Rein in a dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Rein in a dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Reins are basically used to keep animals such as horses or donkeys under control and to steer. In this context, they are often used when they appear to us as a symbol in our dreams. But not always only animals are restrained here.

Sometimes we also dream of bridging someone else’s head. Also particularly unpleasant are those dreams in which we carry bridles ourselves and another person guides us on the reins. But although especially the last dreams are very unpleasant, they also have a high expressiveness. The dream symbol “reins” can always tell a lot about us and our lives.

Dream symbol “Reins” – The general interpretation

The seeing of reins applies in the general dream interpretation as symbol for coming successes . Certain things may now be of concern to the person concerned. In the end, however, these turn out to be unfounded and you reach your desired goals.

But the opposite can apply if you take the reins in your dream and try to steer an animal. In this case, the dreaming may not be able to act in real life as he would like to. Some obligations or even self-imposed constraints hold him back. He has to submit to a higher power. Also, broken or very old reins as a dream symbol can have this meaning.

Anyone who puts on bridles in the dream situation and takes the reins wishes, according to general opinion, more power and control. The person affected tends to want to subjugate other people and in this way to enforce his own will. The opposite applies accordingly, if he is restrained in the dream himself. The symbol then refers to a compulsion generated by another person, which obstructs and restricts the dreaming in its development.

Even slight manipulability can find expression hereby. You should think carefully about who you can really trust and who may pretend to actually be interested in the well-being of the person concerned. If you ride a horse in a dream only with halter and reins, you can usually look forward to upcoming successes.

Dream symbol “reins” – The psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation, the dream symbol “reins” refers to its own resources . The subconscious mind reminds those affected that they need to better control their powers and energy. Only if he uses them purposefully, can he ultimately exploit them to the fullest.

If one wears bridles in the dream and is restrained, this, according to psychoanalysts, symbolizes foreign ideals and influences of authorities , which have been influencing the afflicted since childhood. Tears or breaks the reins, he finally manages to break away and develop their own, very personal values.

Dream symbol “reins” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual dream, reins represent a symbol of mental control and intelligent will.

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