Tattoo Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Tattoo Dream: Meaning and Interpretation


When we think of dreams, many things come to mind, but most often include forebodings, messages and announcements about the future. Actually, there are many such dreams, but dreaming about tattooing , for example, can mean more than just a kind of prediction.

Dreams are also a form of expression of the inner self, as well as coming into contact with certain feelings and thoughts that often go unnoticed – either by lack of perception or by touching in some more delicate field. Whatever the reason, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for the messages they bring.


As dreams are a “mode” of mail that transmits information, whether from other planes or deeper parts of our being, information seems to be the key word for them, and it is. Dreaming about tattooing, for example, can have countless meanings, some of them really relevant to your life in given situations.

Dreams are like a cluster of information where there is an initial idea which is being refined, and sometimes it changes as we go along. Dreaming about tattooing at first relates to the way people see you, as well as how you relate to them and also see yourself.

But the dream with tattooing is one of the best examples of how volatile it is according to the scenario presented and the current moment of your life. If you dream about your tattoos, for example, it focuses more on your own individuality and the way you are or want to be unique in order to stand out in the crowd.

If you dream of someone else’s tattoo, the focus may change completely and become a warning that there are people wanting your wrong. It’s all a matter of how much information you can gather by observing certain details and adapting them to the context of your awakened life.

Tattoos say a lot about our emotions, so they should never be overlooked. Always make a complete analysis of the dream, combine the location of the tattoo, the drawing presented, how you feel about it, whether it is in you or another person, whether the tattoo is being applied or removed, and what else . The more details, the more accurate the interpretation will be.


This is the example we mentioned earlier, where you see other people tattooed and they are the main focus; this interpretation does not take into account whether you actually have a tattoo or not.

In the case of many other people tattooed, this can be a warning sign about feeling envy and an attempt to alienate your life in some way. After having this dream, try to be more attentive and observe more cautiously the people around you.

Make sure those who claim to be by your side really like you. Jealousy can be a present factor as well, so talk more with your current partner and see if there is no old passion sneaking in on you.


Following with the examples already raised, dreaming that you are the one who owns a tattoo says a lot about yourself and raises some questions about how you value your image and sensuality in some way.

Tattooing, after all, is a great form of expression and is also very associated with sensuality. However, in the case of this dream, there are two other different interpretations.

The first is that perhaps you should use a little more of your sensuality in your relationships to increase the pleasures you can get from it. This can help solve some of the typical problems you are experiencing.

But how everything in the dream world can change quickly, depending on some other information gathered and the current context of your life, can mean just the opposite. In case you would be using your sensuality in an uncontrolled way and with anyone.

If this is the case, try not to trivialize something so profitable that you have, for it may end up losing its purpose.

There are still other possible outcomes in this dream, you have to observe how the tattoo is, because in many cases this dream indicates that you are relating, or about to relate, to a person who is already committed.

If you notice that the dream is warning you, perhaps the best idea is to move away. This person is not necessarily in a relationship, but the commitment status can be sentimental, like someone who has not forgotten an old love or is in love with someone else. Taking this relationship further should only bring you problems.

There are even cases where the fact that you appear with a different tattoo in the dream can mean family difficulties, indicating that you may move away from the family itself. It all depends on more information and especially on the situations in which you are living during the awakened life.


To dream that you are actually tattooing your body can also have different meanings. If, for example, you find the tattoo beautiful and feel good about it, this is usually a good sign.

You feel a strong desire to change something in your life, to get out of the rut and maybe to renew all the way you see the world. And more than that, you’re really willing to go head-on into that change.

However, if the drawing has a bad feeling and you do not like what you see, it’s usually related to a toxic presence around you. Most likely there is someone who is acting behind your back, telling lies about you and looking for a way to tarnish your reputation to take advantage of it. Be aware.


This is the counterpoint to the previous example. Usually, the most common way to interpret this dream is when it comes to a tattoo that we do not like and we have that clear feeling in the dream.

The fact that she is being removed in the dream is a good omen and symbolizes exactly what she appears to be: the removal of anguish that haunted her and delayed her life in some way.

But it is important to know how to observe the dream well and contextualize it correctly with your current life. After all, since a tattoo is so personal and expressive of our personality, dreaming that removing a tattoo can also mean that something in your personality will be removed or altered.

The traits of your personality that will be altered may be good or bad, but they will certainly change the way you see your achievements and the fulfillment of your dreams. Most of the time, this is a good thing.


Sometimes we dream that a tattoo is being made, but not in us. In that case, it’s us tattooers.

When you have this kind of dream, understand it as a warning that you will probably walk away from some friendship, but it will hardly be sloppy. You should move away from some friendships for totally fair reasons – even if not all of them are clear at first instance.

This distance foreseen in the dream is usually related to a trajectory of self-knowledge. A difficult decision, but that will lead to new experiences and maturity.

But realize that this whole interpretation only applies if you are not really a tattoo artist in the waking world. In the case of tattooists who have this dream, this is just a reflection of the taste they have for their work; who know very well himself, know who they really are and the way they want to go. Invest in your dream and do what gives you happiness, even if some obstacles need to be overcome.


When a flower appears identified in the tattoo of your dream, this can almost always be interpreted as an indication that a goal will be won. If you are in a nine-fold endeavor and pursuing a dream, do not give up yet and wait a little longer if you can.

Patience is one of the most difficult virtues to exercise, especially for some people, but it will certainly be rewarding.


Not only is it a common choice of tattoo, but it also appears with some frequency in dreams. The Golden Ace tattoo usually shows signs of your own pride and willingness to share your accomplishments with others. The dream with that the tattoo says more about your own feelings than a warning specifically.


The dragon is among the most popular figures for the adepts of tattoos. No wonder, he has a strong representation of certain feelings and characteristics, such as strength, freedom, passion and sensuality.

Precisely for this reason, when the dream tattoo is that of a dragon, it will probably be there to warn that something in your life, possibly your love life, will undergo a revolution.

If the dragon is tattooed on the wrist, it usually relates to your inner desire to bring more adventures into your life, get out of the rut, and stay in the act. Not only that, but you want others to recognize it in you, but also your effort.


Dreaming about a tattoo on your hands is closely related to meeting new and old friends. This drawing location shows a strong relationship between friends, who will always support each other in the future.


The face is one of the most important and representative parts of our body. Precisely for this reason, a tattoo in this place has much to say about our emotional side and must be interpreted with care.

Every drawing that appears on the face means something about your emotions, and so it must be interpreted according to how you feel about it. If you find the design beautiful, for example, it is quite possible that happiness and harmony are close.

If you consider the design somewhat coarse and overly rustic, be prepared for some emotional distress, for it is near and only waiting for a chance to rise.


The chest or chest region is a classic representation of strength and sturdiness, so to speak. No wonder tattoos in this region want to show you that you are a strong person and that you fight for what you want – or at least you should, since the strength you have, only remains to know how to use it.

Again, let’s remember that it all depends on a set of information gathered, because depending on the type of tattoo you have on your chest, for example, it can demonstrate that you are trying many impulses of domination.

This willingness to dominate others comes from an excessive power that you think you possess, but which is actually scaring people. Think better if this is what you want and if your power extends to where you really think it goes – perhaps the boundaries are closer than you imagined.


Tattoos located in the arms, especially those that arise in the region of the biceps, are more like a representation of its personality. They serve to make clear to you your own strength, as well as telling others that you can be stronger than them.

Tattoos on the forearm are less common, they indicate that their focus is not exactly strength but control. You want to have better control over everyday situations and do not like handling unforeseen things.


Virtually every tattoo on the lower back says a lot about the way you see your love life and your sensuality – which is why interpretations of this tattoo almost always occur in this industry.

The most common conclusion for tattoos at this location is that you want to show your feelings and your intentions with a particular partner. If you’re interested in someone lately, maybe it’s time to start making that clear to that person.

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