Room Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Room Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


Almost every person feels at home or in the house where he lives. Your own four walls are, even if they are only rented, for security and familiarity, because the rooms are set up as the inhabitant himself likes and he can move here freely and unobserved.

In addition, most of our rooms are home to a great deal of our lives, things we associate with memory and emotions. Quite different, for example, like in a hotel where we might briefly stay in a suite or upscale hotel room, but feel weird and unfamiliar, as in our home environment.

In the interpretation of dreams, rooms and the floor in which they are to be found also play an important role: dreams in which a new, unknown room is discovered in one’s own shack are as widespread as dreams in which the person concerned is in a particular room, such as the kitchen or the bedroom. But why do we dream of these rooms? How is the room interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “room” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “room” is widespread especially among women. The own house or the own flat symbolizes in the dream after the general interpretation the personality of the dreaming person. So when the person in the dream discovers a new, completely unknown room in his own home, this is part of the personality that the dreaming rediscovers in real life. At the same time, the strange room symbolizes a turning point : the person affected will change and begin a new phase of life.

Anyone who is in a dream in a narrow, possibly locked housing, should take this as a warning: The chamber symbolizes the danger that the dreaming will feel lonely. This applies after the general interpretation of dreams, especially if in addition the windows of the room are closed or darkened.

If a room in a dream looks exactly like it does in reality, another aspect of interpretation plays a role. The dreaming in this case runs the risk of getting bored soon . He should think about changing his life, for example, to move elsewhere and to make a fresh start.

Also widespread are dreams in which the person concerned moves from a dark room to a brightly lit one. This is often an invitation of the subconscious mind to deal with certain aspects of one’s personality and become aware of it.

Certainly rooms that appear in the dream can also symbolize the following:

  • Kitchen : youthful memories; Emotions of a certain period of life
  • Dining room : desire for extensive communication
  • Living room : personal identification of the dreaming; Protection of special feelings
  • Bedroom : reference to one’s own sexuality; Mirror of the soul of the dreaming
  • Bathroom : preoccupation with the past, “cleansing” of the soul
  • Corridor : finding optimal solutions; Life phase of the changes; inner strength
  • Corridor : longings; Problems and quarrels; Journey
  • Keller: hidden abysses of the soul; Fear; Wealth; prohibited
  • Attic : an old memory comes alive
  • a woman’s chamber or a harem : a truth that was hidden will now come to light
  • A hospital room: desire for security, help and attention.

Dream symbol “room” – the psychological interpretation

Even according to the psychological interpretation approach, a room in the dream symbolizes a part of one’s own soul , or one’s own personality. Closed rooms indicate, from the point of view of some psychoanalysts, a closed-mindedness towards the outside world. Perhaps the dreaming tries to keep certain plans and wishes secret, not to reveal them in front of others.

A restless movement or rummaging around in a room, on the other hand, symbolizes a frequent change in the psychic abilities of the dreaming. He often changes his attitude to certain things and keeps taking up new points of view.

In addition, the items in a room can provide further clues to the message of the dream. Was there a clock on the wall, possibly a pendulum clock , or were there pictures? Were flowers and plants like a yucca palm tree or other decorative items? Was there also a tiled stove ? Was there a Persian rug on the floor?

Dream symbol “room” – The spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the room in the dream symbolizes a cosmic center . This is not transient and can expand in this way the attitude of the dreaming towards the world.

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