to the person who was pregnant in the dream. In addition to showing his affection for her, he indicates that prosperity must be to embrace this familiar.


If the friend who appears in the dream is not pregnant in real life, it symbolizes a change in the dreamer’s own life. It may be that you are entering a new phase, and reshaping your personality. This change must be positive, and bring good results in the future. It’s time to start showing off your new side.


The meaning of this dream depends very much on how the pregnant woman is reacting to it. For example, if the woman is happy to see you, it indicates that you are well aware of the good times that come to life. Projects that emerge from now on must be accepted.

But if the pregnant woman is sad or in pain, this is an omen for you to pay more attention to what surrounds you; whether personal or professional. Pregnancy here may mean that the dreams you have kept are asking to be fulfilled. Be careful not to let opportunities go unnoticed.


Being you or someone else being pregnant, this is indicative of good results in your life projects; can be in professional or personal aspect.


Despite an unusual dream, his interpretation is quite simple. This event is related to the excesses that have been committing in your life. You have to be more careful about your attitudes, and make sure you are not doing anything wrong or acting superior. Try to be less arrogant, more humble and prudent.


If, for some reason, the pregnancy was interrupted in the dream, you may be facing the “death” of a project of your own. Start paying more attention to the outstanding issues of your life, as future problems are on the way. Check for any flaws in the projects you are taking for yourself.

If you believe that there is nothing else that can be done, it may be time to start practicing detachment for this project or idea you have been feeding. If this “cancellation” does not happen, great; but if it does, it might be better. The reason for this event should be clarified in the near future.


If you dreamed of an unwanted pregnancy, and you are in a real-life love relationship, you may be wanting to put an end to that relationship. Basically, you may no longer see the future for both of you. Think hard before making any decisions.


If the person in your dream pretended to be pregnant (or maybe yourself), this may indicate that something in your life will be stopped. This dream means error and false statements. Pay more attention to your work and relationship; always work side by side with the truth.


In this case, the meaning indicates to the man that he will have unexpected profits in his work or other activity he is about to exercise. This is a dream of prosperity and improvement in the quality of life. The dream may also signal the possibility of an unexpected inheritance knocking on your door.


If the pregnancy culminated in the birth of the baby during his dream, this shows the maturation of his ideas and internal processes. You must be treading the right path towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

Now, if the baby was born prematurely, this clearly indicates precipitation. The lack of patience may be their half-fault, eventually delaying the natural course of events.

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