Shoes Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Shoes Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


The shoes are a fundamental part of our dress, worse if it was not enough, for many people it is also something else. Some declare themselves to be true followers of comfortable shoes, while others prefer to suffer to wear shoes, to some it seems an object of the most sensual, while for others it is the part that has less importance than something that has always been shining. Whatever your case, it is very likely that someday you will have dreams in which shoes are the key to understanding the meaning.

When a dream repeats itself and is also present in our mind for a long time, it is because that dream tries to send you a message that you have not finished capturing or you completely ignore it. We want to help you better understand these dreams and to understand what the shoes say, do not miss the following paragraphs.

Dreams about Shoes

Dreaming of new shoes represents your personality, because you are a restless person who likes to renew, know the world and be so sociable. You do not like to be stuck in the past, and although you have problems like everyone else, you overcome them in order to move forward and fulfill your dreams. Whenever you achieve one of your goals, it does not take a minute to have more in mind, because you like to challenge yourself and propose you the most curious goals.

On the other hand, if in your dream they are old shoes those that appeared, they are representing weakness. It is not that you are a weak person, but it is true that right now you are not ready to face the problems that you have. In reality these problems may come from your fears and insecurities, that is, it is your own fear that makes you stop. You know you have to keep fighting and although you do not look ready, as soon as you gather strength you will continue with it. The only thing we can recommend is that you end up with these insecurities, because only with a little more security in yourself would you achieve things you can not imagine.

If in dreams the shoes you wear are somewhat damaged and are very uncomfortable or small, you have remorse. You know that in the past you did not act as you should and it is very possible that you caused damage to someone in your environment. You feel bad and although you try to continue with your path, you have a terrible foot pain. This guilt is the one that does not leave you with a clear conscience, so you will have to fix the situation before there are wounds on your feet, that is, you end up suffering the consequences of having acted badly.

Dreaming of new shoes but equally uncomfortable and painful that in the previous case symbolizes future problems. You will have the occasional touch with someone special for you, and what is worse, most likely you are not right and do much harm to that person. If you want to avoid this uncomfortable situation, you will have to be careful, measure your words and not get carried away by appearances.

When the dream shoes are white, it is because you are excited. You may expect the arrival of a new member to the family, you will start a project or business or have passed an exam. Whatever the reason, you are in a moment of great happiness. Enjoy these days of joy and try not to lose the smile.

If the shoes are blue, you are transparent like water, although the rest is not always with you. You know what trust is, and for you, friendship relations are based mainly on trust and respect, although someone in your environment does not seem to think the same. If in addition to observe in your dream that a shoe is slightly broken, it is because you keep a foreign secret that is tormenting you inside, because you know it is wrong but you can not say anything.

Finally, red shoes show a passionate personality, especially if we talk about red shoes with a fine heel. You are a daring person who likes to be the center of attention or who, at least, likes to be noticed on certain occasions. You do not like being one more person that does not stand out in anything and you love to use eye-catching accessories.


Shoes, both in dreams and in real life, are the reflection of people. Well, we do not all have the same concept of something that we undoubtedly use every day. If it is already complex to analyze the meaning of dreams, in these cases in which the element awakens different emotions, it is almost impossible. You will have to be the one who uses our general guidelines along with your experiences and ideas to fully understand the message of your dream.

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